Lothal Overview
This spectacular riverside place is the site of a city belonging to the glorious and historical Indus Valley civilisation is one of the most intriguing places to go in Gujarat. Dating back to 2450 BCE, it belongs to the Red Ware Culture, it was excavated in the 1950s along with other Harappan sites.

This site is extremely important since this is one of the few Harappan-era sites to be found in India, with the rest becoming a part of Pakistan after partition. This ASI protected area consists of the stunning prehistoric architecture of brick walls, burial ground, houses, drainage system, wells, etc. The humongous dock here suggests that it was an important trade route connecting India to ancient Mesopotamia and was a site of advanced tidal studies.

Highlights of the place: Lothal is one of the most accessible Harappan sites in the world and is considered to house one of the oldest docks in the world. Visit the archaeological museum to see terracotta ornaments, figurines of animals and humans, red clay pottery, engraved seals, and beads. Don’t miss to see the replica of a twin burial site here.

Location: Saragwala Village, Dholka Taluka, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
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