St John’S Church Overview
St. John’s church is one of the most famous churches in Vellore because of its heritage and customs. This is not only a distinguished place among the local Christians but also a very prominent among tourist places in Vellore. The Church was founded in 1846 and had a gorgeous interior marked with gothic style decorations. The social work that the Church does with the local hospitals and schools has made it a point of interest for noted philanthropists, politicians, and tourists as well.

This magnificent Church is situated about 1.5 km from the Vellore Railway station. The St. John’s Church is said to have started in 1846. It is said that the Soldiers who lost their lives in the midst of the Sepoy Mutiny have been covered beneath the foundation of the Church. The engravings depicted on the walls of the Church depict the events of the mutiny and pay tribute to the soldiers buried beneath it. 

Situated inside the Vellore Fort premises, it is a peaceful spot with a great parking spot. Being perhaps the most seasoned holy places, the engineering of the structure is from the British period. Colonial style windows, doors and exteriors are prominent across the structure. Directly in the front is a fenced nursery of greenery giving a fragrance of nature before entering the congregation lobby.

A short flight of stairs leads to the central hall of the Church, which in itself is incredibly stunning. It has a peaceful vibe and will certainly calm your soul. The congregation is situated on similar grounds as the Vellore Fort.

How to reach- Vellore Bus Stand is only 5 kilometres from the congregation. Take the bus to get here by road. 

The nearest airport is 12 kilometres away. You can simply take a cab or rent a car to get to the Church directly from the airport.
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