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If you are planning to celebrate your love, you must check out Serbia honeymoon packages that help explore Serbia in a magical way. Not only Thrillophilia offers cost-effective Serbia honeymoon packages, but also gives you a chance to customize them as per your needs. The country sings and dances in the tune of love both day and night. In Serbia there is everything a newlywed would expect in a place for their honeymoon and with Thrilloiphilia’s special offers, deals, and discounts, you can have the best time of your life without burning a hole in your pocket.

Couples can enjoy their honeymoon according to their choice as there is a wide variety of Serbia honeymoon tour packages when they book from Thrillophilia. The packages start at a very affordable price and incredibly cover the beauty of Serbia. Experience the peaceful and calm landscapes surrounded by majestic mountains, clean blue rivers, and emerald green lakes in the country.. So, our exciting packages not only offer you serenity but also a lot of fun. After relaxing during the day, enjoy your honeymoon period partying at the most happening clubs at night as Serbia is well known for its nightlife all over the world. 

Touring the historical monuments and appreciating the local life of the city, are other two necessities for any trip. Packages at thrillophilia include both of these along with relaxing spa visits to rejuvenate yourself. So, to make the best of your honeymoon in every aspect, check out our amazing Serbia honeymoon packages.

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Serbia Honeymoon FAQs

What are the famous romantic places to visit in Serbia?

1. The Fantast Castle- Located in central Vojvodina, The Fantast Castle is a magical castle that is paramountly included in the Serbia honeymoon packages. The fairy-tale-like castle is surrounded by a church and a huge garden. It also has an active stable for romantic horseback riding with your loved one.
The castle has a restaurant where you can eat and drink while enjoying a magnificent view. You may listen to tamburitza players at times, who will make your time more lovely. It is located about 12 km from the road Becej in Backa Topola. It is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

2. Belgrade- Also known as “the city that never sleeps” or “white city”, Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe brimming with thrilling nightlife. The city has many clubs with hip and artistic spots to bring your inner party animal on the floor. Party all seven days at any time at boathouses and floating clubs on the river Sava.
The city is also known for its unique and extraordinary idyll to explore with your partner during the day. But the best time to tour the city is during the night hours. Both day and night tours of the city are included in Serbia honeymoon packages.

3. Fruska Gora Mountain and National Park - This majestic mountain along with a national park is located in northern Serbia in Vojvodina province. Escape into the wilderness of nature with your loved one by hiking up to the top, biking through the paths, or camping at night. Serbia honeymoon packages include a tour to the National Park of Fruska Gora. The park is famous for skiing in winter. A lot of monasteries are present inside the national park to explore the culture of Serbia. Entrance fee- 500 dinars for adults and 300 dinars for children and pensioners

4. Drvengrad- Drvengrad is a traditional ethno village located in Zlatibor District. This village is known as the “timber town” and was specially built for a film. The streets are magical and rectangular, perfect for a romantic stroll. The village also has a church, an art gallery, and a cinema where you can spend your late evenings.
The architecture of the village reflects Serbian culture and has an alluring ambiance. You can get to this village by your vehicle, by bus or train. It is recommended by the Serbia honeymoon packages to take the “?ira”, an old steam train to explore the wilderness near the village.

5. Novi Sad- Serbia is known for its marvelous municipalities and one of those is Novi Sad. Novi Sad is a city full of culture, known for its music, art, and architecture. It stretches alongside the famous Danube River, so the city is also bestowed with an amazing beach.  The ethnic culture of various diversities can be experienced in the streets of Novi Sad through food and drinks.
Art can be personified by dint of theater, exhibitions, and various cultural shows. Do not forget to attend the EXIT festival held in the city. Novi Sad is very walkable too and foot-friendly. You can saunter around the city day and night without any inconvenience. Rent a bike for a romantic evening ride.

6. Bridge of Love- Located in Vrnja?ka Banja, Bridge of Love is locally known as “Most Ljubavi”. It is a must-visit place in Serbia honeymoon tour packages. One of the earliest spots to introduce padlocks, couples leave padlocks on the railing of the bridge as a symbol of their eternal love. Hundreds and thousands of locks can be found with love messages and initials inscribed on them.
The bridge comes in the list of the top 15 bridges of the town. Appreciate this romantic gesture with your partner by putting up a lock Padlocks are available in the nearby shops. The best time to visit the bridge is during the early or late hours of the day when it is the least crowded.

