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Madurai Tour Packages

Madurai Tour Packages are available for the travelers to explore the city. It has many tourist attractions to offer. Being the oldest city of Tamil Nadu, Madurai or the temple city is one of the perfect destinations for all tourists in the world to at least visit once. Madurai city is also known for its style of art and architecture, historic temples, and marketplaces. The cycle rickshaw tour is conducted twice a day which can help you roam about the place. The main attraction of Madurai for tourist is Meenakshi Amman Temple. Apart from the religious places and majestic temples, many more interesting places are there to explore in Madurai for the tourists including Gandhi Museum, Vandiyur, Mariamman Teppakulam, Thiru Nayak Palace, Athisayam, Vandiyur Kanmoy Tourist Complex, Raja Children's Park. The culture of the place includes magnificent artwork, traditional folk dances, handicrafts, drama performances etc. that one can witness while touring the place. Tamil is the main language of Madurai. Meenakshi Thirukalyanam festival which is also known as Chithirai Festival is very famous here and attracts more than one million travelers each year. Pongal is the traditional festival here.

The temple city celebrates many other Tamil festivals like Dance Festival Jallikattu as well as Float Festival. The unique celebration of the festival attracts thousands of pilgrim visitors. The nightlife of the city also attracts visitors. The city is popularly called 'Thoonga Nagaram' which means the city never sleeps because of the nightlife. The city is famous for Jasmine flowers as well. Explore for street food like Chettinadu, paruthi paal, Jigarthanda, idiyappam with coconut milk while touring Madurai. Shop for Sungudi cotton saree which is made by the local technique of tie-and-dye. The city, on the other hand, is popular for its South-Indian cuisine. The locals are very hospitable and helpful which would make your trip memorable. So, opt for Madurai tour packages and marvel at the beauty of Madurai.

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    Cycle Rickshaw Tour, Madurai
    h3 Hours

    Particularly known for its centuries old temples, market places, trade fair, and some brilliant architecture, Madurai is beautiful every inch of the way. Over 2.5 hours, experience a slice of history and heritage and get transported to a bygone civilization. The guided tour in a cycle rickshaw begins 10am or 3pm from the famous Meenakshi Temple. You’ll have a short rendezvous with the temple, its architecture, and life at large as it happens around its narrow alleys. Next explore and unravel the city’s other traits such as banana and vegetable markets, bamboo bazaar, dhobi ghat, as well as seat of textile and brass industries to watch locals make metal pots on furnace and spinning yarns. As you end your ride around 5:30pm, you would’ve seen every nook and cranny of this simply gorgeous city. Duration: Around 2.5 hours

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    Authentic Food Tour, Madurai
    h4 Hours

    Treat yourself to an unforgettable amazement of authentic and regional road-side food in Madurai. Known as a city of temples, the ancient city also has noteworthy food courts, stalls and eateries. Your sumptuous tour begins at 5.30 pm where you are taken to the city’s eating places. Along the way sample about fifteen dishes from 8 to 10 eateries. Sink your teeth deep into Kari Dosa - thick dosa topped with egg and crisp-fried mutton, Idiyappam - spring hoppers made from rice flour or ragi, eaten along with coconut milk or tomato chutney and Adirasam - doughnut shaped local sweet made from jaggery, spices and deep fried. Get refreshed with Paruthi Pal - a beverage unique to Madurai made from cotton seeds. Other items on the menu include Sambar Vada and Kothu Parotta. Also, get a true insight into the ambience and culture of the city that reverberates in an old world charm.  

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    Madurai Sightseeing Day Tour
    h10 Hours

    One of the oldest Indian cities, Madurai, has been an ancient metropolis with a vibrant trade history. Visitors have never been alien to this city, which is known to be the soul of Tamil Nadu. For around 10 hours, you’ll experience the popularity of this captivating place through its very many temples, other sanctums, historical monuments and much, much more. You’ll begin the guided sightseeing tour at 8am. First stop is Meenakshi Amman Temple, a 2,000 year-old complex that is literally a city within the city. It’s also one of the greatest and largest temples in India. Undoubtedly this would take over two hours of your visit time. Next, drive to Thiruparankundram, one of the six residences of Lord Subramanya that is located in the city centre. After this tour, you’ll visit the secular, Dravidian-Islamic style Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal, which is now only a quarter of its original size. Post lunch in a restaurant, drive to Gandhi Museum, a 17th century palace with artifacts of Gandhian movement and highlights freedom struggle. The last leg of the tour takes you to Alagar Koil, a Vishnu Temple on a picturesque wooded hill. You’ll be transferred to the drop point around 6:30pm. Duration: Around 10 hours

