Best Homestays in Lachung

Homestays in Lachung are an excellent way to live through the true essence of this beautiful village in Sikkim. Travellers looking for a pocket-friendly trip but at the same time want to discover the culture and tradition of the locals should look forward to booking Lachung homestays.

In this mountain village of Lachung, homestays have outnumbered the hotels giving the visitors an opportunity to feel at home even during vacations. The alluring factor of homestay accommodation is the facility it provides to savour native food cooked by the locals.

Homestays like OurGuest Bichu, Lhakhim homestay, and Bichu Homestay are popular for the lip-smacking food that their owners serve for their guests. For those who cannot afford to miss their own home-cooked food, homestays like Singkham Gartsel have all the facilities, coziness, and comfort of a home with a shared kitchen for the guests to cook their own food.

Also, honeymooners and nature enthusiasts who look forward to enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, homestays like Bayul Homestay, Hospitality Inn, and Kalden Residency are ideal choices as they have private balconies offering undulated mountain views.

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Lachung Homestays FAQs

Which are the best homestays in Lachung for stay?

 Some of the best homestays in Lachung are: 

1. Our Guest Bichu: The rooms at this homestay have private balconies that promise undulated views of the mountains and a garden to spend some relaxed time. The vegetarian and vegan breakfast served is scrumptious.

Address: Lachung Road, Lachung Near Bridge, Lachung, 737120 Lachung, India

2. Shingkham Gartsel: This homestay provides free private parking, a shared kitchen, a seating area, and a dining area. The kitchen is well equipped with a dishwasher, a microwave and a fridge. The hosts serve continental breakfast.

Address: Beechu, Lachung, Sikkim 737120

3. Our Guest Lachung: Run by a young couple, Pema and his wife, this homestay has well-furnished rooms with attached baths. The tariff at this homestay covers free parking and authentic breakfast and dinner.

Address: Lachung road Near Lachung Bridge, 737120 Lachung, India

4. Lhakhim homestay: Set amidst gnarled landscape strewn with formidable peaks, the owners of Lhakhim Homestay are warm and friendly and serve freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. The rooms are chic and small; yet inviting and cozy.

Address: Monastery Road, Lachen, Sikkim 737120

What are the popular places or landmarks for Homestays in Lachung?

Lachung is a gorgeous mountain village in Sikkim. The salt and pepper mountain peaks, talkative waterfalls, emerald green valleys, and the freezing river make it an ideal destination for explorers and peace lovers. Lachung has an assortment of hotels, lodges, guesthouses, and homestays for people travelling to this valley.

However, if you pick the homestays in Lachung then you will experience the local culture and tradition via its décor, architecture, food, and hospitality. With the maximum number of homestay properties, Katao Road and Chu River are the most popular places for staying in Lachung.

What is the Lowest & Highest Price Homestays in Lachung?

Lachung is blessed with a plethora of mid-range and budgeted homestays to luxurious and high profile homestays. The tariff for Lachung homestays generally ranges from rupees 2000 (for two adults) per night to rupees 8000 (for two adults) per night.

Whether you are travelling solo or with family, whether you are on a tight budget or lavish vacation, homestays in Lachung are never going to disappoint you. All you need to do is to keep an eagle’s eye on the best deals available.

What kind of amenities do Lachung homestays provide?

Lachung homestays are all about friendly and hospitable hosts, who are geared up to make your stay comfortable and unique. These homestays provide all basic amenities like-

Clean rooms
Warm bed linens
Windows allowing natural sunlight
Hygienic bathrooms with 24*7 hot water
Authentic lip-smacking home-cooked food
Open space where you can soak in the warm morning sun sipping on some hot tea
Bonfire besides which you can dine and listen to the local music and stories.

What are the activities that we can do during our stay?

Lachung is an unusual and wacky tourist destination, which is away from the clutter of urbanization. This off-beat location is a hit among nature and adventure lovers. Lachung is a destination where you can relax and enjoy the peace and at the same time give an adrenaline rush to the adventure worm in you.

Activities that you must do when in Lachung are:

Trekking to Yumthang valley
Visit Rhododendron Sanctuary
- Multi-day trekking to Zero point
Experience Gurudongmar Lake
Unwind at Naga falls
Trekking to mount Katao
Visit Lachung Monastery, the sacred village of Chungthang and a lot more.

Which homestays in Lachung are couple friendly?