7. Sremski Karlovci- This culturally rich town is located in Vojvodina and is full of vineyards. The city is small enough to be explored in a single day itself. The city has a majestic architectural building by the name of The Patriarchate Court which is not to be missed.
The history and culture of Serbia can be appreciated in the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The town has small cafes and restaurants to relish the Serbian delicacies. To complete your romantic day, try the world-famous wine in the Beekeeping Museum of the Živanovi? family.

8. Bela Crkva- This beautiful town is surrounded by the majestic Carpathian Mountains and runs along the Nera River. Serbia honeymoon tour packages let you explore this picturesque town that has a lot of beautiful lakes and lush green parks. The town is filled with historical facades with gardens filled with flowers.
The wine of this peaceful town is a must-try for any tourist. Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church, House of the Army, and many more historical buildings can be explored with the serene beauty of Bela Crkva. The lakes are accompanied by clean beaches and many water sport activities to be enjoyed during your honeymoon period. 

9. Zlatar- Located in the southwestern region of Serbia, between the towns of Prijepolje and Nova Varoš, this mountain range is a heavenly getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. Filled with crisp mountain air, the range is home to a variety of flora, Zlatar has many emerald-green lakes. One can go rafting in the lakes but the most famous activity here is cycling.
The pleasant climate of the range, with a spectacular view, essentially supports hiking and cycling. You can rent a bike with your partner to discover the breathtaking view of the range. Rejuvenate yourself with the fresh-calming air of the Zlatar along with mesmerizing landscapes. 

10. Sokobanja- When it comes to rejuvenating and reviving yourself, there is no better place than Sokobanja. Considered as one of the most famous tourist spots in Serbia, it is an utterly famous spa located between two mountains in the southern region. It is also surrounded by a river, a waterfall, and a lake that enhances the beauty of the spa.
One can also explore the historic monuments and fortresses in Sokobanja spa. Sokobanja offers a lot of recreation activities like tennis, basketball, football, etc, to enjoy with your beloved one.

What are the romantic things to do in Serbia?

1. Wine Tasting in Belgrade- Wine and romance go hand in hand and what is a better place to try wine than Serbia, which is home to endless vineyards. Try and relish different types of wines from different parts of Serbia. From light white wines to strong red wines, the finest of the fine wines are available in Belgrade along with local snacks. Usually, 5 types of wines are served.
Serbia honeymoon tour packages also include a professional sommelier to narrate the story behind every wine. Enjoy every sip of wine tasting with your beloved in just 2 hours. The common ticket price of wine tasting starts from 4470 Serbian Dinar. 

2. Belgrade Sunset Tour- One of the most romantic things to do is watch a sunset on a cruise. Romanticize your evening voyages on a boat trip that sails on the rivers Sava and Danube. Experience the city from afar with different views of the Belgrade fortress. The memorable cruise takes about 1.5-2 hours to tour over the rivers.
Relax and appreciate the true beauty of town during the dusk with spectacular bridge views. The price per person for the cruise is about 3023 dinars. It is highly recommended to bring cameras for clicking pictures with incredible views. 

3. Enjoy the view from Avala and Relish Rakia- Taking your honeymoon to next level, both metaphorically and literally, the Serbia honeymoon tour package includes a tour to a 360-degree platform situated on 122 meters of Avala tower. Sit, relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city with your lover. You can also take incredible pictures from the height.
While coming downhill from the tower, explore a hidden museum to know about the national drink of Serbia called Rakia and its making. The museum also offers snacks alongside Rakia to enhance your taste buds. The whole experience will cost you around 4700 dinars. 

4. Rent an E-Scooter to Ada lake- What is much more fun than riding a scooter with your partner to the beautiful Ada lake. Follow the river alongside the cycling path to experience the amazing views of the city. During the ride, you will encounter local Serbian places and can grab a snack for the ride. It takes around 1.5-2 hours to reach Ada lake from the city center of Belgrade. The cost to rent a bike is about 3700 Serbian dinars. 

5. Rejuvenate in the Sokobanja’s Spas- There are many wellness spas present for couples in Belgrade city. But if you want to have an extraordinary experience, visit the spa in Sokobanja. The spa is renowned for its eras and is surrounded by serene beauty. Revive with your partner in the middle of mountains and lakes.
Various activities are also offered by Sokobanja like tennis, football, basketball, etc. The water in Sokobanja is known to have healing powers. You may find different hotels in Sokobanja offering spas at different prices. Choose according to your preference and relax in the aura of healing.

