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Trekking in Joshimath is a commonly planned trip for adventure enthusiasts all around the country. Joshimath is a small town located in Uttrakhand, which is known for its endless beauty and serene environment. Surrounded by mountain ranges, this place comes on the way to one of the pilgrim centers, Badrinath. Over the year many trekking trails have been developed here which the pilgrims use to go to Badrinath. It is a gateway to many Himalayan mountains, passes and climbing expeditions. There is a long list of tourist attractions present in this small yet diverse town. There are the Shankaracharya Math and the Narsinh Temple that give a small preview of what one is going to witness in the temple of Badrinath. Then there are the hot springs present on the mountain, Tapovan which is situated about 10 km away from the main town. This place has a majestic feel and breathtaking views. Since it is not developed properly the Trekking Tours in Joshimath are quite affordable and fun at the same time. The most famous Trekking Tour is the Kuari Pass Trek.


It's a 6-day trek starting from Haridwar and then going through the Himalayan mountain ranges to reach Joshimath. Then there are other treks like the one through the Valley of Flowers where one can witness a beautiful scenery and feel like they are in heaven. The best time to visit the valley of flowers would be around sunset when the Ray's of the sun make the flowers look awe-inspiring and gives travelers the peace they were looking for. The Bagini Glacier Trekking is also one of a kind where the whole troop goes to the mountaintop by trekking on the Bagini Glacier. This trek is quite difficult and should be done only by experienced trekkers. Besides trekking, travelers can go sightseeing, enjoy the wildlife and nature, they can go skiing in the winters and of course go camping. This place is not quite famous but it is as pretty and scenic as any other hill station present in India.

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This was a really great trek. We got the chance to see Ganges and Alaknanda river while travelling from Haridwar and Rishikesh. Our trek was stared on 2nd day and we got to see the amazing sights of Nanda Devi which is India second highest peak. The trekking experience was fun despite being tedious. Apart from the weather, the trek was indeed an enjoyable experience. Everything was well arranged from transportation to food. Would love to go for more treks in Himalayan region.
12 January 2016
the most difficult trek of all time for me. The himalayan terrain is too difficult to trek. so if you are going for the first time for trekking, i would recommend that you go on some of the normal treks and then try this one. But it is one unforgettable trek I had. really had a chilling and amazing time.
12 January 2016
Good experience.It is a really difficult trek and I would defnitiely appreciate the operators for conducting the trek smoothly and managing things well. Really loved it.
12 January 2016
We started from Haridwar where our pickup was ready. After crossing Rishikesh we reached our destination. We stayed in a decent lodge and I was mesmerized by the snow caped views of Himalayas. Next day we trekked to a beautiful village and reaches Auli. In Auli we went for the cable car ride and reached top point of our trek. Cable Car experience was amazing as we can see the snow covered mountains from the top. We trekked for 3 days and passed some of the beautiful and remote villages. Food was ok and iur guide give attention to every member of the group. This was first group trek and would recommend others this trek. Thanks for amazing trip.
12 January 2016
Had an amazing experience. All around me was just snow and nothing. Though they have the fixed trails, but because of the high quantity of snow, it was very difficult to find out the trails as everything was covered with snow. But we really enjoyed alot. The food was very delicious during the trek. I recommend that you carry alot of woolen clothes on trek.
I've always wanted to go on the Bagini Glacier Trek, and my dream was finally fulfilled by Thrillophilia. As an amateur, I was nervous at first, but the tour operators made my journey a lot smoother. From the start of the trip to the end, the company offered great support. The way they planned and managed the trek was truly commendable.
Difficult to explain and describe as it is a long tour, in short, the whole tour was super duper awesome.
Our friend went through this trek last year and suggested we go to Thrillophilia. The trek went really amazing and we had seen the best of the mountain views and a great amount of snow during the trek. It was the best way to welcome the New Year. Thanks, Thrillophilia for a wonderful trekking experience.
Going on the trek in Auli was the best decision we made. The trek offers a completely different view of the Auli and we just loved camping there.
Thrillophilia is one of the go-to tour operators when it comes to treks. I've been on several treks around India, and many of them have been with Thrillophilia. The company offers a carefully planned itinerary that is geared towards maximizing value. You are going to get more than what you paid for.