10 Things to Do in Joshimath 2023: Upto 40% Off

Joshimath, a quaint town located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is a prime religious and pilgrimage destination. Also being one of the finest hill stations nestled amid the snow-capped Himalayas, trekking, biking, hiking, camping, and skiing are some of the Best Things to Do in Joshimath. Perched at a height of 6000ft, this enchanting town boasts of salubrious weather all year round emitting serenity away from the humdrum busy life of cities.

Overlooking the tinsel town of Joshimath are the two mighty rivers, Dhauli Ganga and Alaknanda, who meet at the convergence of Vishnuprayag. It is nicknamed Jyotirmath- the winter seat of Lord Badri, since it is just 44km away from Badrinath, one of the famous Char Dhams founded by Guru Shankaracharya in the 8th century. This holy town is revered by Hindus all over the world.

24km away from the city center is the Nanda Devi National Park, bordered on 3 sides by the magnificent Nanda Devi Mountains. Sprawled across a massive area of 630 sq km, its rich flora and fauna is seventh heaven for all nature enthusiasts. Tapovan, mainly known for its hot springs is situated 99km away from Joshimath, and offers pictorial views of mountain peaks like Nanda Devi and Dronagiri Chaukhambha and grasslands locally used for step farming. Joshimath is the base point for the famous Ski resort of Auli and the transit spot for trekkers to the Valley of Flowers.

It is also the route to the Sikh Pilgrimage Centre of Hemkunt Sahib, the ‘lake of snow’, located on the banks of River Alaknanda in Govindghat, about 19 km away from Joshimath.
Blessed with lush green beauty and an exceptional view of landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and countless lakes, rivers and streams, Joshimath is a beautiful little town. Visiting places like Chenab Valley, Thaing Village, Chenab Lake and Vishnuprayag are some of the Best Things to Do in Joshimath.

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Auli Skiing Special Tour


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715 Ratings

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Camping In Auli


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395 Ratings

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Trekking and Skiing in Auli With Alaknanda River Rafting

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30 Ratings

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Gorson Bugyal Trek with Camping Book


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51 Ratings

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Auli Trek Auli Winter Trek Uttarakhand


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314 Ratings

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Skiing in Auli


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36 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Joshimath Things To Do

  1. What are the activities that we can do in Joshimath?

    The holy town of Joshimath is one of the best hill stations in India offering a multitude of adventure activities you can engage yourself in:

    •    Trekking: Joshimath allows various summer as well as winter treks to nearby valleys. Most popular of them being in Govindghat- the Valley of Flowers trek that is merely 26 kms away from Joshimath. Other famous treks include Auli meadow, Kuari Pass, Hemkund Sahib, and Bagini Glacier.
    •    Camping: Camping accounts for another popular activity in Joshimath. Tents are available with an abundance of level ground in places like The Himalayan Abode and Auli which are close to nature and makes for a quality fun-filled adventure.
    •    Skiing: The Auli Ski Resort provides one of the greatest skiing tours in India. Both professionals and amateurs can enjoy the snow slopes during winters. Special certification courses of 4 days to 2 weeks are also available.
    •    Ropeways: The Auli Ropeway provides a panoramic view of the oak forests and Himalayas around. It is the second longest and highest ropeway in Asia.
    •    Festivals: The Auli Skiing Festival near Joshimath held every year during February/March projects the competition between skilled skiers from all over the world. Social projects presenting the rich legacy of Uttarakhand are also showcased.
  2. Which are some famous camping sites in Joshimath?

    Base camps make for one of the most fun-filled adventures in Joshimath.

    •    The Himalayan Abode: The ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, it provides a wide range of facilities amid the scintillating views of the extensive Himalayan Ranges and narrow streams and rivers. Snowboarding, rappelling, yoga training and mountaineering are some of the other activities you can take part in apart from the mesmerizing night sky view and welcome drinks.
    •    Auli Adventure: Tranquil surroundings, jungle walks under starry skies, bonfires, deluxe tents, and buffet meals make for the amazing Himalayan Snow Runner adventure camp at Auli. Rafting, hiking, and biking are some of the additional activities offered.
  3. Which are some famous winter treks in and around Joshimath?

    Some of the most favored winter treks in Joshimath include:

    •    Bagini Glacier Trek: The Bagini Glacier, towering 14816 feet above sea level, is situated in the Garhwal region of Himalayas. Amidst the raw natural beauty of the rare alpine flowers, fresh and clean air, serene atmosphere and crystal clear waters, it is the dream trail for every trekker.
    •       Winter Kuari Pass Trek: Winter’s icy spell of Kuari Pass works as a magnetic pull for Himalayan lovers. The divine snow peaks of Kamet, Chaukhamba, Trishul and Nanda Devi along with the sparse green meadows and ever-changing sky makes for the perfect trek thrills and skiing slopes.
  4. Which are some famous summer treks in and around Joshimath?

