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Madurai Tour Packages

Madurai Tours

Particularly known for its centuries old temples, market places, trade fair, and some brilliant architecture, Madurai is beautiful every inch of the way. Over 2.5 hours, experience a slice of history and heritage and get transported to a bygone civilization. The guided tour in a cycle rickshaw begins 10am or 3pm from the famous Meenakshi Temple. You’ll have a short rendezvous with the temple, its architecture, and life at large as it happens around its narrow alleys. Next explore and unravel the city’s other traits such as banana and vegetable markets, bamboo bazaar, dhobi ghat, as well as s
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Treat yourself to an unforgettable amazement of authentic and regional road-side food in Madurai. Known as a city of temples, the ancient city also has noteworthy food courts, stalls and eateries. Your sumptuous tour begins at 5.30 pm where you are taken to the city’s eating places. Along the way sample about fifteen dishes from 8 to 10 eateries. Sink your teeth deep into Kari Dosa - thick dosa topped with egg and crisp-fried mutton, Idiyappam - spring hoppers made from rice flour or ragi, eaten along with coconut milk or tomato chutney and Adirasam - doughnut shaped local sweet made from ja
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One of the oldest Indian cities, Madurai, has been an ancient metropolis with a vibrant trade history. Visitors have never been alien to this city, which is known to be the soul of Tamil Nadu. For around 10 hours, you’ll experience the popularity of this captivating place through its very many temples, other sanctums, historical monuments and much, much more. You’ll begin the guided sightseeing tour at 8am. First stop is Meenakshi Amman Temple, a 2,000 year-old complex that is literally a city within the city. It’s also one of the greatest and largest temples in India. Undoubtedly this would
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