Camping in Bikaner

Bikaner located in the heart of Rajasthan is popular all across the globe for its exotic camping on the sand dune tours. The camp sites offer some amazing views of the sun setting against the backdrop of amazing Thar Desert. Till what your eye can see there is a vast expanse of desert. At night camp fire is organized at most of the camping sites and you can see men and women dancing on tunes of Rajasthani folk music such as Kal Belia etc. You can also book a camel or jeep safari tour in Bikaner which takes you to right amidst the dunes. Make sure you book camping tours in Bikaner during winter months lest you will have to bear the wrath of scorching summer sun. Staying in a camp in Bikaner is a wonderful experience. Rajasthan is a vibrant land of royals. To catch a closer glimpse of the culture of this Rajputana land, a camping tour is highly recommended.

These camping tours also give you a sneak peak of the rural lifestyle of people of Rajasthan.. These camps are usually located right in the middle of the desert. All meals along with some basic amenities are provided to the tourists as per the kind of camp which they book. The desert terrain looks outstanding under the star lit sky. Best camping trips in Bikaner will offer you memories for a lifetime. There are several kinds of camps in Bikaner such as royal camps in luxury tents etc You can choose camp stay for a day or you can even book camps for a span of few days as per you wish and convenience. Living in a camp is a unique experience which will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

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