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Dhanaulti Homestays

Gorayya Homestay, The Woods Stay, Horizon Homestay, Nandini Homestay, Pahadi House Homestay, Basant Vatika, Rokeby Manor, Silver Dews, Mountain Glory Homestay, Midway Homestay, Vatika Homes, Cozy Homes, and many more.

Homestays in Dhanaulti are the best options for a comfortable stay if you are planning a trip in the near future. The best way of saving money on your travel expenses when you visit new places is to book a room in homestays.

Homestays are an upcoming trend in the industry that offer luxurious facilities without exceeding your budget. You get to enjoy a homelike atmosphere with friendly hosts that also let you cook food as per your preference and cherish your holidays.

Dhanaulti Homestays are one of the most popular trends coming up in the valley. Places like Gorayya Homestay and Horizon Homestay offer you splendid surroundings and excellent views. While Nandini Homestay and Pahadi House are known for their smooth services and exceptional hospitality. Book a home away from home and enjoy the best of Dhanaulti with a touch of love.

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Dhanaulti Homestays FAQs

What are the best homestays in Dhanaulti?

1. Gorayya Homestay: Gorayya Homestay is one of the best Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand houses that allow you to relax in the lush greenery of nature. Four spaces, surrounded by mountains, surround the property.

2. The Woods Stay: In the middle of beautiful nature and the glory of luxuriant greenery, this holiday home rejuvenates your mind and body. Woods Stay is one of the Dhanaulti houses that blend affordability with luxury in the village of Asthall.

3. Horizon Homestay: Horizon Homestay in Dhanaulti in Uttarakhand's top homestays. It is one of the best Homestays in Dhanaulti that offers an excellent view of the mountains. If you plan to visit the place in the winters, then the snow-capped mountains are visible and reachable easily from this area.

4. Nandini Homestay: 
Nandini Homestay is located near to Jolly Grant Airport and is one of the best budget Dhanaulti Homestays. This guest house, with its luxurious amenities, offers you the opportunity to wake up to a beautiful view of the mountains.

5. Pahadi House Homestay: Top of the list of popular Dhanaulti homes, Pahadi House, was built in 2013. This homestay allows you to rejuvenate with a refreshing breeze every day with yoga, meditation, and panchakarma that will enable you to rejuvenate your body and mind.

6. Basant Vatika: Located close to Mussoorie mall lane, Basant Vatika Homestay is one of Dhanaulti's budget homestays. Combining luxury and comfort, this home unravels the chance to rejuvenate yourself between the mountains of Shivalik and the Doon valley.

Which homestays in Dhanaulti are good for families?

There are a lot of Homestays in Dhanaulti, and all of them are considered as the best homestays to stay at, whether you are on your honeymoon or with family.

1. The Woods Stay: Besides the surrounding wooded hills, here you will be able to enjoy a variety of new activities including swimming pool, table tennis, running tracks, naturopathy of Ayurveda, cycling and so on. It also tops the Dhanaulti homes list for couples.

2. Nandini Homestay: His homestay is famous for having the locals experience Dhanaulti. It features a single deluxe room and a superior deluxe bed.

3. Pahadi House Homestay: Taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the world, in the lap of Mother Nature, the Pahadi House lets you connect with your soul. It is, without a doubt, one of the best Dhanaulti Homestays.

4. Rokeby Manor: In its elaborate brick arches and niches, decorative stone walls, natural wood floors and beams, and cozy fireplaces, this heritage building is resplendent with character.

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, it is still possible to feel the customs of past years – were colonial officers, fortune renegade soldiers, and religious miss sails lived under one roof – visitors are awed by an air of mystery.

5. Silver Dews: Far from the hustle and bustle but in the middle of the district, Silver Dew Resorts is a place of peace and comfort, now from crowding areas, by Mussoorie-Chamba Highway in Dhanaulti. The interior of your home represents convenience, beauty, and quality. Silver Dew Resorts.