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  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Destination: Situated in Pamban of Rameshwaram, Kathadi is home to Tamil Nadu’s most exotic waters, therefore, making it an ideal destination for water lovers! Not only for water sport enthusiasts, but the beach and temple lovers can also enjoy splendid moments in the town within Rameshwaram tour. Camping on the shores of the Palk Strait is an affair by itself – after all, what can top crystalline blue waters, the starry night sky and the quietude of the surroundings. There’s also excellent food to be had in these areas.  So, be it kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, camping, relaxing, honeymooning or visiting temples, Kathadi and Rameshwaram tour package provides the perfect tour for you to explore the magic of the places, and take back some warm memories. About the Activity: To enjoy what Kathadi has to offer, the tour starts off with a few water adventure sports such as sea kayaking and stand up paddle boating. This is followed by a more relaxed evening in Rameshwaram, with a visit to the main temple and then soaking your feet in the cool, Dhanushkodi Beach. Back at the campsite, a BBQ dinner and a night under the stars awaits you! The Kathadi and Rameshwaram tour package ends with a snorkeling activity in the midst of the ocean and leisure, which you can use to swim or nap or just take in the natural beauty. Depth of Water: Shallow

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  • l
    d21 Days n20 Nights

    19N/20D : Bangalore - Coorg - Vythri - Cochin - Marari - Alleppey - Thekkady - Madurai - Thanjavur - Pondicherry - Chennai - Tadoba - Bangalore What will you do : Boat Cruise, Safari What will you see : Temples, Palaces, Forts, Tea Garden, Cave, Beaches, Churches, Kalaripayattu Performance, Lake, Elephant Training Camp Come and get spellbound with the inviting land of the South. For on offer are a myriad of experiences. With this tour, step into an ancient era of rich dynasties and marvel at the intricately carved stone temples. Glide along on emerald green backwaters and take in the sights of lush stretches. Head to the dreamlike hill station where fresh air and cool breeze wafts by. Take jeep safari into the heart of the jungle and spot exotic wildlife. You also get to saunter through quaint boulevards permeating in European architecture, loll by the quiet beaches, revel in the rich art of Indian marshal art form and treat your senses at the spice plantation tour. After the riveting journey, head back home with a medley of fantastic memories.  

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    h2 Hours

    See the amazing history come alive during a sightseeing tour of Madurai and see this flourishing market town come alive in all its beauty. This temple town of Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples and stories that are a thing of history to be reckoned with. Wherever you walk, you will be stepping on a figment of history that has remained hitherto unheard of. It has many interesting anecdotes that you can unravel on this tour! Let the rituals, symbolism, monuments, and legends enthrall your mind, body, and heart. Transportation Types: On foot or by rickshaws.  Timings: The tour can be carried out at two timings i.e.: • 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM • 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM

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    h4 Hours

    Take a walk around this magnificent ancient temple town and come close quarters with its essence. Get a feel of Madurai’s glorious past, trade history, famous textile industry that weaves a colourful portrait alongside its popular temple town heritage. This guided experience is presented in 3 - 4 hours and is rated as one of the must-dos on your visit here. You’ll report at the East entrance of the Meenakshi Temple (near Hajeemoosa Textiles) around 9am. Get a glimpse of life in a temple town by walking through the narrow alleys around the temple. The track will lead you next to the palace ruins of Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal. Though now only a quarter of its original size, you’ll be impressed by its structure. Take strides next towards the city’s famous textile hub. Well known for its readymade garments, fabrics, and sarees, you can pick up your souvenirs here. Along the way, converse with tailors and artists who produce some beautiful handicrafts. Witness the century old still thriving brass industry in action. Also get a whiff of the aromatic local spice market, flower, and banana markets, which are integral to the temple town’s source of daily life. You’ll get dropped back around 1pm. Duration: Around 3 - 4 hours

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Madurai

  • What are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Madurai?

