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The resort in Bikaner aims to provide their guests with the true charm of Rajasthani culture. Be it their architecture, their hospitality or the grandeur of their services, the resorts like Raj Vilas Palace and Bhairon Vilas will make sure that your staycation here remains loaded with beautiful memories.

The camps of Wild Desert Resort aim to provide much required thrill on your Bikaner Trip and let you indulge in numerous adrenaline pumping activities. Heritage Resort Bikaner on the other hand makes sure that you take a deep insight into the culture of Rajasthan and indulge in various cultural events like dance performances and traditional cooking.

The Bikaner Resorts are not limited to architecture and culture only as many of them are a go to destination for locals to spend some playful time with their loved ones. The Thar Exotica Resort and the Laxmi Niwas are home to spas, open pools, kids activities and much more, thus providing their visitors with all the joyous facilities. Many resorts including the Balaji Resort and The Exotica are known for their culinary excellence and serve various regional dishes made by some excellent chefs. Overall, a stay in the resorts of Bikaner will load your vacation with toothsome authentic cuisines, numerous beautiful pictures, lots of fun and many unforgettable memories.
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Gajner Palace, Bikaner | Luxury staycation Deal
3 guests
Meals Included
Check-in: 2:00 PMCheck-out: 12:00 PM Property Location: Bikaner, RajasthanAbout the Gajner Palace, Bikaner:Gajner Palace, a 3-star heritage resort set along the banks of Gajner Lake amidst the dense forests, built by His Highness Late Maharaja Ganga Singhji, offers you a forever cherishable experience. This exotic and nature-friendly resort turns out to be the ideal destination for travelers and nature enthusiasts who wish to seek a magical and natural atmosphere while visiting Bikaner. The resort offers hospitability to guests coming from all around the world.Revive yourself in the morning while starting your day with the beautiful lake or courtyard view depending on your choice of accommodations. The retreat takes Sanitization is done every day to ensure the utmost care and personal safety of the guests. The on-site restaurant serves international and local cuisine. Get your senses fascinated by the traditional folks and cultural performances portraying the royalty of Rajasthan. Along with your luxury stay endure outdoor activities such as boat rides, jungle safari, and many more.

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 10,000

₹ 8,000 per Room

People Also Ask About Resorts in Bikaner

  1. Which are the best Bikaner Rrsorts?

    1. Raj Vilas Palace: Built in the year 1866, this resort was once a royal residence, essence of which can still be felt in the carvings and frescoes on its walls.

    This is one such resort in Bikaner which has been made in a heritage building and all the antiques of which are still being used as decorative items here. This deluxe resort has a giant blue pool and a splendid courtyard from where you can gaze at the panoramic views of the forests.

    Location: Public Park, Civil Lines, opp. Old RTO Office, Shardul Colony, Bikaner.
    Amenities: Extra Rollaway Mattress on Request (Chargeable Basis), Luggage Porter Service, Swimming Pools, Multi Cuisine Restaurants, Lawn Area, Cultural Events, Bars and Cafes, Car/Bike Rental Services.
    Price: INR 2400 to INR 4000 per person for a single night.

    2. Bhairon Vilas: Elegant interior, chic rooms, loaded restaurant and bars and beautiful surroundings collectively make it one of the best staycation options for you. This resort in Bikaner is famous for being a heritage building and letting people experience what real luxury feels like.

    From couple spa treatments to beautifully manicured lawns and from ancient frescoes to splendid swimming pools, this resort is loaded with all the top notch amenities and facilities. The resort is located close to various prime locations of the city including the Junagarh Fort, thus the guests here can enjoy many hassle free sightseeing tours.

    Location: Next to Junagarh Fort, Kuchilpura, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001.
    Amenities: Swimming pool, multi cuisine restaurant, parking area, room service, bar, spa salon.
    Price: INR 2500 to INR 4500 per person for one night.

