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Things to Do in Dhanaulti

Nestled in the green depths of the Garhwal Himalayas, Dhanaulti is a popular weekend getaway in Uttarakhand. Only 24 kilometres away from Mussoorie, this hill station is especially popular with people from the hectic Northern cities since it affords a beautiful and rejuvenating retreat into the calm and solace of the lofty mountains. While Dhanaulti is fun to visit year-round, it takes on a whole new avatar in the winters, when snows cap the oaks and deodars, and turn the quaint hill station into a fairytale destination.

Dreamy and solitary, Dhanaulti is still relatively unaffected by the commercialization that has taken over towns like Mussoorie and Chamba. This allows tourists to immerse themselves into nature and relax to the sounds of the rustling trees, chirping birds and the best things to do in Dhanaulti.. The mountains around the town are absolutely wonderful places to hike in. Covered in evergreen Oaks, deodars and Rhododendrons, the mountains have a romantic air especially early in the morning when they are undisturbed even by the occasional car.

The Eco Park is a great place to explore the vegetation, take long walks, and indulge in the best things to do in Dhanaulti like horse riding and rappelling. Taking a walk across the Aloo Khet is another fun thing to undertake in Dhanaulti while exploring the Surkhanda Devi Temple is a soothing way to pass an afternoon. A lazy evening can be passed delightfully by exploring the local shops full of handmade shawls and sweaters and delectable Himalayan jams. Though there are many accommodation options in Dhanaulti, you also have the option of pitching a tent under the starry sky and cuddling close to a bonfire, especially in the summer months.

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Adventure Activities near Mussoorie



Mussoorie is a hill station in Uttrakhand, surrounded by the Himalayan snow range and Doon valley. During your activities, You will enjoy the scenes of the Himalayas and the thrilling deep valley. Adventure activities in Mussoorie would be a great experience.About the activity:This place is in the most beautiful location of the Himalayas in Mussoorie. You can see the Stunning views of the Himalayas and the thrilling Deep valley of Dehradun from here. Prominent trees are Deodar, Blue Pine, Oak and Apple Surrounded by Towering Peak of Top Tibba and Tapowan. In winter you can see the Famous WINTER LINE from here also. You will enjoy here Sky bridge, Zipline, Spiderman and Superman ride, Valley crossing, Rock climbing, Rappelling, and many other activities. You can choose any package from Silver package, Gold package, and Diamond package as you like. Package Selection:Silver Package -1. Sky Bridge ( 300 ft. long ) 2. Valley Crossing(250 ft. Long) 3. Zip Line ( 330 ft. long ) Gold Package -1. Sky Walk (360 ft Long) 2. Sky Bridge (300 ft. long) 3. Zip Swing (70 ft HIgh) 4. Spiderman (70 ft High) 5. Superman Ride(300 ft long) 6. Valley Crossing (250 ft Long) 7. Zip Line (330 ft. long)Diamond Package -1. Sky Walk 2. Sky Bridge ( 300 ft. long ) 3. Zip Swing ( Frist time in India ) 4. Valley Crossing 5. Spiderman(70 ft HIgh) 6. Commando Bridge (250 ft Long) 7. Zip Line ( 330 ft. long )-8. Superman Ride 9. Rock Climbing 10. RappellingStart time: 09.30 amEnd time: 07.00 pmHow to reach:The place is 18 km from Mussoorie, you can easily reach by private transport.

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People Also Ask About Dhanaulti Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Dhanaulti?

    Dhanaulti in Uttarakhand is a wonderful place to visit for your next vacation. You can check out innumerable exciting things to do in Dhanaulti, some of which are listed below:

    1. Sky Bridging: One of the must-do activities in Dhanaulti is sky-bridging, which includes taking a walk along the longest hanging bridge that has been constructed in India. The bridge is 300 feet long and although it is very safe and stable, it moves as you walk on it which means you will have to hold on to the roped sides. The activity causes an incredible adrenaline rush.

    Entry fee: INR 25.
    Timings: Monday to Sunday (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

    2. Sky Walking: Another highly thrilling adventure you can enjoy when you are in Dhanaulti includes participating in sky walking. Here you have to walk on a single-wire rope that is suspended at 120 feet above the ground. The rope is 360 feet long, and while you are harnessed when you are walking, the activity can still cause a wave of excitement.

    Entry fee: INR 500 per person.
    Timings: Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.).

    3. Explore the Eco Park in Dhanaulti: The Eco Park in Dhanaulti has been developed by the Forest Department of Uttarakhand and its composition and structure are such that it attracts wild animals and birds from different places. Apart from the exotic flora and fauna population, you will also get some of the best views of the mountains from here.

    Entry fee: INR 15 per person.
    Timings: Monday to Saturday (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

    4. Visit the Surkanda Devi Temple: The Surkanda Devi temple is one of the most prominent trekking points in Dhanaulti. The beautiful temple also doubles up as a viewpoint and picnic spot for many who like to take in the panoramic view of the mountains of Uttarakhand.