6. Vatika: Each room here is built to satisfy your tastes. The rooms are also furnished with luxurious furniture. If you're searching for couples to have homes in Dhanaulti, this will top your list.

Which are the best budget homestays in Dhanaulti?

1. Decent Homestay In Mussoorie-Dhanaulti Road: You can then walk down to Camel's Back Road from here. Located no more than 1 km away, this walk down Mussoorie's next best tourist spot will undoubtedly give you a great deal to catch with your DSLR.

2. Mountain Glory Homestay: It's well furnished and accommodates all the services you're looking for during your holidays. There's TV, geyser, hairdryer, fridge, and so on to take care of your hygiene and entertainment. And it is a house away from your own family.

3. Midway Homestay: Built on the Chamba highway, this is the most loved budget homestay in Dhanaulti. Visit here and enjoy your delicacies and cuisines in a continental style. You can check in here by night till noon. Though, you'll have to clear yourself when it comes to checking out before the clock hits 10:00 in the morning.

4. Silver Dews: If you want to enjoy your trip to Dhanaulti without spending much from your pocket, then silver dews are the best option. The homestay offers all necessary amenities, and also, if you want to bring your pet along later, you can inform the owner in advance to make the arrangements.

What are the best homestays in Dhanaulti for couples?

Are you planning a visit to Dhanaulti for your honeymoon? Book your stay in the Homestays in Dhanaulti and enjoy complete privacy at an economical price.

1. Cozy Homes: This place makes sure you have one in each room for those who are addicted to watching television during their leisure time. An utterly delicious vegetarian breakfast is offered here in the mornings.

2. Vatika Homes: A homestay that keeps a full check on privacy this place is a must book for couples. Available at an affordable price, you must book it well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. It offers a private bathroom, AC, wardrobe, television, extra quilts in the room.

3. Naina Homestay: A great place to live for all those looking for affordable alternatives! You can drive your car once you book your stay here. Naina Homestay provides a free car-parking service and private car-parking. This position has its medical services available for emergency medical attention and first aid.

4. Gorayya Homestay: Gorayya Homestay is one of the best Dhanaulti Uttarakhand houses that allow you to relax in the lush greenery of nature. Four spaces, surrounded by mountains, surround the property.

When you look for a home away from home, it should be the first choice for you. Top of the list of famous Dhanaulti houses The windows and dome here reflect the Rajasthani style. This holiday residence resembles a contemporary palace approximately 9.3 km from Dehradun Railway Station.

What kind of amenities do Dhanaulti homestays provide?

There are a lot of amenities that Homestays in Dhanaulti offer, ranging from private bathrooms to personal balcony, cubical kitchen, and smoking area. The facilities don't entirely depend on your budget.

The more you spend luxurious, the more your stay will be. Woods stays one of the luxurious Homestays in Dhanaulti and offers a swimming pool to the guests along with jacuzzi and steam bath facility.

There are Dhanaulti Homestays that offer you the facility to bring your pets along and provide a separate area for them. With delicious cuisines to the cooking facilities, everything is provided in the homestays. It is a place you can spend your vacations with comfort, just like a 5-star hotel and facility just like your home.

Can I make my food in homestays at Dhanaulti?

Yes you can cook your own meal in the homestays. Some homestays do offer you the facility to cook your meal, but there are many out there who do not provide this privilege. Yes, but you can choose what to eat and inform them in advance.

Am I allowed to bring my pets?

Yes, you can carry your pets along with you, but not without prior information to the homestay owner. The facility of bringing your pet along or not gets decided by him.

Not all homestays allow you to bring your pets along, so it is advisable to contact the owners, and if you plan to visit Mussoorie, then you must be sure about the upkeep of your pet in your absence.

What are the popular places or landmarks for homestays in Dhanaulti?

Dhanaulti is a small town that offers you mesmerizing landscapes all around. If you are planning to book a homestay, then Chamba and Tehri are the two best places to stay at.

Also, there are a lot of places where you can book your homestays. People who visit here also book homestays that are midway to Mussoorie so that they can visit and enjoy both the places.

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