    3. Thar Exotica Resort: Safaris, regional food, comfort, shopping are the things one can ask for when visiting any tourist destination and if choosing Thar Exotica as your stay then you will get all the experiences packed in a single place.

    This is truly an all inclusive resort in Bikaner with a gym, swimming pool, array of activities, a shop and what not. Overall, if visiting Bikaner and wishing to stay at a place where you get everything without stepping out then this is the best place to do so.

    Location: 10 km Mile Stone, NH-11, Bikaner.
    Amenities: Swimming pool, luggage assistance, parking available, bar, multi cuisine restaurant, indoor/outdoor activities, multilingual staff, sports club, gym, safari experiences.
    Price: INR 3000 to INR 6000 per person for one night.

    4. Heritage Resort Bikaner: This is one such resort in Bikaner where you can marvel at the grand structures while enjoying various modern and top notch facilities. The Heritage Resort Bikaner stays off the grid, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and still manages to keep you connected with the outer world.

    From free WiFi services to telephones and from swimming pools to spas, all the major and royal facilities can be availed here. Around the resort lies a beautifully landscaped lawn where you can indulge in activities liye yoga and field games.

    Location: At 9 Kms. Milestone, Bikaner-Jaipur Highway, Rajasthan 334001.
    Amenities: Spa, swimming pool, multi cuisine restaurant, parking available, bar, sitout area, free WiFi.
    Price: INR 7500 to INR 15,000 per person for a single night.

    5. Laxmi Niwas Bikaner: As royal as its name sounds, similar is the aura of Laxmi Niwas Resort Bikaner. Finding its name in some of the top Bikaner Resorts, this stay is loaded with luxuries and has been a favourite staycation destination of various travellers.

    Having a close proximity to many famous locations like Keoladeo National Park makes it easy for its guests to enjoy some hassle free sightseeing tours. From wildlife safaris to natural trails and from splashing in pools to enjoying indoor games, here you can try your hands on numerous entertainment options.

    Location: Lal Garh Campus, Dr Karni Singhji Road, Samta Nagar, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001.
    Amenities: Outdoor pool, spa parlour, sitout area, kids play area, multi cuisine restaurant, luggage assistance, special request menu, parking area.
    Price: INR 8000 to INR 10,000 per person for one night.

    6. Raj Haveli, Bikaner: Staying true to its name, the Raj Haveli is actually a heritage haveli turned into a resort. Once a home to some dear people of the royal family, this heritage building was presented as a gift to them and was loaded with relics and other artefacts.

    Apart from all this, now this resort has been providing utmost hospitality services and comes under the list of some of the most famous Bikaner Resorts. The resort has an open terrace dining area from where you can gaze at the setting sun and enjoy a delicious meal made by excellent chefs.

    Location: B-222, Sadul Ganj, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334002.
    Amenities: Terrace access, multi cuisine restaurant, parking area, vehicle hiring facilities, tour guides, private dining facilities.
    Price: INR 5500 to INR 10,000 per person for a single night.

    7. Balaji Resort Bikaner: Providing you a chance to rst in private camps and cottages, the Balaji Resort aims to provide an authentic Rajasthani experience to its guests. From cultural dance performances to culinary tours and from midnight bonfire to age old decoration ideas, this resort will take you back to the past and exhibit what the rural areas used to look like. The resort lies away from the city, thus here you can indulge in numerous calming activities like a refreshing morning walk or an ayurvedic spa session.

    Location: Raisar Road, nh 11 near at Manda college Raisar Jaipur Road, NH 11, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334022.
    Amenities: Spa parlour, bar, cafe, multi cuisine restaurant, rooms with kitchens, bonfire and barbeque facilities, separate cottages, cultural events, open lawn area.
    Price: INR 2500 to INR 5000 per person for a single night.

    8. Wild Desert Resort: Providing you with a chance to camp amidst splendid deseret, this resort is located in a part of Thar Desert. Exhibiting a true glimpse of the Rajasthani culture, the resort here hosts various events and performances in which any guest can take part.

