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Often called ‘The Switzerland of the East’ due to its scenic beauty, Nagaland is one of the most scenic hill stations in the North-East. Bordered by Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Burma, this quaint state, with its diverse history and culture has retained its untouched beauty and grandeur.

Adorned by the magical beauty of rolling hills and mountains, lush vegetations and colourful cultures, this 16th state of India boasts of its pleasant climate, natural beauty and much more. Let’s have a look on the different things to do in Nagaland and plan a trip to the land of festivals.

  1. Witness the Colourful Naga Cultures at the Hornbill Festival:

    m_Hornbill Festival

    Also known as the ‘Festival of Festivals’, Hornbill Festival is the mostly enjoyed cultural meet in Nagaland. A riot of culture, music, folk dance and delicious cuisines, it is celebrated with full vigour and passion by all the Naga tribes. This year’s Hornbill celebration has already started on 1st December and will continue till the 10th of December.

  2. Trek to the Dzoukou Valley:

    m_Dzoukou Valley

    Image Credit: Chandrajit Bhattacharjee – Flickr

    Perched at a height of 2,462m above the sea level, this magical valley in Nagaland is one of the most quintessential destinations in the state. While in Nagaland, trek to this pictorial valley, adore its pristine beauty and also witness some of the rare and exotic species of lilies.

  3. Hike the Japfu Peak:


    The highest point of Nagaland, Japfu Peak is undoubtedly the best spot to witness the enchanting beauty of the Dzukou Valley. A trek to this peak is all about fun, adventure and the misty magic of Nagaland.

  4. Visit the War cemetery:

    m_War cemetery

    Image Credit: gsurya – Flickr

    On your visit to Nagaland, pay your homage to the World War II martyrs. Fought between the British and Japanese soldiers, the cemetery serves as the resting ground for both the British and Japanese soldiers.

  5. Explore History with the Kachari Ruins:

    m_Kachari Ruins

    Have a glimpse of Nagalands’s bygone history while visiting the ancient Kachari Ruins in Dimapur. A reminiscent of the 10th century Kachari Civilization, this heritage site tells the glorious tales of the state and its diverse history.

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  6. Live the Naga Way in Tuphema Village:

    m_Tuphema Village

    Standing on a magnificent hilltop, this tourist village is the epitome of traditional Naga life. Located around 41km from Kohima, the village has dedicated huts for the tourists with all the luxury and basic comforts of life.

  7. Visit the Kohima Museum:

    m_Kohima Museum

    Image Credit: Frank Boyd – Flickr

    Step back into the indigenous traditions and cultures of the Nagamse with a visit to the Kohima Museum. Showcasing artefacts and belongings to the ancient Naga tribes, visiting this museum is in fact one of the best things to do in Nagaland.

  8. Enjoy Bird Watching in Khonoma:


    Image Credit: Vinayak Hegde – Flickr

    For the nature lovers, they can indulge in a lively and delightful bird-watching tour in Khonoma hamlet. Jotted on a small hill, Khonoma is also credited as the first ‘Green Village in India’.

  9. Wildlife Spotting in Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary:

    m_Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

    On a visit to this wildlife sanctuary, you can spot some of the rare, indigenous and exotic species of Nagaland. Tiger, Golden Langur, Hornbill, Black Stork, Monitor Lizard, Sloth Bear and Python are amongst the most commonly found species in this park.

  10. Visit the Naga Heritage Village:

    m_Naga Heritage Village

    Image Credit: Howard Koons – Flickr

    The venue ground of the famed and groovy Hornbill Festival, Kisama or the Naga Heritage Village is a testimonial hamlet of the Naga traditions and cultures. On a visit to this rustic hamlet, one can witness as well as experience the values that bind the Nagamese people.

  11. Mountain Biking

    m_Mountain Biking

    Fringed with scenic hills and mountains, Nagaland also serves as a wonderful and engrossing mountain biking destination in the North-East. While on these trips, one can also visit some of the primitive Naga villages like Sangtam, Angami and even the neighbouring state of Assam.

  12. Witness the Aoling Festival:

    m_Aoling Festival

    Image Credit: rajkumar1220 – Flickr

    One of the reasons why Nagaland is fondly called the ‘Land of Festivals’, Aoling Festival is the prime festival of the Konyak tribe. Celebrated to mark the advent of the New Year, the locales dress up in their traditional headgears, feather and other traditional attires.

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  13. Shopping in Naga Bazaar, Kohima:

    m_Naga Bazaar, Kohima

    On a visit to this marketplace in Kohima, you can witness the opulent art and culture of the Nagamese. Colourful and unique in their own ways, Naga Handicrafts are renowned all over the world.

  14. Picnic beside the Dzulekie Stream:

    m_Dzulekie Stream

    A scenic and captivating stream, Dzulekie is undoubtedly the best picnic spot in Nagaland. Flowing through lush and verdant forests and pictorial hills, this stream seems to make its way underneath the ground!

  15. Visit the Kohima Zoo:

    m_Kohima Zoo

    One of its own kinds, this zoo is a unique shelter for different endangered wildlife species. Well, what makes the zoo unique is that it spreads along the slopes of a hill and makes it for the natural home to some of the rare and exotic species.

  16. Explore Mysticism in Mount Tiyi:

    m_Mount Tiyi

    One of the mystique places in Nagaland, the Mount Tiyi is also known as the ‘Mountain of Life’. According to the legends, the mountain has an orchard that can only be explored by the most humble and pure souls.

  17. Trek to the Veda Peak:

    Located in the Mon district of Nagaland, the Veda Peak is the highest amongst all the peaks in this vicinity. Locally known as the Pak Koi, on trekking to the top, one can enjoy panoramic views of the mighty Brahmaputra and the Chindwin rivers.

  18. Visit the Triple Falls:

    m_Triple Falls

    Well, the cascade is named such due to its three different branches that create a magical spell on the visitors. A trek to the base of this waterfall is also one of the best things to do in Nagaland.

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  19. A walk through Diezephe Craft Village:

    m_Diezephe Craft Village

    Jotted with craftsman, this village in Nagaland is known for its indigenous wood carving, intricate bamboo and cane works. On a visit to this appealing hamlet in Dimapur, one can witness the traditional art, culture and craftsmanship of the Nagamese.

  20. Visit Mokokchung:


    Image Credit: Shreyas Jayappa – Flickr

    Nestled amidst scenic hills, stunning streams and an evergreen charm, this quaint little town is also known as the ‘Cultural Capital of Nagaland’. Its mesmeric beauty and appeal makes it a must see tourist destination in Nagaland.

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