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About Vellore
The city of Vellore is an ancient Indian city situated along the river banks of Palar River. It has been ruled by several different royal dynasties in the past. Comprising oodles of pilgrimage sites and historical monuments, the region accounts for one of the most sought tourist spots of Tamil Nadu. In fact, the city of Vellore is locally known as Tamil Nadu’s Fort City. Vellore lies somewhat 166 km north and 139 km west to Puducherry and Chennai, respectively. Today, the city comprises numerous temples, forts, a zoological park, and an observatory.

Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple, Government Museum, Vainu Bappu Observatory, Science Park, and Yelagiri Hills are some of them. The State Government Museum at Vellore exclusively exhibits memorabilia belonging to the fields of botany, geology, prehistory, archaeology, and anthropology. While the observatory at Kavalur displays the largest telescopes of Asia employed in the studies of astronomical observations. Apart from being a vibrant cultural hub, Vellore City is also famous for its shopping activities. Roam around anywhere, and you are definitely going to spot one or the other unique local creativity.

The city of Vellore leaves no stone unturned to get your adrenaline rushing. Yelagiri Hills and Swamimalai Hills are popular hiking trails amidst other tourist spots of Vellore. Wildlife spotting, archaeological survey, Periyar Park bird watching, boat riding are some activities which every Vellore tourist loves to enjoy. Vellore features a blend of both hot and dry weather throughout the 365 days of the year. The average temperature here may rise as high as 43.5 degrees and may drop as low as 18.4 degrees. In line with the remaining regions of Tamil Nadu, the city of Vellore faces the wrath of summers from April to June. June to September marks the monsoons here in Vellore while the town of Vellore enjoys its winter break from December to January.
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Vellore FAQ's

What are the places to visit in Vellore?

Here is a list of some of the topmost tourist attractions of Vellore - 

1. Vellore Fort – 
Built during 16th century AD, the Vellore Fort is acknowledged amongst the best South Indian military architectures. During the era of its establishment, the fort was accounted to be amongst the massive forts. Later, it came to be praised amongst the most unique forts in India.

Spread over a land cover of more than 500 metres, the Vellore Fort is perched atop a height of 220 metres. There is a giant moat located right at the centre of the entrance of the Vellore Fort where you can find 10,000+ crocodiles swimming all around. 

2. St. John’s Church – 
This is amongst the oldest churches of Vellore City and is a stringent follower of the Anglican dynasty. Situated within the complex of the Vellore Fort itself, St. John’s Church is amongst the frequent visits of the locals and carries a great religious significance. 

3. Archeological Survey of India Museum – 
This museum is located within the immediate neighbour of the Vellore Fort. It exhibits different types and varieties of ancient stones dating back to more than 1000 years. The coins, statues, carvings, stones found here all talk about the luxurious historical setting of India’s ancient past. 

4. Sripuram Golden Temple – 
Situated in the South Vellore, this golden temple is a real sight to behold. The temple lies within the premises of a spiritual park called Spiritual Oasis which has a star path directing all the visitors towards the Oasis. The main shrine of the temple is all over wrapped in golden foil.

5. Periyar Park – 
Periyar is a wildlife sanctuary located within Thekkady district of Kerala. This park is popular for wildlife safaris, rafting, and other adventure activities. Mangala Devi Temple, Periyar Lake, Hill Region, Cardamom Hills, and Forest regions are key attractions here. 

6. Virinjipuram Temple – 
This temple is locally popular as Sri Margabandeeswarar Temple. Situated at a drive of 14 km from the central town of Vellore City, the temple stands tall along the banks of Palar River. The intricately carved artistic stonework throughout the walls of the Virinjipuram Temple embraces the rich palatial Dravidian architectural work. 

7. Palamathi Hills – 
Lying along the Eastern Ghats, the Palamathi Hills is the next tourist spot to explore on the Vellore tour. It consists of the Palamathi Reserve Forest and the Otteri Lake. It offers the most stunning views on account of it being untouched by human interference. 

8. Jalakandeswarar Temple – 
The Jalakandeshwar temple represents Vijayanagaram architectural style is solely dedicated to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple displays two courtyards, one main shrine and a couple of sub-shrines and intricate engravings on all its ceilings.

