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Coffee Ghiri Homestay, Mugilu Mane Homestay, Hasiru Thaana Homestay, Thangaali Homestay, Aarolli Homestay, Totadh mane kudremukh homestay, Redbrick Valley Homestay and many more.

Famous for the horse-face shaped mountain peak named Kudremukh, the small hill-station of the same name is a frequently visited location in the Chikmagalur District. And with such an influx of different tourists, there has been a rise in many Homestay in Kudremukh that are scattered as close as the foothills of the summit to a little distant in the rest of the township.

Kudremukh Homestay like Suji Gudda Homestay and Red Brick Valley Homestays are places that offer the most up-close views of the magnificent pinnacle, among other viridescent hills of the Western Ghats and natural surroundings. Although, one can be sure of witnessing impressive vistas no matter which homestay they choose. Another guarantee of all these accommodations is the hospitality offered by the staff that all of them would go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Meanwhile, there are also options of homestay near Kudremukh that one can look at. From places like Mudra Homestay that sits close to the Kudremukh National Park to the likes of Kambalakkad Holiday Home that is one of the best-considered accommodations for all types of vacationers in the Chikmagalur District.
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Valley View Tree House Stay near Chikmagalur Featured
Valley View Tree House Stay near Chikmagalur



Stay Location : Kalasa,KudremukhCheck In :    12:00 PMCheck Out : 11:00 AMA delightful strip of land lying at the foothills of Kudremukh Reserve Forests, 2400 feet above the sea level with vast stretches of green pastures, paddy fields, areca trees, waterfalls, lush green forests, huge mist clad mountains, hillocks with rivers and rivulets, makes this stay fascinating and enchanting. Along with the mountain top view wake up to chirping birds and the smell of morning dew.You can indulge and enjoy activities like access to swimming pool, trekking, Indoor-Outdoor Games and  Bonfire with Music at night. The tree house is fitted with amenities such as television, telephone, hot/cold water, attached bathroom and various other essential bathroom toiletries. Book Now and experience tree house stay.Places To visit Nearby : Duggapanna KatteGirijamba TempleHoranadu TempleHow to Reach : Nearest bus stand  is Kudremukh , 17.2 Kms from the stay. Location is accessible through private Transportation.Packages offered : These packages are available and can be availed after clicking the 'Book Now' button. Variant 1 : Tree house stay (1)Exclusive stay with complimentary breakfastVariant 2: Cottage stay (15)Cottage stage on sharing basis

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

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INR 4,598

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People Also Ask About Homestays in Kudremukh

  1. Which are the famous homestays in Kudremukh?

    1. Coffee Ghiri Homestay
    Coffee Ghiri homestay has cemented its name as the best in hospitality amongst the other homestays in Kudremukh. This quintessential homestay is great for family vacations. Offering accommodation in dormitory, rooms as well as in tents. This homestay is spread across a sprawling 10 acres of the green coffee plantation. 

    Serpentine roads leading up to this stay offers mesmerising views of the thick cover of the nearby forest. Waking up to the sounds of birds singing, with stunning views of the valley is definitely an ideal way for the tired city dwellers for a rejuvenating and relaxing vacation. To make your stay here memorable, this homestay provides mouth-watering home-cooked meals. Fairly budget-friendly, this stay is a must recommended one.

    Location: Mullodi, Samse, Kudremukh Road, Kalasa, Karnataka.
    Price: INR 1800.

    2. Mugilu Mane Homestay
    This homestay welcomes you to a panoramic view of the exotic Kudremukh terrain and freshwater rivulets. Located in Attigundi, a small place 22 km away from the Chikmagalur town, settled in the cool mountains of Western Ghats. Not too far from famous tourists’ destinations like the Kalsevara temple at 6 km, Jerry Falls at 1 km away and Manikyadhara Falls at 4 km. 