    Entry fee: Free entry (INR 400 for a horse-ride up to the temple).
    Timings: Monday to Sunday (5:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

    5. Mountain Biking: Dhanaulti is an adventure lover’s paradise and one of the most unique experiences you can have here is mountain biking. It is one of the best ways to explore the quaint villages and the surrounding countryside in the area.

    Price: INR 500 per person.

    6. Trekking: Dhanaulti is home to some of the best trekking trails in Uttarakhand, including Gun Hill Trek and Lal Tibba Trek. Whether you are a novice trekker or you have extensive experience trekking over challenging terrains, you are likely to find something or the other that interests you in the realm of trekking.

    7. Pay Homage at the Dashavatar Temple: One of the most popular, and definitely one of the oldest temples in Dhanaulti is the grand Dashavatar Temple which was built during the reign of the Guptas. The temple is massive, with intricate architectural features and dedicated to the mighty Lord Vishnu. It is also an excellent viewpoint.

    Entry fee: Monday to Sunday (5:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

    8. Catch the view from Deogarh Fort: Deogarh Fort is another grand structure that was built in the 16th century. Apart from its beautiful murals and historical significance, you can also catch a magnificent view of all of Dhanaulti from its tall ramparts.

    Entry Fee: INR 25.
    Timings: Monday to Saturday (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

    9. Go for a picnic at Potato Farms: Dhanaulti has large and sprawling potato fields, and one of the best things to do in Dhanaulti is witnessing the fascinating process of potato farming first-hand. It is an especially exciting place for children to explore, with its wide fields, steps cut into the side of the mountain and many more exciting aspects to explore. The place is also surrounded by towering mountains, which makes for a beautiful place for a picnic.

    Entry fee: INR 25 for adults, INR 10 for children.
    Timings: Monday to Sunday (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

    10. Paragliding: Paragliding is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, where you can float above the green land and watch the spectacular mountainous landscape unfold under you. You can enjoy paragliding in Dhanaulti alone, with a guide or with a partner. Either way, the experience is something that will stay with you forever.

    Price: INR 1,500 per person (approx.) for a short-duration flight.

    11. Explore the caves in Dhanaulti: The rocky landscape of Dhanaulti also holds the promise of many exciting and ancient caves which you can explore when you are visiting the place. The most prominent of these caves are the Pandava Caves, where you can find wall-paintings, relics and natural occurrences such as rivers and rivulets. It is a truly eye-opening experience for all those visiting, and also makes for a great hike.

    Timings: Monday to Sunday (8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

  2. What are the best offbeat things to do in Dhanaulti?

    If you are wondering what to do in Dhanaulti that is a little unconventional, then we have a few suggestions of some of the best offbeat things to do in this town.

    1. Village Tours: Dhanaulti consists of several beautiful villages and small settlements, and touring the unique culture in each one of these settlements is one of the best things to do in Dhanaulti that will leave you with a lasting impression.

    2. Camping: Camping in Dhanaulti is a whole different experience altogether. It is one of the most unique ways to spend time in the midst of nature and enjoy unique community activities such as hiking and bonfires.

    3. Zip Lining: Dhanaulti has some of the longest zip-lines where you can fly over lush green forests and picturesque mountain tops as you are harnessed to a metal line. This is certainly one of the more unique ways to take in the views that this place has to offer.

    4. Visit Tehri Dam: Although there are many picturesque dams in India, few are as beautiful as the Tehri dam, where the barren surroundings are at par with the expansive lake that it is built on.

    You can take in the incredible natural landscape from your vantage point on the dam as you enjoy a quaint picnic with your family and loved ones. You can also enjoy boat rides and a ride on the jetty when you are here, which is one of the more unique activities to do in Dhanaulti.

    5. Explore the Ruins of Chanderi Town: Whether you are a history nerd or not, a visit to Chanderi town is sure to be rewarding. The place is filled with Rajput and Mughal architecture, along with gates, forts, arches and palaces that will leave you spellbound.

  3. What are the best things to do in Dhanaulti for couples?

    Dhanaulti is an incredibly romantic place for couples who want to enjoy a quiet and memorable vacation. Here are some of the best things to do in Dhanaulti for couples:

    1. Explore Dhanaulti Eco Park: One of the most beautiful places in Dhanaulti is Eco Park, where you can walk amongst gorgeous trees, carefully manicured lawns and even catch exotic birds flying overhead. You can also go to the viewpoints distributed throughout the park to catch a breathtaking view of the Himalayan mountains.

    2. A trip to Tehri Dam: Few things are as romantic as a quiet picnic at dusk. If you want to enjoy such an experience in Dhanaulti, then you must head to Tehri Dam. The place has a unique landscape and the dam rests on a beautiful green lake on which you can sometimes even go on jetty rides and boating. The dam is the ideal place for a peaceful picnic.