    From learning authentic recipes straight from the chefs to making traditional designs on the walls, one can try their hands on many famous activities here. Apart from that, even after staying off the grid, the resort is loaded with all the top notch facilities and amenities.

    Location: Pemasar road via raisar, Bikaner - Agra Rd, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334022.
    Amenities: Child friendly activities, bar, multi cuisine restaurant, sitout areas, pet friendly surroundings, parking available, cultural performances.
    Price: INR 5000 to INR 7000 per person for a single night.

    9. Vesta Bikaner Palace: As the name suggests, this one is truly a palace in which you can enjoy some of the best luxuries and a plethora of adventurous activities. From outdoor pool to parking and from a work desk in the rooms to sitout areas, the resort aims to offer all the best facilities possible.

    Making sure that you stay connected to the outer world, the resort has WiFi and intercom facilities as well. Apart from all this, being surrounded by lush greenery and various manicured gardens makes a stay here more cheerful.

    Location: 10th Mile Stone, Jaipur-Bikaner Highway, Himtasar, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001.
    Amenities: Gym, spa, outdoor pool, poolside dining, multi cuisine restaurant, vehicle rental, kids play area, parking available, private balconies, yoga classes, sitout areas.
    Price: INR 4000 to INR 8000 per person for a single night.

  2. Which are the famous Bikaner heritage resorts?

    1. Raj Vilas Palace: One of the most famous heritage resorts in Bikaner, the Raj Vilas Palace is an ancient building turned into a resort. The royalty of this stay can be felt while resting in comfy rooms and gazing into the beautiful ancient paintings.

    2. Wild Desert Resort: A pt friendly property, the Wild Desert Resort makes sure that not a single member of your family misses the fun of resting in a desert. Exhibiting rural lifestyle, the resort hosts many cultural events and activities.

    3. Vesta Bikaner Palace: Home to numerous luxuries and studded with some of the best activities, this place is a big package loaded with numerous entertainment options. From a pool to a special kids play area, various facilities are available here.

    4. Jaswant Bhawan: Exhibiting the royal elegance of Rajasthan, this resort will surely provide you with a feeling of relaxation like the royals used to have. From luxury spas to handmade cocktails, you can enjoy numerous facilities here.

  3. Which are the luxurious resorts in Bikaner?

    1. Bhairon Vilas: Located in close proximity to Junagarh Fort, this stay is a heritage building turned into a resort. From spa services to a well-equipped bar, all luxurious facilities can be availed here.

    2. Raj Vilas Palace: Another heritage building which has been turned into a resort, the Raj Vilas Palace dates back to the 1800's. Making sure that its visitors experience the actual royalty, this resort has been exhibiting various relics and artefacts as a decor of its interior.

    3. Thar Exotica Resort: From safaris to spa services and from culinary tours to sipping drinks in its bar, the Thar Exotica Resort is a spot where you will get to enjoy all the facilities and activities which royals used to have.

    4. Heritage Resort Bikaner: Nestled in the Land of Stories, the Heritage Resort Bikaner is a one stop destination for all the fun, adventures, activities and of course the utmost comfort.

  4. Which are the best Bikaner resorts for couples?

    1. Balaji Resort Bikaner: Providing the couples with the much required alone time, this resort offers separate cottages to all its guests. Apart from that, this resort also offers a couple spa services in which you can rejuvenate together.

    2. Bhati Desert Camp: Camp in the wilderness of a desert and marvel at the shining sky with your partner. This resort is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, thus you can enjoy a better environment and some time at solace.

    3. Maharaja Ganga Mahal: Located in the heart of Bikaner, this resort is a heritage building providing lodging facilities to the tourists. From couple spa sessions to private candlelight dinners, various facilities can be enjoyed here.

    4. Lalgarh Palace: If looking for a stay which is adventurous as well as romantic then Lalgarh Palace is the perfect place for you. Be it the facility of decorating rooms or activities like zip lining and rock climbing, you will get many entertainment options here.