    Sites to be visited while on a sightseeing tour in Madurai are as follows:

    •      Meenakshi Temple - An ancient Hindu Temple
    •      Thiruparankundram - A suburb area in the district of Madurai
    •      Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace - A palace constructed in the seventeenth century by Thirumalai Nayak
    •      Gandhi Museum - There is a picture gallery. The gallery includes paintings, photographs, copies of Gandhiji’s letter. The museum also showcases artifacts
    •      Alagar Koil - A Lord Vishnu Temple
    •      Rajaji Park - A children's Park
    •      Kazima Mosque and Maqbara
    •      Athisayam- A picnic spot
    •      Vandiyur Kanmoy Tourist Complex - The complex houses a children's train, boating facilities as well as a restaurant
    •      Koodal Azhagar Temple
    •      Samanar Hills
    •      Vaigai Dam
    •      Mariamman Teppakulam

  • Which are some famous walking tours in Madurai?

    While exploring Madurai, you can take up long walking tours that are conveniently led by the Madurai guides. This is an excellent way of exploring the city with close vicinity. The guide would give you knowledgeable information about the places. The attractions that you can explore while taking up walking tours are as follows:

    •      Meenakshi Temple - The temple is spread over an area of 15 acres accommodating 4500 pillars as well as 12 huge pillars.
    •      Tirumalai Nayak Palace - You can explore this ancient beauty and also witness a light and sound event held here each evening.
    •      Puthu Mandapam - A pillared hall constructed in the seventeenth century that houses various stalls selling excellent fabrics, scarves, accessories, artwork, handicrafts etc. Walk and shop!
    •      Banana Market - A wholesale banana market selling as much as sixteen varieties of bananas.

  • Which are the famous pilgrimage tours in Madurai?

    Madurai is also popularly called as South India's 'Temple City'. It is one of the oldest cities of Tamil Nadu that is jam-packed with temples and holy places. The scriptures of the temples situated here are popular for the beautiful carvings and attract numerous tourists each year. Some of the popular places to be visited are as follows:

    •      Alagar Koil
    •      Thirupparankundram Temple
    •      Pazhamudhir Solai
    •      Meenakshi Temple
    •      Koodal Azhaar Temple

  • Where can do a Cycle Rickshaw Tour around Madurai?

    A unique way to explore Madurai is via a Rickshaw ride. This is a thrilling way to explore the various offerings of the place. You get to witness the various activities of Madurai while taking a Rickshaw. These rides are generally for a duration of around 4-5 hours. You can do the following while taking up a rickshaw tour:

    •      Visiting and adoring the Temples
    •      Visiting St.Mary’s Church
    •      Exploring the Bamboo Marketplace
    •      Pass via the lanes and streets of Madurai
    •      Visit the banana market
    •      Visit the local workshops and explore the traditional ways of working

  • When is the best time to visit Madurai for its festivals?

    Madurai is a city that can be visited all around the year. Many visitors gather in the city at the time of festivals. The best time to visit Madurai for its various festivals are as follows:

    •      January - Pongal is one of the major harvest festivals of Madurai.
    •      April and May - Chithirai Festival is celebrated in the Tamil month of Chithirai which falls in April and May on the full moon day. It is also one of the largest festivals of the city and is gloriously celebrated
    •      August and September - In the months of August and September Avani Moola takes place.
    •      Mid - January and mid -February - Float Festival is also one the main festivals of Madurai. It is celebrated on the full moon night.
    •      January/March/November/December - Various dances are performed by participants who come from all over the nation. It is Fifteen – day festival which is popularly known as 'The Dance Festival'.

  • Which are the famous localities for a food tour in Madurai?

    Travelers like to try the local delicacies while touring a place. One of the major attractions of any place is the cuisine. The places to visit for trying out various delicacies are as follows:

    •      Kari Dosai at Konar Mess
    •      Idli at Murugan Idli Shop
    •      Idiyappam at Burmah Idiyappa Kadai
    •      Paruthi Paal at the streets of the city
    •      Parotta at Sultan restaurant
    •      Kola Urundai at Chandran Mess
    •      ‘Full Meals’ at Shriram Mess
    •      Kalkandu Sadham at Sri Nagalakshmi Annexe
    •      Meen Kuzhambu at Amma Mess
    •      Jigarthanda at Famous Jigarthanda
    •      Snacks at Jayaram Fast Foods
    •      Surya Restaurant
    •      Taj Restaurant
    •      Emperor Restaurant
    •      Dhivya Mahal Restaurant
    •      Anna Meenakshi Restaurant

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