Resorts in Araku Valley

Resorts In Araku

Haritha Resorts, Ushodaya Resorts, Hill Park Resorts, Mountain View Resorts, Nature's Nest, Holiday Resorts, Krishna Tara Comforts, Apple Resorts and many more.

The Araku resorts are a distinctive accommodation option that you can stay in while spending your holiday in the quaint hill-station of Araku in Andhra Pradesh. During your stay, you can wake up to the views of viridescent hills and verdant valleys along with a very comforting home-like atmosphere.

Moreover, these resorts are ideal for all travelers, be it families, couples or anyone else. The price range too is a plus since there is a resort for both the heavy spenders and the more modest ones. That being said, no matter which resort-type you pick, all these Araku Valley Resorts ensure excellent service and memorable holiday experience. Equipped with a selection of modern amenities, you can also expect to be entertained by various outdoor activities, cultural events, and special arrangements at Maryland Resort and Mountain View Resorts.

And, many Resorts in Araku like Wild Hill Top Resort and Hill Park Resorts also take the guests out for camping or have a dedicated campsite setting with Swiss-tents, bonfires and all other arrangements in place for an authentic experience amid natural surroundings. These types of accommodations have become popular among young travelers who look for thrill and comfort at the same time in Araku. You too can get to experience this by booking a resort stay in Araku.
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Araku Valley Resorts FAQs

Which are the best Araku resorts?

1. Haritha Resorts

The Haritha Resorts are located in the Ranga Reddy district, surrounded by the Ananthagiri Hills and densely forested region close to Vikarabad. Along with pristine views, the resorts also have different rooms and suites that you can stay in. Also, the entire property is vast with ample green space as well as a courteous staff that caters to your needs.

Location: Ananthagiri Down Rd, Vikarabad, Telangana 501101

Price: Starts from INR 1800 per night

Amenities: Swimming-pool, Parking, Restaurant, Bar, Fitness Center Conference Hall, Laundry service, Room service, Kid-friendly and Wheelchair accessible

2. Ushodaya Resorts

This Araku resort is perched in the hills and offers spacious surroundings with access to colourful and fragrant rose gardens and plantations. Besides this, the property houses around 50 different accommodations including non-AC and AC rooms, cottages, and suites. All of these are nicely decorated and have modern facilities installed for a comfortable stay. During your stay here you can also enjoy local tribal performances.

Location: Padmapuram, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 1000 per night:

Amenities: Parking, Airport shuttle service, Laundry service, Room service, Kid-friendly, Restaurant, Conference Hall, Event Organization

3. Hill Park Resorts
This is one of the best Araku Resorts if you want to enjoy the beauty of this hill-station since the management of the resort arranges for outdoor activities like trekking and camping with bonfires. Other than that, the premises offer comfortable AC rooms along with many other facilities ensuring a relaxing stay to the guests.

Location: Araku Valley, opposite IOCL Petrol Bunk, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 3000 per night

Amenities: Parking, Restaurant, Room service, Front desk 24 hours, Kid-friendly, Outdoor activities

4. Mountain View Resorts

Spread across four acres of land in tropical surroundings and thick forests are these Araku Valley Resorts. You can choose to stay in their well-equipped rooms or cottages that have a private balcony offering views of the valley and mountains. Moreover, the resort staff is extremely friendly and cater to you with excellent service and facilities including traditional music and dance events and campfire.

Location: Tyda Valley Resorts, Araku Valley, Shivalingapuram, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 535145

Price: Starts from INR 1750 per night

Amenities: Swimming-pool, Parking, Restaurant, Lawn/Patio, Seating Area, Kid-friendly, Jacuzzi Suites, Outdoor activities, Events organization

5. Nature's Nest

Nature's Nest resort is a campsite accommodation that offers stay in Camping Tent, Maharaja Villas Couple, Maharaja Villas Family, and more such options. The location of this resort lets you enjoy the natural vistas of Araku as well as indulge in many activities that are arranged by the management. This is also one of the best Araku Valley Resorts for couples.