  5. Which are some of the good resorts in Bikaner for families?

    1. Laxmi Niwas Bikaner: If looking for a place which is equally fun for your little ones while being rejuvenating for you then make sure that you stay at Laxmi Niwas Resort. From special kids activities to healing spas, all kinds of facilities can be availed here.

    2. Bhairon Vilas: One of the most famous luxury resorts in Bikaner, the Bhairon Vilas will make sure that your family outing remains fun as well as scenic. From swimming in the pool to indulging in child specific activities, many entertaining options are available here.

    3. Heritage Resort Bikaner: Surrounded by verdant gardens and loaded with numerous luxuries like swimming pools and indoor games, this place is the best stay option a family can get.

    4. Raj Haveli, Bikaner: If looking for a place which is within city limits and is surrounded by a bustling crowd then this resort is for you. Close to many famous tourist attractions, this resort makes it easy for its guests to enjoy sightseeing tours.

  6. Which are the best Bikaner desert camp & resort?

    1. Umaid Safari and Desert Lodge: Home to various gigantic sand dunes and covering a large area of Thar Desert, the Umaid Safari and Desert Lodge is the best location if you want to indulge in sandy adventures.

    2. Wild Desert Resort: Desert adventures, fests, community events and camping are the best words one can use to describe this resort. This can turn out to be the best retreat to spend some jolly time with your loved ones.

    3. Bhati Desert Camp: Exhibiting authentic Rajasthani Performance, offering a chance to enjoy camel, horse and jeep safari and making sure that your stay remains cozy, this desert camp is the best spot if you want to enjoy a proper desert camping experience.

  7. What facilities will I get in resorts in Bikaner?

    Some facilities which will be provided to you in the resorts of Bikaner include:

    - 24 hours cold and hot water supply
    - Daily housekeeping
    - Flat screen television with satellite channels
    - Air conditioned rooms
    - Packaged drinking water
    - Attached bathroom with modern amenities and basic toiletries
    - 24 hours room service
    - Free WiFi service
    - 24 hours power backup
    - Security
    - Wardrobes
    - King Size Bed
    - Electrical Fire Place for Room Heating
    - Electric Kettle for tea & coffee
    - Hair Dryer
    - Bath Slippers
    - Laundry on Request
    - Extra Rollaway Mattress on Request (Chargeable Basis)
    - Luggage Porter Service
    - Swimming Pools
    - Multi Cuisine Restaurants
    - Lawn Area
    - Cultural Events
    - Bars and Cafes
    - Car/Bike Rental Services.

  8. What activities can we do in resorts in Bikaner?

    1. Camel Safari: You can traverse the beautiful lawns of resorts in Bikaner while riding a camel and enjoying the sceneries from up and above.

    2. Swimming: Almost all the resorts here have swimming pools in which you can enjoy an energetic dip.

    3. Bonfire: Every evening, many resorts host bonfire nights and provide you a chance to indulge in chit chats.

    4. Cultural Events: Many luxury resorts host cultural dance events in which you can experience the authentic dance forms and traditional arts.

    5. Camping: The Wild Desert Resort is one such resort in Bikaner where you can stay in camps and enjoy bonfire all night long.

  9. Are Bikaner resorts pet-friendly?

    Yes, many Bikaner Resorts are pet friendly and make sure that you enjoy a blissful trip with your furry friends. However, it is advisable to confirm from the resort before planning the trip.

  10. Are resorts in Bikaner safe for couples?

    Yes, all the Bikaner Resorts are completely safe and provide its visitors with a secured environment. Either travelling with your partner or enjoying a trip alone, the resorts here will make sure that you do not face any kind of difficulty. From surveillance in open areas to 24 hours security, all facilities are available here.

  11. What is the best time to visit Bikaner?

    Winter season which falls in the months of October to March is considered to be the best time to enjoy a trip to Bikaner. Around this time period, the weather is pleasant and one can indulge in various activities and tours without any hassle of scorching heat.

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