Palamathi Hills Overview
Also known as the Balamathi hills, this is a site which covers a portion of the Eastern Ghats as it runs through Vellore. This is one of the most popular places to visit in Vellore because of the Otteri lake and Palamathi forest reserve.

The abundant natural resources, the variety of flora and fauna and the scenic beauty of the place is what attracts tourists from all over the world. The site has several trails that help you to explore different sections of the forest and the lake, each of which unfolds new adventures to you.

With impeccable indigenous types of creatures and winged animals, including lavish greenery, Palamathi Hills is the perfect spot to visit for nature sweethearts. One may appreciate different energizing recreational exercises at this site, for example, courageous treks, loosening up promenades, photography, superb picnics, picturesque pontoon rides, winged animal watching, and respecting the most wonderful of nightfalls.

Palamathi Temple is a Hindu sanctuary, devoted to Lord Murugan at the highest point of Palamathi Hill. Venturing out to this consistently visited spot of love is an exciting involvement with itself as one must conquer the test of climbing steep advances.

Palamathi Reserve Forest is a secluded region where natural beauty is at its best. With a vast variety of flora displayed here, the place makes up the perfect vacation spot for nature lovers. Treks are routinely arranged from the Vellore Fort to the Palamathi Hills to fulfil guests’ preference for the experience.

Otteri Lake, situated at the foot of Palamathi Hills, is a counterfeit water body constructed during the British rule in India. This superb lake was set up to fill in as a supply for the city, gathering significant measures of precipitation during the rainstorm season on a yearly premise.

Facilities- The lake draws in a few fledgeling animal varieties, making an open door for winged animal watching and is used for recreational exercises, for example, sailing, a help promptly accessible to guests. The best time to visit Palamathi Hills is during the time of October to March for an encounter joined by a pleasant climate.
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