    3. Visit Kanatal Adventure Camp: If you are an adventure-loving couple who want to make lifetime memories together, then one of the most exciting things to do in Dhanaulti includes a trip to the Kanatal Adventure Camp. Activities such as bonfires, rock climbing, crossing valleys, trekking and much more are conducted here.

    4. Pilgrimage to Dashavatar Temple: A trip to the famous Dashavatar Temple is a must when you are in Dhanaulti. The temple is ancient, historical and religiously significant. However, it is also a beautiful place to spend the evening with your loved one, enjoying the many views you will get of the mountains from here.

    5. Catch the sunset from Deogarh Fort: There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset from the top of the beautiful and historical Deogarh Fort. When you are in Dhanaulti with your partner, make sure you keep some time aside to enjoy this incredibly beautiful and memorable adventure.

  4. What are the best things to do near Dhanaulti?

    There are innumerable activities to do in Dhanaulti if you are travelling to this part of Uttarakhand on your next vacation.

    1. Go Camping: If you are wondering what to do in Dhanaulti that will give you the true essence of the place, then camping is the answer. Dhanaulti is surrounded by many beautiful places which are ideal for camping.

    Some of the most popular camps are Camp O Royale, Camp Thangdhar and many more. You can enjoy activities such as bonfires, treks, hikes, rappelling, rock climbing and much more.

    2. Visit the Surkanda Devi Temple: The Surkanda Devi Temple is sought out by travellers, adventure enthusiasts and pilgrims alike. Not only is it an important place for religious worship, but it is also one of the most sought-after viewpoints near Dhanaulti.

    3. Picnic at the Potato Farm: The Potato Farm is an important resource of the place, and a day trip to this beautiful farm is one of the best things to do in Dhanaulti. This adventure also has the potential to turn into a learning experience for kids who visit the farm and can learn about the many processes that go into potato cultivation.

    4. Visit the Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve: This quaint wildlife reserve is home to many exotic species of flora and fauna. If you are fond of adventures, then you should definitely head to this park. You can even check out an incredible view from this park from a viewpoint that is known as Flag Hill, where you can make a wish and even seek blessings.

    5. Trek to Lal Tibba: The Lal Tibba is a small religious structure located in the outskirts of Dhanaulti. If you are looking for adventurous things to do in Dhanaulti then a trek to the famous Lal Tibba is a must. Even though the trek can be a little challenging, the view at the end is absolutely incredible.

  5. What is special in Dhanaulti?

    The most special thing about Dhanaulti is its landscape, which offers visitors equal measures of leisure and adventure activities. The terrain of the places guarantees that you never run out of things to do in Dhanaulti, which makes for an interesting and memorable vacation.

    While you can relax and unwind in several beautiful viewpoints and luxury resorts from where you can see the mountains, you can also get a taste of adventure. Camping, trekking, rappelling, paragliding, rock climbing, zip-lining and sky bridging are all part of life in Dhanaulti.

  6. How far is Dhanaulti from Delhi?

    Dhanaulti is approximately 290km from Delhi if you travel on road via NH307. This is the shortest route you can take on the road, and the journey takes around 6.5 hours.

  7. How can I go from Dhanaulti to Mussoorie?

    The easiest way to reach Dhanaulti from Mussoorie is by road since the distance between the two places is approximately 32km. It is also the cheapest means of travel since cab fares from Mussoorie start at INR 250 to take you to Dhanaulti. You can also catch a bus from Mussoorie that will take you to Dhanaulti.

  8. Is it safe to drive from Delhi to Mussoorie?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to travel from Delhi to Mussoorie by road. This is a frequently travelled road that is well-maintained, with frequent stops and shops on the way. If you are travelling by a hired car, then your driver should know the way, and you should have no trouble travelling from the capital to Mussoorie.

  9. How can I go from Dhanaulti to Delhi?

    There are several ways in which you can reach Delhi from Dhanaulti.

    - By Road: The fastest route on road is via NH307, which is a 6-hour drive to Delhi from Dhanaulti. You can hire a private car from Dhanaulti, or even catch a bus that will take you on the 290km journey to Delhi.

    - By Train: The most convenient route via train is to drive to the nearest railway station in Dehradun and then catch a train from there to Delhi. Direct and frequent trains are available from Dehradun, which is just a short drive away from Dhanaulti.

    - By Fight: The nearest airport to Dhanaulti is in Dehradun, which is the Jolly Grant Airport. In order to travel to Delhi by flight, you will first have to travel by road to Dehradun and then catch a flight to Delhi International Airport.

  10. Does Dhanaulti have snow?

    Yes, it does snow in certain months in Dhanaulti. If you want to catch snow, you should travel during the months of late December and January, which consists of the peak winter months, in order to catch snowfall.

  11. Is Dhanaulti worth visiting?

    Yes, with the innumerable sights to see and activities to do in Dhanaulti, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable vacation. You can check out snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, forests, national reserves and much more when you are here. You can go zip-lining and sky bridging here, which are sure to be unique experiences.

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