Location: Main road Araku, Rava Laguda, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 1999 per night

Amenities: Daily housekeeping, Room service, Outdoor activities, Power backup, Parking, Pets allowed, Garden, Internet services

6. Holiday Resorts

The Holiday Resorts in Araku Valley is known to offer top quality service and cozy accommodations to the guests. Ideal for both families and couples, the rooms of the resort are
available in different categories. The entire property is also quite open and spacious which makes the ambience relaxing.

Location: Araku - Visakhapatnam Rd, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 2000 per night

Amenities: Wi-Fi, Restaurant, Room service, Breakfast buffet, Front desk 24 hours, Laundry service, Kid-friendly, Parking, Power back-up Indoor Games, Lawn, Fireplace, Outdoor Games

7. Krishna Tara Comforts

Krishna Tara comprises several bright red buildings that encircle a lush garden area. The accommodation in each building is spacious and well ventilated. There is also a common seating area in the park where guests can relax. The premises are well-maintained and kept clean by a team of professional staffing agents as well.

Location: Araku Valley, Garden Road, Padmapuram, Andhra Pradesh 531151

Price: Starts from INR 1800 per night

Amenities: Restaurant, Room service, Breakfast, Laundry service, Kid-friendly, Garden, Outdoor Games, Seating area, Balcony, Terrace, Sun deck, CCTV surveillance, Bonfire, Power back-up

8. Apple Resorts

The Apple Resorts in Araku double as a camp accommodation amid the verdant mountains and clear skies. The property has comfortable cottages with well-installed facilities. Moreover, the place also arranges several outdoor activities, one of which is camping in dome tents in natural surroundings. The staff and their service towards the needs of the guests is also mentionable.

Location: ITI, opp, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 2000 per night

Amenities: Parking, Eco-friendly Bathroom, Power back-up, Outdoor activities, Common area, Bonfire

9. SRK Resorts Araku

The Resort is situated at the Araku valley and surrounded by lush coffee plantations and pepper trees. This is one of the more affordable stay options that lets you stay in hut cottages and the resort compound also has vast green lawns with a kid's playground. During your stay here you can wake up to the enchanting views of Araku.

Location: 1, Araku - Visakhapatnam Rd, Sarada Nagar, Karmika Nagar, Pendurthi, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 1500 per night

Amenities: Kid-friendly, Parking, Lawn/Garden, Room service, Restaurant, Power back-up, Help desk

10. Wild Hill Top Resort

As the name suggests this Araku resort is tucked in the Ananthagiri hills at a height of 2500 feet. This is a campsite resort with different luxury Swiss-tents as accommodation. The premises also have a fireplace, outdoor seating area from where you can savour the astounding views of the valley. Besides, they also arrange trekking and cycling for the enjoyment of the guests.

Location: Bharani estates, Plot No 501 YSR PURAM, N R PURAM, NEAR KASIPATNAM, ANANTAGIRI, Y.S.R.Puram, Andhra Pradesh 535145

Price: Dormitory starts from INR 750 | Rooms starts from INR 3000 per night

Amenities: Room service, Kid-friendly, Outdoor pool, Pet-friendly, Airport shuttle service, Restaurant, CCTV surveillance, Housekeeping, Parking, Barbecue, Outdoor activities

11. Jungle Bells Resort

This Araku resort is tucked in the natural environs that offer serenity and peace to the guests. The landscape surrounding this accommodation provides opportunities to go for treks, mountain climbing and bird-watching. Moreover, the property houses several different types of cottages and huts, all installed with modern amenities.

Location: Araku - Visakhapatnam Rd. from s.koa .23 km., Tyda, near Tyda Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh 535145

Price: Starts from INR 1400 per night

Amenities: Parking, Outdoor activities/games, Seating area, Restaurant, Room service, Help desk, Car rental

12. Maryland Resort

Perched in the Eastern Ghats is this marvelous resort accommodation that offers picturesque views of Araku. The place has cottage, rooms and tent stays that have simple and light interiors. Besides this, the resort is majorly known to arrange plenty of activities like treks, camping as well as cultural events for the guests.

