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    About the Activity:284 KM away from Bangalore is one of the most scenic peaks, Kudremukh in South Karnataka which stands tall at a height of 1894 meters. Get picked up from Bangalore to partake in this amazing adventure.Known as a paradise of trekkers, the peak offers pl...

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Traveller Tales from Kudremukh


Rajinder Butt

15 August 2014

Kudremukh is an amazing peak and so far I had just heard about this place but finally I get to see it. Amazing place - loved the trekking experience. What an experience. I'm going again.

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amar kate

24 July 2017

"This is one of the best trekks which I have covered so far . Lot of amazing scenery. On the way Waterfalls . Stay might not be good and you can't expect it to be good as it is in remote area. But can

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22 August 2017

"For Airtel lovers,\n The only place you can get a signal is on the peak. So, climb up and talk to your loved ones, take some pics, post it then itself, make every1 feel jealous and comeback."

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28 June 2017

It was my first trekking and it was just amazing, Drizzling monsoon, Greenish hills, Amazing views. When to visit, I would suggest any time between june to november, You wont get tired much in these ...

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Venkat Sudheer

31 December 2017

"Trip was awesome. The place, our team, hills are beautiful. But it's better them to arrange more toilets for trekkers. Very minimum bathrooms were available when we got there. People needed to wait fo...

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Chandraayan Patel

28 December 2015

kudremukh has always been my favorite trekking destinations. and as usual it was a wonderful trip. surrounded by greenry and clouds so refreshing and peaceful

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Vineet Nair

30 August 2017

"An experience has to be experienced and cannot be put in words. Yet I'll try. \n\nKudremukh is another world altogether. From the beautiful rain to the peacocks and barking deers to the thrill of cros...

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Gokul Rajan

05 January 2018

Fantastic Trek , Must Enjoy

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Indraja chalumuri

18 December 2017

"I went for the trek during mid Dec, which I feel is not the right time for the trek for people who love greenery or cloudy skies or fog. Kudremukh is famous for its grasslands which cannot be seen dur...

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