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About Rameswaram

Being one of the famous Char Dhams of India, Rameshwaram is a small Hindu pilgrimage town and is considered to be one of the reverenced places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Due to its deep-seated religious connection and unspoiled natural beauty, it witnesses a huge influx of tourists and devotees from various corners of the globe. It is perfectly nestled on the magnificent Pamban Island in the Gulf of Munnar, just off the Indian mainland at the tip of the Indian Peninsula.

Rameshwaram is situated just 1403 kilometers away from Sri Lanka and is the nearest transit point to gain access to its breathtaking tropical beauty. Since 1914, the town has been connected to the mainland of India via the eminent Pamban Railway Bridge. Apart from the traditional legacy, this spiritual town is also blessed with immaculate beaches, picture-perfect landscapes, underwater coral reefs, Water Bird Sanctuary, tropical weather and much more.

According to the Hindu mythology, Rameshwaram is believed to be the place from where Lord Rama had constructed the bridge to Sri Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from the clutches of Ravana, the king of Lanka. It is also believed that this is the place where Lord  Rama decided to atone for his sins to seek penance after having killed the Brahmin king, Ravana. Owing to the mythological significance, Ramanathaswamy Temple was established by Rama in dedication to Lord Shiva. The temple has materialized into a pious expedition site for Vaishnavites, Shaivites,  and Smartha.

However, Rameshwaram has also emerged to be a happening holiday hotspot for enthusiastic travelers because of its proximity to famous destinations like Pondicherry, Munnar, Kanyakumari, and Madurai. As a result, it is one of the fastest-growing tourism markets in India and is expected to evolve more soon.

Rameshwaram has three distinct seasons-Summer, Monsoon, and Winter. The summer season begins with the onset of March and lasts till July. The temperature here gets pretty high ranging from 27 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.  July marks the beginning of the Monsoons and is all about rainfall and humidity. October to March is the dry season when the weather is pleasant and makes way for the best time to visit the holy town of Rameshwaram.

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Rameswaram FAQ's

What are the best places to visit in Rameswaram?

1. Ramanathaswamy Temple: An ideal amalgamation of spellbinding architecture and mythological significance, Ramanathaswamy Temple is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva where the primary deity of the temple is in the form of lingam. It is believed that the presiding idol or the lingam has been established by Lord Rama. Ramanathaswamy Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples and one of the holiest  Char Dham sites. 

A Dravidian style architectural grandeur in every sense, the temple has the longest outer set of corridors in the world having ornate carvings on the body of the pillars. Every year, pilgrims in huge numbers flock to this temple, especially during Maha Shivratri to seek blessings and take a dip in the sacred water of Agni Theertham i.e Bay of Bengal.

2. Ariyaman Beach: Counted as one of the pristine and serene beaches of Tamil Nadu, Ariyaman Beach offers a shimmering 2 km long stretch and is tucked 21 kilometers away from the hustle-bustle of Rameswaram. Calm waves, soothing atmosphere, gentle breeze, lush greenery, and utmost cleanliness lure numerous travelers around the year.

Visiting this beach will undoubtedly add a tinge of retreat and leisure from an otherwise religious tour of Rameswaram. The beach also has numerous alternatives for the people wanting to indulge in some adventure like windsurfing, boating, parasailing.

3. Dhanushkodi: If you are seeking for roads less traveled and embrace pure isolation, Dhanushkodi is a must-have in your itinerary. It is an abandoned town at the southeastern edge of the Indian mainland and has caught the attention of thrill-seekers for the pursuit of an adventurous escapade. The quaint town stands amidst the convergence of the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.

Once upon a time, Dhanushkodi used to be a thriving zone with all the basic amenities. Unfortunately, the bustling town was hit by a severe cyclonic storm in the year 1964 and destroyed everything. Post calamity, Government Of India declared it to be an uninhabitable place and today, Dhanushkodi stands as mere ruins that seem to have frozen in the historic era.

4. Rama Setu: Rama Setu is a historical bridge which dates back to the mythological history. The bridge is faintly visible from afar and is a naturally formed network of limestone shoals that commences from Dhanuskodi, the tip of India's Pamban Island. According to geological evidence, the bridge used to be a connecting stretch between India and Sri Lanka and was also passable on foot until the 15th century.

However, it was fragmented when a cyclone in 1480 deepened the channel. According to the Indian Epic Ramayana, Lord Rama had built the bridge to reach Lanka and rescue his wife Sita from Ravana. Mysteriously, the oceanographic studies stated the age of the natural bridge to be 7000 years old and interestingly, carbon dating of beaches near Dhanushkodi and Mannar Island have synced with the period of Ramayana.

What is Rameswaram famous for?

Rameshwaram is famous for The Ramanathaswamy Temple which is a popular pilgrimage site for the followers of Hinduism. It is located right at the center of town and is dedicated to Lord Shiva where the Shiva is worshipped as JyotirLinga. There are twenty-two holy water bodies ( Tirthas) within the premises of the temple and taking a long dip in these Tirthas is considered to relieve all sin and is equivalent to Penance.

This holy place is said to have been the site where Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu, offered his gratitude to Lord Shiva for killing the demon king, Ravana. Thus, the religious importance of this shrine makes it the preferred location for pilgrims all over the world.

What is the best time to visit Rameswaram?

The best time to visit Rameshwaram is from October to February. However, the island town is a year-round destination because of the prevalence of pleasantness in all the seasons. The influx of tourists from around the world in Rameshwaram is maximum during the month from October to February.

The salubrious weather during these months provides an ideal opportunity to bask in the charm of the place and cover your itinerary without getting miffed. It is always suggested to avoid the summer months since it's a tropical place and can witness a rise in the mercury level backed by excessive heat.  Although Monsoon season in Rameshwaram undergoes humidity with rainfall, the fresh green foliage enhances the scenic beauty.

How can I go to Dhanushkodi from Rameswaram?

Dhanushkodi is roughly 25 km from Rameshwaram. To reach Dhanushkodi, one needs to reach Rameshwaram first, which is accessible by air, train or roadways. After reaching Rameshwaram, you can board a bus which will drop you at the sea beach of Dhanuskodi. Thereafter, one needs to hire vans /jeeps/autos which will take you on your last leg of your journey to the abandoned town. However, visitors are allowed only till 5 P.M.

Can we go to Dhanushkodi by car?

Yes with the construction of a new road, Dhanushkodi has become much more accessible unlike before. Now, you can drive your vehicle till Dhanushkodi by covering the entire distance in a matter of 30-45 minutes.

Which train goes on Pamban Bridge?

Pamban Bridge is a  100-year-old railway bridge that connects the holy town of Rameswaram and the mainland of  India. It is considered to be an engineering marvel and is the longest sea bridge in India. The trains passing over the Pamban Bridge are:

Kanyakumari - Rameshwaram Express
Chennai Egmore - Rameshwaram Express

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