Sripuram Overview
Sripuram, a pilgrimage site in Vellore is truly a remarkable place. The golden temple of Sripuram stands tall in the middle of a spiritual oasis with a star path that leads the devotees towards it. The temple is said to have been covered with real gold foil and it happens to be the only temple in the world to have done this.

The primary deity of this place of worship is Sri Lakshmi Narayani, the goddess of wealth. One more significant ritual of this place is that about 1008 lamps are lighted for aarti every morning and evening. Tourists love to come over to this pilgrimage park in Vellore and seek the blessings of the lord that is open all over the year. 

The temple remains open for visitors and devotees from 4:00 AM in the morning to 7:00 PM in the evening. 

How to reach
The golden temple of Vellore is located at a distance of 6 km from the city centre. In order to reach the temple, you need to book a private rental cab or take direct overnight buses from all nearest major cities.
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