Bikaner Desert Safari

Nestled in the middle of Thar desert, Bikaner is an amazing place for desert safaris. Desert safaris in Bikaner allow tourists to explore the majestic desert in all its moods, and enjoy a unique and incomparable experience. Desert safaris can be customised according to your desires- so you can enjoy a safari that lasts 6 hours and explores the environs of Bikaner or one that goes on for several days and encompasses most Rajasthani cities. Desert safaris not only allow you to experience the thrill of crossing the sand dunes in the daytime but also the excitement of camping on the dunes under the starry skies at night. Desert safaris in Bikaner can be enjoyed in the form of either camel safaris or jeep safaris. Both are popular options and make for great memories. If you have the time and inclination, you can try out both the safari options since each gives you a different type of experience.

Camel desert safaris in Bikaner are a great way to enjoy the desert and the Bikaner culture at the same time. Camels are an integral part of Bikaner’s lifestyle and are honoured members of their society. A desert safari in Bikaner on camel back will allow you to experience the unique bond between the camels and their owners, and also craft a bond with them yourself. Sitting on the back of a colourfully decorated camel as it glides over silken sand dunes with grace and dignity is an experience you will recall with tenderness. You might figure in a few laughs too, since riding a camel well takes practice and the process can involve some funny bumps and tumbles. This is an experience not to be missed in Bikaner. A camel safari can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, and involve not just sand dune riding but also village stops, folk songs and dances, and delicious Rajasthani food.

If you want a swifter, more cosmopolitan way of enjoying the desert dunes, you can take jeep safaris in Bikaner. A thrill of adventure shoots through the body as the jeep flies over the sand dunes and speeds through the empty desert roads. Like camel safaris, jeep safaris in Bikaner also include stops at interesting locations around the region that allow you to enjoy Rajasthan by giving you a unique local perspective. Desert safaris in Bikaner also include camping options, so you get to enjoy the sand dunes as temperatures dip drastically and stars light up the inky sky. To be out of doors in the Thar desert at night is a powerful and sobering experience that makes you wonder at the depth and diversity of nature, and gives you a chance to build exotic memories that will last forever.

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