Gir National Park Overview
Also known as Sasan Gir, this wildlife sanctuary is known the world over for not only being one of the few known habitats of the Asiatic lion but also for the efforts taken here to prevent this majestic species from getting extinct. This is the only place on the planet, besides Africa, where you can spot this species.

The park has a unique landscape made up of hills, plateaus, sharp ridges, and portions of 7 major rivers of the region like Datardi, Hiran, Raval, etc. One of the best places to see in Gujarat, it houses more than 400 species of fauna and 2300 species of fauna.

You can spot several unique wildlife (animals & birds) species here like the Asiatic lion, hyena, chinkara, nilgai, mugger crocodile, pythons, Malabar whistling thrush, tawny eagle, etc. The park houses rare tree species like Flame of the forest, sirius, charal, kalam, etc.

Highlights of the place: Don’t miss to enjoy a lion safari at the Gir Interpretation Zone and see the crocodiles up and close at their breeding centre. You can shop for local handicrafts and fabrics at the park’s souvenir shop. If you visit 15 days after Holi, you can attend the folk dance and food festival by the native Maldhari and Siddis tribes.

Location: Talala Gir, Gujarat.
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