Girnar Overview
Girnar or the ‘City on the hill’ is a cluster of 5 hills including Mount Girnar, Datar, Jogniya, Lakshman Tekri, and Bensla and is amongst the most scenic places to visit in Gujarat. Situated at around 3600 ft., these mountains are older than the Himalayas.

They have hundreds of Jain & Hindu temples and mosques spread over its peaks that are reached by rugged trails. This makes Girnar one of the most popular and important hiking and spiritual places in the region, irrespective of one’s religion. Trekking enthusiasts love to take on the 10,000-step trek from the base to the last peak.

Highlights of the place: One of the best attractions here is the ancient Dattatreya Temple that has the footprints of Lord Dattatreya. Visit the Neminath Temple that’s one of the oldest Jain temples in the country. The Girnar Parikrama and Bhavnath festivals held in January each year are attended by thousands from all over the country. Don’t miss to see the rock edicts of Ashoka, belonging to 250 BC.

Location: Girnar Taleti Road, Gujarat.
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