    Amongst the other homestays in Kudremukh, this homestay provides the facilities for excursions to nearby places for sightseeing. Amenities offered here are complimentary breakfast, free internet, air-conditioning, free parking and 24-hour power back-up. Guests staying here can enjoy trekking to Gaali Guda or Kudremukh peak, sit with groups beside a campfire at night, rafting and kayaking or camping.

    Location: Patigudde Samse, Kudremukh Road, Karnataka.
    Price: INR 2900 per person per night including all meals and activities.

    3. Hasiru Thaana Homestay
    Set at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, this homestay is perched at the foothills of Kudremukh peak. This offbeat homestay provides an ultimate escape from the busy chaos of the city, amidst the green valleys and gushing waterfalls.

    Amongst the Homestays in Kudremukh, this highly rated homestay remains at the top for providing all the amenities at budget. Surrounded by private waterfalls and trekking spots, this stay offers ideal for a getaway for nature aficionados, family vacations or corporate outings.

    Mouth-watering Malnad and Indian style food is served every day at this homestay. With five rooms and one dorm under its roof, it can accommodate up to 30 people at a time. Amenities such as hot water, shower, refrigerator, power back-up and free parking are available at this place. Guests can bring their furry friend with them at no extra charge. 

    Location: Samse Circle, Kudremukh Road, Karnataka.
    Price: INR 1,499 per night with complimentary breakfast.

    4. Thangaali Homestay
    Promoting ecological tourism, this homestay lets the guests experience nature at its best. Nestled in Kalasa, at a small village named Gaaligandi, this homestay is set amidst the rolling hills of coffee and tea plantations, offering eco-friendly stay fitting your budget.

    Having garnered its name as one of the best amongst the homestays in Kudremukh, this stay is perfect for couples and families seeking to rejuvenate in the lap of nature. This homestay provides the opportunity to explore the lesser known places from a different perspective. 

    Maintaining the privacy of the guests, this homestay exudes homely vibes and serves lip-smacking home-cooked food in Malnad cuisine. Offering something for everyone whether you are a travel blogger, nature enthusiast or adventure junkie. This stay also offers excursions to nearby places like Horanadu, Sringeri, Kalasa, Kuduremukha peak to name a few.

    Location: Gaaligandi village, near Kalasa, Chikkamagalur Dist, Karnataka.
    Price: INR 2,500 per head.

    5. Aarolli Homestay
    This two-storey humble stay, with a sloping roof made up of the red clay tiles, set amidst the thick emerald blanket of the salubrious trees, sprinkled with enticing waterfalls. This homestay is located just 12 km away from Kalasa.

    Offering a delightful escapade from the tiring city life and the chaos of the modern world is the Aarolli homestay. This homestay strives for providing best services to guests. The permissions for the guests who wish to go on trekking to Kudremukh Peak can be arranged beforehand at this homestay on request.

    The hospitality of this place allures guests to visit this stay again as one time is never nearly enough. Ideal for a small group of people or a small family, this homestay lets the guests unwind in the lap of nature. Delectable home-cooked food in Malnad cuisine loaded with spice and coastal flavours are served here.

    Location: Balgal, Kudremukh Road, Samse, Karnataka.

    6. Totadh mane kudremukh homestay
    The name Totadh Mane translates to Misty Mountain, and this alluring homestay with panoramic views of the lush, mist-covered mountains in Kudremukh is among the best places to crash during your vacation. The property is simple and run by locals who put in their all to make your stay experience as smooth as possible. There are 2 different types of rooms to choose from, each of which offers all ancillary amenities. 

    Pets are also allowed on the premises and are taken good care of. Besides this, there are all the elemental facilities like wifi, parking, dining etc., along with on-request activities like treks and sightseeing.