There are many couple friendly homestays in Lachung that will make your trip unforgettable. Some of the best homestays for couples are:
1. Bayul Homestay: The comfy and modest rooms that look spick and span clean combined with the scenic views from the lawn, bonfire, warm hosts, zesty food, and small hiking trails from the homestay make this place a bliss to stay on a honeymoon.

2. Hospitality Inn: This is one of the luxurious homestays in Lachung with facilities like airport transfers and Doctor On Call services so that you enjoy a hassle-free, romantic honeymoon.

3. Lachung Homestay: Perched in the stunning landscapes of Bichu, this homestay is cozy and well-kept with all basic facilities and delicious homey food.

4. Kalden Residency: With decent rooms and homely food in a serene and calm ambiance, Kalden Residency is an incredible place to have a romantic vacation with your better half.

5. Bichu Homestay: From walking along the meadows holding hands to cuddling to the beautiful view and enjoying a romantic dinner, Bichu Homestay offers it all.

What is Lachung famous for?

Lachung is famously known for its snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, pine forests, fruit orchards, and hot springs. One of the unique things about Lachung is how this valley is beautifully divided into two halves by the Lachung River. Its picturesque beauty has always magnetized travellers.

Apart from the staggering beauty, Lachung is home to several sightseeing and adventure walking options like Yumthang Valley, Chopta Valley, Chungthang, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Thangu, Mangan, Gurudongmar Lake, Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary, Zero Point, Sacred Stone of Naydo, Lachung Monastery, Katao Middle Point, Bhim Nala Falls, Khanda Waterfalls, and many more.

Can I make my own food in Homestays at Lachung?

Homestays in Lachung are fully capable of making your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The hosts are friendly and welcoming which makes you feel at home with their hospitality. They would cater to all your needs and provide customized food if requested.

However, you can always see and enter their kitchen and give them a hand. It is also a great opportunity to learn the local cuisine and to learn the food culture of Lachung.

Which is the best time to visit Lachung?

The best months to visit Lachung are between June to October as the weather is enjoyable and comfortable with temperature ranging from 10 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius. But if you wish to enjoy the snow and be adventurous then the months from October end to February end are chilly with snowfall.

Do keep in mind that the temperatures during winter drop below zero degrees.

Am I allowed to bring my pets?

Lachung has many accommodation options that are pet-friendly, allowing your pet (Cat, Dog, or other friendly small animals) to stay with you. Mostly, the hotel, guesthouse, or homestay charges a nominal amount depending on the size and number of pets accompanying you.

Some pet-friendly homestays in Lachung are OurGuest Lachung Homestay, Thangshing, Mystic Valley, and a few more. Make sure to inform the host and give the details about your pet before the booking.

Where can I find the full terms and conditions for booking?

Mostly all Lachung homestays are allied with the government and hence the interested tourists can check the state tourism board website and book the room. All the details regarding the terms and conditions are mentioned in the website for your convenience and security.

In case you are booking through private portals then also the terms and conditions of the booking are mentioned on the page of the selected homestay.

What happens if I need some extra assistance? (eg: Transportation, Local doctor, Leisure facilities)

The hosts of Lachung Homestay Sikkim are ever-helpful to their guests. They will make sure to provide you with all the comforts so that you have the feeling of being at home even on a holiday.

During your stay, you can talk to the hosts who will always help you to explore the nearby area, organize day trips for you, and find local doctors should you need one during the stay. They will make sure that your stay with them is memorable and fun-filled.

How many days are enough to visit Lachung?

A three to four-day trip is enough for exploring all the main sight-seeing spots in Lachung. However, the splendid beauty of this wonderful valley will never make you have enough of it. You can always plan the trip individually or take help from a travel agent to give you a customized itinerary as per your needs.

Are homestays safe for couples?

 The homestays here are safe for the couples. The cosy and welcoming ambiance of the homestay is always comforting to the individuals and couples. The hosts also are friendly, welcoming assist the couples in any way needed.

If I am staying long-term, do I need to pay in advance or can I pay in installments?

The reservation and cancellation policies for long-term stay are different and depend on the booking host or agent. However, if you are booking for more than 28 nights, then you will generally be charged a down payment for the first month and the rest of the payment will be collected in monthly installments.

An advance of one month is to be paid compulsory at the time of long-term reservations. The cancellation policy for long-term reservation requires a 30-day prior notice for termination of the booking.

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