Location: Sunkarametta Village, Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Amenities: Wi-Fi, Parking, Restaurant, Room service, Breakfast, Kid-friendly, Pet-friendly

13. Mayuri Resort

This resort is located in the Araku Valley and is encompassed by pleasant scenery. The property has different suites, cottages and rooms to choose from. Along with that many of Araku's tourist destinations are also in proximity which makes sightseeing an easy venture. Moreover, the resort comes fully equipped and the staff is extremely professional.

Location: Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 950 per night

Amenities: Restaurant, Bar, Fitness Center Conference Hall, Laundry service, Room service, Kid-friendly and Wheelchair accessible, Parking

14. Tyda Resorts

These Araku Valley Resorts are the ideal stay option for nature lovers as the wilderness all around your cottage, suite or hut accommodation will leave you refreshed. These resorts also are one of the best in the area and offer a variety of world-class facilities to the guests. During your time here you can also enjoy nature walks, treks, and other activities.

Location: Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 1400 per night

Amenities: Restaurant, Lawn/Patio, Seating Area, Kid-friendly, Jacuzzi Suites, Outdoor activities, Events organization

15. Honey Valley Resort

Honey Valley Resort in Araku has a very homelike vibe which makes your holiday experience more comfortable. The rooms on offer have a selection of amenities installed along with the views of the valley. The resort also accounts for entertaining and thrilling activities during the guest's stay.

Location: near bus-stop, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh 531149

Price: Starts from INR 7000 per night

Amenities: Room service, Laundry service, Help desk, Parking Housekeeping, Lawn, Seating area, Outdoor activities

Which are the top budget Araku resorts?

Here is a list of some of the best budget Araku Resorts.

Ushodaya Resorts:
These resorts offer a great deal of facilities along with spectacular Araku scenery while being easy on the pocket.

Tyda Resorts: Spend your vacation in the hills and wilderness to get the most authentic experience of this Southern hill-station. Despite being an affordable accommodation the place offers many modern facilities and activities.

Mayuri Resort: This resort offers different accommodation options for all budgets. Moreover, the place is situated in Araku valley, close to many of the town's tourist attractions.

SRK Resorts: Wake up to the views and fragrance of the coffee and pepper plantations. This modest resort in Araku is one of the best picks when wanting a cozy holiday.

Which are the Araku resorts with a swimming pool?

These are the Araku Valley Resorts with a swimming pool.

Haritha Resorts:
This is one of the best resorts in Araku that offers a wide range of facilities including a private pool on the premises.

Mountain View Resort: Take a dip in the outdoor pool of this resort while enjoying unmatched views of the lofty mountains.

Which are the best Araku resorts for family?

Checkerboard this list of all the best Resorts in Araku for a family.

Hill Park Resorts: This Araku resort is for the adventure-loving families. During your stay here you have a chance to enjoy many outdoor activities like trekking and camping which makes the vacation experience even more memorable.

Mountain View Resort: Enjoy the views of the Ananthagiri mountain from your room and every corner of the premises during your stay here. The resorts are also excellent at offering many facilities and activities.

Mayuri Resort: Pleasant scenery, great location and impressive hospitality, this is what you get when you choose to stay at the Mayuri resort in Araku. The property has different accommodation options along with facilities to cater the guests.

Jungle Bells Resort: This idyllic resort sits perfectly in the natural environment of Araku. Besides being well-equipped accommodations with cozy cottages, huts, suites and rooms, the place also offers many amusing activities for the guests to enjoy.

Which are the Araku resorts for couples?

These are the best Araku Resorts for couples.

Wild Hill Top Resort: This accommodation is nuzzled in the Ananthagiri hills which provides ample privacy and seclusion for couples to enjoy a romantic vacation.

Holiday Resort: This is a modern design resort in Araku with open galleries, airy verandahs and fresh lawns. Moreover, the spacious and cozy rooms are perfect for couples to stay in and spend loving moments.

Mountain View Resort: Settled in tropical vegetation and tranquillity are these resorts. You can bring your loved one here for an amorous holiday and stay in any of the best of the cottages, suites and rooms.

Tyda Resorts: A haven for nature enthusiasts and couples with weary minds. The property of these resorts is tucked in the exuberant foliage of Araku that provides escape from the rigorous everyday life. Moreover, the quiet and cozy rooms, cottages and suites ensure that you and your partner get ample time to relax.

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