    Location: MALNAD cafe Balgal, Kudremukh peak entrance road, Kalasa, India

    7. Redbrick Valley Homestay
    In the foothill of the Kudremukh Peak, the Redbrick Valley Homestay is a lovely property that enjoys being situated at an elevation of 1200 metres above sea level. Surrounded by dense thickets that make the air fresh, views of imposing mountains that provide a barricade from the bustling city and the chance to pounce on many adventures, this is one of the best budget kudremukh homestay. 

    Besides boasting with all the amenities, the property also features on and off-site activities such as treks, sightseeing, river rafting etc.

    Price: Starts from INR 1799 per room/night

    8. Suji Gudda Homestay
    Suji Gudda homestay in Kudremukh is an affordable accommodation set in the foothills of the magnificent Kudremukh Peak. This property like many others in the Chikmagalur district is located on an elevated level that provides a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the valley and on the onset, of the Western Ghats. 

    During your stay here, when you are not devouring lip-smacking meals or being enchanted by the surroundings or just relaxing on the premises, you can request the honest management to arrange for outdoorsy adventures like treks, jeep rides, sightseeing, campfires and more.

    Location: Kudremukh, Kalasa, Karnataka 577142
    Price: Starts from INR 1000 per room/night

    9. Bella Homestay
    In Kalasa lies Bella homestay near Kudremukh that is a straightforward accommodation providing all the basic amenities and a decent stay experience. The laid-back ambience created by the lush and easy surroundings, views of the towering hills and verdure and cool breeze stroking your skin. All this along with the mix of Bella Homestay’s hospitality will make you forget all your woes. 

    The stay offers freshly cooked meals of your choice that can be served in your rooms or the open dining area for a more appealing appetite, bonfires and arrangements for sightseeing around.

    Location: Kudremukh Check Post Forest Gate, Basrikal, Samse, VIA Kalasa, and, Kudurekuha Jamly, Karnataka 577124

    10. Ghiri Mane Homestay
    Ghiri Mane Homestay in Kudremukh is situated near Bisle Reserve Forest, a naturally affluent region that presents itself as a nice escape. Designed in Malnad style, the property boasts of the best Kannadiga features and culture. The rooms at this honesty are well-appointed and with a view, you would like to wake up to each day. 

    Covering a wide range of facilities and basic amenities, this place is ideal for a fun weekend getaway from nearby cities in Karnataka and even other Southern states. To make the guests vacation amidst nature a more enjoyable experience, the stay also arranges for treks and bonfires.

    Location: mullodi samse kudremukh road, Samse, Karnataka 577124

  2. Which are the best homestays in Kudremukh near Kudremukh National Park?

    Kartikhan Homestay: Offering dorms and rooms, and all the other important facilities, this homestay near Kudremukh is located on the outskirts of the Chikmagalur district. Nearby the Kudremukh Peak and National Park, guests can enjoy wildlife and scenic views throughout their comfortable stay.

    Mudra Homestay: This is one of the upscale options that one can find during their search for a well-acquired homestay in Kudremukh. Situated near the famous National Park in this region, guests can easily go for safari tours in the day and return to cozy rooms and delicious food, prepared fresh and as per one’s liking. Other than that, the property also has secondary facilities and activities on offer.

    Base Camp Kudremukh: With a thatched roof and simple Malnad design, the Base Camp Homestay near Kudremukh, in Kalasa is an affordable option to seek shelter at pocket-friendly rates and adequate facilities. Close to the Kudremukh National Park, one can easily plan their adventurous itineraries with almost no time spent on travelling.

    Vamoose Mugilu Mane: With the Kudremukh peak under 10 kilometres and the Kudremukh National Park under 20 kilometres, Vamoose Mugilu is your best bet at finding a fine accommodation in proximity to two of the prominent attractions in the district. This Kudremukh Homestay offers all the amenities and some activities for a complete stay experience.

  3. Which are the pocket friendly homestays in kudremukh?

    Malenadu Stay: Situated in Kalasa, this budget-friendly homestay in Kudremukh is a modest property that sits in the middle of verdant vistas of the Chikmagalur district. There is a restaurant, rooms, well-appointed amenities, terrace and other features that can be made the most use of for a comfortable stay experience.