    Summer treks with their fun-filled and colorful adventures include:

    •       Valley of Flowers: The striking dewy land with around 300 types of colorful flowers, carpet green landscape, and snow-capped hills make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must trekking experience.
    •       Pangarchulla Peak Trek: An idyllic trek packed with delightful views of the Garhwal ranges and blushing beauty of Oak thickets and rhododendron, it is ideal for beginners for an enthralling trek experience.
  5. How long is Kuari Pass trek in Joshimath? How much time will it take to reach the top?

    Located in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Kuari Pass Trek starts from Rishikesh, about 256 kms from Joshimath, with an average elevation of 3650m.

    With an approximate trek of 50 km, it takes about 10 days in winter to reach the top.

  6. Where can I enjoy skiing in Joshimath?

    Famous for its 3km long skiing slope, Auli is the favorite skiing destination in the Garhwal Himalayas and is located about 16 km from Joshimath. Sited 3000m above sea level, the potential of vast open spaces and sheer height of the snow-clad slopes provides the adrenaline rush to all ski enthusiasts- beginner or professional.

    Run by skilled instructors and professional supporting and cooking staff, Auli ski resorts offer the thrill of fresh powder snow and long distance skiing. The best time to visit is from January to April.

  7. Which is the best time for Pangarchulla peak climbing in Joshimath?

    The best time to trek Pangarchulla Peak is in:

    •    Summers (May-June): The weather remains pleasing with cool breezes, and the Himalayas are noticeable.
    •    Post-monsoon (September-November): Though accommodation options are few, with the blissful snowfall and serenity around, it looks like paradise on earth.
  8. Where can I experience ropeway in Joshimath and how much will it cost me?

    The Auli ropeway starts from Joshimath and ends at Auli and is the second highest ropeway in Asia with a height of 1110m. With 2 cable cars (locally called Gondola) and 10 towers, it covers a track distance of 4.15km and offers majestic and grandiose 180-degree views of the Himalayas.

    With a travel time of 25 minutes, tickets are priced at Rs 500 per person including the return journey. Kids above 5 years of age are charged fully.

  9. Which are some famous temples in and around Joshimath?

    Primarily a sacred town and one of the top pilgrimage destinations, some of the famous temples of Joshimath are:

    •    Narsingh Temple: Dedicated to the Hindu God Narsingh, the half-man and half-lion are regarded as the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple is about 12000 years old and is believed to have been the abode of Saint Shri Badrinath. With the famous Narsingh statue shrinking day-by-day, the local belief is that a major landslide would block the road towards Badrinath the day it falls.


    •    Vasudeva Temple: Situated about 30 yards away from the Narsingh Temple, it is one of the most popular Vishnu temples of North India and considered a supremely sacred temple by the Tamil Vaishnavite Saints. The presiding deity is Lord Vasudeva, identified with Lord Vishnu. The idol measures 6 feet in height and is carved out of a shiny black stone, making it a sculptural marvel to look at.
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Chidaakaash Agarwal Joshimath to Rishikesh Transfers
Hassle-free transfer with Thrillophilia, the driver and the car was very nice, I and my friends really enjoyed the journey
Safe and smooth transfer it was, our driver was friendly and knowledgable, the car was clean and very comfortable too.
Devagya Verma Panch Kedar Trek
Difficult to explain and describe as it is a long tour, in short, the whole tour was super duper awesome.
They got to select the car for the transfer and it was the fastest way to reach Delhi. We were shot on time and we do not want to waste time travelling from one place to another. Again the prices are affordable too for group transfers and the booking procedure was also easy. The best part was the car smells really great and we had the best views too.
For our group, it was the best available option and we enjoyed this private transfer drive in a comfortable car. The prices were really affordable and we reached there in less than 8 hours.
Dwaipayana Naik Bagini Glacier Trek
I've always wanted to go on the Bagini Glacier Trek, and my dream was finally fulfilled by Thrillophilia. As an amateur, I was nervous at first, but the tour operators made my journey a lot smoother. From the start of the trip to the end, the company offered great support. The way they planned and managed the trek was truly commendable.
10/10 will recommend this transfer because the vehicle was nice and the driver was skillful plus very safe...Thanks, Thrillophilia
One of the best way to travel with families, verified driver and full safety guaranteed by the company, highly recommend
Very nice driver make the journey very fun with good stories and songs, dropped us right at our destination on-time
From picked-up to dropped-off was exactly as we requested, Enjoyable and safe transfer really this service deserved a full score

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