6. Experience the VIP Nightlife in Belgrade- Belgrade, also known as “the city that never sleeps”, offers a large variety of clubs to bring your inner party animal out. Most famous for its nightlife, the city offers the most exciting clubs in the world. Dance and enjoy the nightlife with your partner in the local pubs and clubs.
But to have the ultimate experience, Serbia honeymoon packages offer VIP tables and the finest hosting in the clubs. Book your table, a private booth or a room, and even the club's VIP area to experience the most thrilling night of your life. The price to book a VIP table at any club in Belgrade starts from 9000 Serbian dinars and goes up depending on the club. 

7. Lock your love on “Most Ljubavi”- Also known as the bridge of love, this small bridge is famous for padlocks. It is located in Vrnja?ka Banja town, along with other 14 bridges. Couples put up a lock on the bridge to embrace their eternal love for each other. You can rent a lock from nearby shops on the bridge to perform one of the most romantic gestures of all time.
Couples put up their initials or dates to signify their padlock. The bridge is filled with thousands of locks which will leave you empowered by love. Visit the bridge in the early morning or late evening to encounter fewer people. 

8. Feast on food in Novi Sad- The city is famous for its delicious food from the diverse ethnicities of Serbia. Serbia is a mix of cultures from the Mid East and Central Europe. The food is incredibly diverse and tasty, and if you want to treat yourself and your partner, there is no other place than the famous city Novi Sad. Known for its cafes and restaurants, enjoy the local food producers of the town included in Serbia honeymoon packages. The fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and cheese will enhance your taste buds. Do not forget to try the famous Turkish coffee.

Which are the best romantic places to stay in Serbia?

1. Boatel Charlie- Located in Belgrade, this cozy hotel stands on the river Danube under lush green trees. The hotel has very classy and modern interiors with an incredible river view from all the rooms. A terrace and lounge are present to sit and relax amidst nature. The price per night is about 5660 Serbian dinars. 

2. Hilton- The world-famous luxurious hotel Hilton is located in Belgrade. The 5-star hotel includes 242 rooms and 19 suits to provide an ultimate elite stay. Two King restaurant, SkyLounge, and rooftop bar enhance your stay in the hotel. The price starts from 15000 Serbian dinars per night. 

3. Hotel Sunce Sokobanja- Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the river Moravica, this hotel is located in the magnificent part of Sokobanja. The hotel offers a famous wellness spa and relaxation center for your honeymoon period. Serbia honeymoon tour packages offer the best price of this 4-star hotel starting at 11200 Serbian dinars. 

4. Viceroy Kopaonik- This famous ski hotel is a perfect romantic place for your honeymoon. Located at the foothill of snowy mountains, the hotel offers various adventure activities like skiing. The suits along with a restaurant and fitness center are the epitome of luxury. The price of an accommodation per night starts from 8900 dinars.

Which are the best places to enjoy shopping in Serbia? What is a must thing to buy?

1. Glavnjak- Located in Sombor, this market is famous for its small shops and cafes. The local shops sell a variety of eateries and drinkable options. While in the market, one must buy the Serbian traditional drink known as Rakia. 

2. Zemunska Pijaca- The market is located in main Belgrade and is immensely famous for local produce like fish, meat, fruits,and vegetables. The local shops also sell clothes and traditional Serbian jewelry which is a must-buy for couples. 

3. Rajiceva Shopping Center- Serbia honeymoon packages essentially include a tour of this shopping center. This mall stands in the pedestrian lane in Belgrade. The shops inside the mall offer both domestic and international pieces. One must buy Serbian books from the bookstore in the mall. 

4. Kaleni? Pijaca- This local market is a farmers’ market where one can easily find domestic products. The vendors here also sell traditional pottery, clothes, jewelry, and other souvenirs. 

5. UŠ?E Shopping Center- Biggest shopping mall in the city of Belgrade, one can find all the high-end brands here. The mall is clean and offers everything a supermarket has to offer. Both local and international brands are present here.

Which are the famous vineyards for wine tours in Serbia?

Serbia being a cold country really relishes wine. There are almost 70,00 hectares of vineyards in Serbia. Some famous local wineries and vineyards are listed below
1. Podium Panajotovic in Belgrade- This magical winery is located in Belgrade. The unique place is underground and offers a wide variety of wine along with delicious food. It is recommended to spend around 2 hours to enjoy the winery. 

2. Podrum Probus in Sremski Karlovci
Relish the local wine in a unique setting in Sremski Karlovci. The place is famous for its delish wine and incredible host. This is a home winery and you can spend as much time as you want.  

3. Sumadija wine region
This place is known for its various Serbian wineries. From old to new, every type of vineyard and wineries can be experienced here. Know about this history and grapes in this 6 hour long winery tour.

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