Adventure Sports in Thane

Thane is known as the “City of Lakes” owing to the myriad of lakes found there. Sited in the state of Maharashtra, Thane roughly covers an area of 150 sq. km. It is also sometimes referred to as“Sri Sthanak” and is well located in the north-eastern part of Mumbai. Set on Salsette island, Thane is covered by hills on all sides, primarily the Yeoor Hills and the Parsik Hills and also offers the best adventure tours in Thane. Thane has around 30 lakes, spanning the entire district, with Masunda Talao being the most gorgeous one. Locally referred to as the Talao Palli, this lakes offers great opportunities to indulge in an array of exhilarating activities such as boating and water scooters. Another major touristy spot, set amidst the picturesque Yeoor Hills on one side and Neelkanth Heights on the other is the Upvan Lake. The Yeoor hills houses the famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a thrilling spot for all nature and wildlife aficionados. Another panoramic destination with commanding views is the Kashi Mira located closeby.


The HarHarGange waterfall situated in Thane is recognized as India’s largest artificial waterfall. Bassein Fort (Vasai Fort) and the Jawahar Palace in Thane showcase exceptional architectural skills. History enthusiasts and architecture connoisseurs will have a great time exploring the two fascinating monuments. Adrenaline junkies, on the other hand, can be a part of blood racing activities like rock climbing and trekking all the way up to Naneghat Hills. Naneghat hills located in the Malshej area of Thane, are another prime tourist attraction. With an altitude of 838.2 m above the sea level, these hills are a frequented spot of trekkers and rock climbers. Naneghat is popular for its primordial mountain pass that stretches from Ghatmatha to Konkan, consisting of umpteen caves and rock-cut water cisterns in between. The peak of Naneghat hills is situated above a cliff and is called the Nanacha Angatha. Every year the spot witnesses throngs of adventure seekers for the best adventure tours in Thane. 

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