9. Amirthi Zoological Park – 
Amirthi Zoological Park sprawls across a land stretch of more than 25 acres and is profusely abundant in its native flora and fauna. Rabbits, hedgehogs, love birds, red-headed parrots are some important species to spot here. 

10. Tipu and Hyder Mahal – 
If you are planning to visit the Vellore Fort, the Tipu and Hyder Mahal should never be missed off. The Tipu Mahal features around 180 rooms whereas the Hyder Mahal features more than 200 rooms. The exterior of both the palaces are made from granite with intricate designs reflecting the brilliance of craftsmen’s intelligence of that era.

What are the things to do in Vellore?

Are you planning to visit Vellore and confused about what to do there? Here’s how you can make your Vellore visit a happening one for you and your companions – 

1. Dig through the historical setting of the Vellore Fort – 
The 16th-century fort of Vellore is more than sufficient to give you enough information about the historical background. Renowned as the pride of Vellore, the fort today features a wide moat, hearty masonry and luxurious ramparts. Within a land cover of 133 acres, the fort shelters a temple, a mosque, a garden and two beautiful palaces. 

2. Seek blessings at the Jalakandeswarar Temple – 
The Jalakandeshwar temple represents Vijayanagaram architectural style is solely dedicated to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple displays two courtyards, one main shrine and a couple of sub-shrines and intricate engravings on all its ceilings. 

3. Relive the historical setting at the Archeological Survey of India – 
This museum features arts, sculptures, and crafts dating back to the 8th century. Split into two different buildings, the museum features a good count of bronze, stone carvings, ancient statues, wooden carvings, and paintings. 

4. Spend some time with the wild animals – 
The Amirthi Zoological Park of Vellore accounts for a total land cover of 25 hectares and features more than 20 different animal species. Red-headed parrots, mongoose, eagles, tortoises, spotted deer, and pythons are some key species amongst them. 

5. Go for nature’s retreat at the Palamathi Hills – 
The Palamathi Hills are tucked amidst a lush green landscape of the Vellore and is an excellent option to seek some isolation from the hustle and bustle of the city. Locals reach here to relax, click pictures, participate in adventure treks, or for their picnicking activities. 

6. Spot the rare bird species at the Periyar Park – 
The Periyar Park of Vellore is located on the Fort Round Road and is quite spacious with a tranquil environment. Ostriches, Parrots, Swans, Love Birds, and Ducks are chief species to be found here. 

7. Enjoy a boat ride at the Punganoor Lake – 
One of the most happening things to enjoy on your Vellore vacations is a boat ride at the Punganoor Lake. This man-made lake is famous for its surrounding refreshing atmosphere and greets tourists around 365 days of the year. 

8. Take a heritage stroll around the Gingee Fort – 
The Gingee Fort of Vellore is acknowledged as the Troy of the East and represents the Indo-Islamic architectural style. The fort features three different hilltop citadels and a mandap named Kalyana Mandap. Strolling through the Gingee Fort is an enjoyable pastime activity that keeps the locals engaged during their off-beat hours.

Does Vellore have an airport?

Vellore has an airport; however, it does not receive passenger flights. Far-off tourists may either take a flight to the Chennai International Airport or the Kempegowda International Airport.

The Chennai Airport is at a distance of 120 km from Vellore; while the Kempegowda International Airport is at a distance of 230 km. Once you board off your plane, you may either take public transport or a hired taxi to reach Vellore.

What is famous in Vellore?

Vellore is famous for the following tourist attractions– 

1. Vellore Fort – 
A 16th century-built fort owned by the prosperous dynasties of Carnatic Nawabs, Bijapur Sultans, Britishers, and the Marathas. 

2. Jalakandeswarar Temple - 
This is a pious shrine of Lord Shiva and is located within the complex of Vellore Fort itself. The temple is highly praised for its intricately carved stone pillars. 

3. Srilakshmi Golden Temple – 
Also known as the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, this magnificent creativity is entirely coated with a golden leaf. The gold-plated sheets used here cost around 65 million US dollars and weighed about 1500 kilograms.

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