    Suji Gudda Homestay: Situated over 300 feet above sea level in the foothills of the Kudremukh Peak in Chikmagalur district, the Suji Gudda Homestay is one of the best affordable lodgings which not only offers all the facilities needed for a memorable stay but also splendid views of the hills, valleys and everything lush that meets the eye.

    Ghiri Mane Homestay: This Malnad-style Homestay near Kudremukh is situated alongside Bisle Reserve Forest, presenting the best of untamed and unspoilt views of nature in the district. Meanwhile, the stay itself is straightforward and covers all the basic amenities, making every guest feel at ease and like they never left home.

    Kallu Kore Homestay: This simple Maland Homestay in the lush Kudremukh is also among the best affordable. The Kudremukh Homestay offers different rooms as accommodation, a kitchen, garden, terrace and other homely features that the guests can enjoy. Apart from that, there are many activities also made available upon one’s request.

  4. Which are the best homestays near Kudremukh?

    Yelagudgi Homestay: A true blue Malnad architectural home, the Yelagudgi Homestay is where luxury, tradition and nature meet at a convergence. You can spend a laid-back holiday enjoying the views, facilities and amazing food at this place and wish to never go back to the everyday mundane.

    This property has 2 bedrooms that can accommodate several guests, along with many other facilities.

    Kambalakkad Holiday Home: Ideal for the back--packers and solo travellers, there is a single room with multiple capacity beds, it is like a dorm but more equipped. Other than the common sleeping quarter, the property has a spacious living area, multiple baths, lawn and seating area from where one can relish the sights of mountains, estates, and forests of the Western Ghats near Kudremukh.

    Pepper Vines Homestay: Encompassed by estates and paddy fields, Pepper Vines Homestay near Kudremukh is a fabulous property to spend a leisurely vacation with your most precious people. The bungalow has several rooms with tasteful interiors and amenities, a lawn, work-space, parking, laundry and many other features and facilities.

    Prakruthi Homestay: This Homestay is situated on a hilltop, covered in nature’s bounties overlooking more such vistas of the Chikmagalur district. One of the best stays near Kudremukh, this place is cost-effective yet full of good experiences and hospitality.

    There are 3 bedrooms, a gym, garden, room service among more facilities on the premises.

  5. Are Homestays in Kudremukh safe for solo and female travellers?

    Yes. All the Homestays in Kudremukh are safe for female travellers, be it solo or in a group. Mostly run by locals, the management is warm and welcoming. Besides, all the properties have proper surveillance, locker or storage space and all the import security protocols in place.

    However, one can always be cautious of their surroundings and keep an eye on their valuables for better safekeeping.

  6. What activities are available in Kudremukh homestays?

    The activities in homestays in Kudremukh can range from finding a place of peace and calm, sitting there relaxing and doing nothing, just being with nature.For those who want to actively spend their holidays, these homestays provide indoor games like Carrom, Chess and badminton or one can enjoy the outdoors by cycling, trekking, visiting the nearby coffee estate or walking up to the waterfalls and enjoy standing under them or take their photographs.

    One can simply indulge in adventure sports such as kayaking or rafting or trekking to Kudremukh Peak or visit Kudremukh National Park.

  7. Which area has the largest number of Homestays in Kudremukh?

    Down South of India, amongst the most alluring hill stations, is Kudremukh, located in Karnataka. As Kudremukh is best known for natural wonders and adventures, trekking to Kudremukh is very popular amongst travellers pan India as well as amongst foreign travellers.

    The road leading to Kudremukh trek has, therefore, the most number of homestays. The Samse to Kudremukh road starting from the Kudremukh base point has the most homestays and the small village Mullodi also has a fairly large number of homestays in Kudremukh.

  8. What is the price range of homestays in Kudremukh?

    The price range for Kudremukh homestays starts from INR 500 to INR 5,500. The price depends on the type of accommodation opted by the guests. These homestays provide stay in the dormitory for a number of people ranging from three to five.

    A room with twin-bed for two people sharing. Stay in a tent for people traveling in large groups and wishing to enjoy a campfire at night. Most of these homestays providing stay in a dormitory at a starting price of INR 1,499 also provides complimentary breakfast to the guests. Bringing your pet with you to most of these homestays is free of charge.

    These homestays offer excursions to nearby places to the guests at an additional price.

  9. What are the check-in & check-out timings in homestays in Kudremukh?

    The usual standard check-in time in most of these Kudremukh homestays is 12:00 PM and the standard check-out time is 11:00 AM. Although, early check-in and check-out depending on the availability of the rooms and it can also be chargeable by the hosts of the homestays.

    If guests wish for early check-in or late check-out they may do so by requesting the homestay manager directly and should be reconfirmed beforehand.

  10. What facilities will I get in Kudremukh homestays?

    The facilities provided in Kudremukh homestays, related to the room are a flat-screen TV, attached bathroom with hot water and shower, air-conditioning (depending on the homestay, as the weather of Kudremukh is mostly pleasant, even in summers rising up to 24°C only), free internet, etc.

    The general amenities provided by the homestays are free-parking, complimentary breakfast, home-cooked meals three times a day. For the adventure junkies, these homestays provide tents for camping with provision for camp-fire, organising trips to nearby tourists’ destinations, also activities such as trekking with a guide, kayaking and rafting depending on the season, etc. to name a few.

  11. Can I make my own food in homestays in Kudremukh?

    Usually, these homestays provide meals for the guests three times a day, some of these stays even provide snacks two times in between meals. Although, most of these homestays do not have provisions for guests to cook their own meals.

    Guests staying at these homestays have access to tea or coffee making machines in their respective rooms. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes can both be requested at these stays. Kudremukh is also no short of restaurants or local dhabas serving delicious South-Indian food.

    Guests can enjoy delicacies prepared by local cooks such as Dosa, Akki Roti, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar to name a few with local sweets like Mysore Pak, Chiroti, etc.

  12. What is Kudremukh Famous for?

    Renowned for being the 3rd highest peak, Kudremukh has thick green carpets of rolling meadows and coffee plantations spread across. Not short of enticing landscapes with evergreen forests, small and large rivulets of gushing water, this place is a trekkers’ paradise.

    The most popular trek is to the Hanumana Gundi where water falls from a height of 100 feet. This town is hailed as Kudremukh due to the resemblance of a particular view of a side of the mountain to a horse face (meaning Kudremukh in Kannada).

    It is the source of rivers Tunga Bhadra and Nethravathi. Kudremukh Peak and its surroundings are famous for shoal grasslands which are a delight to the eye.

  13. What can I do in Kudremukh?

    There is no dearth of activities which can be done in Kudremukh. Travellers seeking adventure can start their journey by trekking up to the Kudremukh Peak, visiting Kudremukh National Park and spot some of the rare flora and fauna, walking up the trails leading to the enchanting waterfalls, cycling through the Western Ghats. Kudremukh still remains a place untouched and has retained its natural beauty.

    The famous destinations are Lakya Dam, Radha Krishna Temple, Gangamoola Hills and Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls, where the falling water from a height of 100 feet creates interesting natural rock formations. These serene spots are ideal for leisurely picnics.

  14. What is the best time to visit Kudremukh?

    Kudremukh experiences a delightful climate all around the year. Although, October to May is perfect for an ideal visit to this alluring town if the travellers plan on trying out the not so known adventure sport- White Water Rafting, which is generally active during November to January.

    The season of winter is charmingly cold in Kudremukh. The cold starts to creep in from November and remains till late February. The average temperature during this time period fluctuates between 17°C-20°C.

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