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Zanzibar Packages

Duration Price
Exclusive Kenya Tour with Lake Manyara National Park15 days & 14 nights
INR 4,15,000
Zanzibar Honeymoon Package from India4 days & 3 nights
INR 56,000

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Go on an enchanting adventure with Zanzibar Tour Packages, unlocking the treasures of this enchanting island while seamlessly blending the cultural wonders of a Tanzania trip. Thrillophilia crafts these immersive experiences, ensuring every moment is brimming with excitement and authenticity. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Stone Town, bask on pristine beaches, and delve into the island's rich spice markets.

Thrillophilia's Zanzibar Tour Packages redefine travel, offering expertly guided tours and unique encounters. Whether snorkeling in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean or navigating spice plantations, each day promises a blend of thrill and relaxation. Discover the harmonious fusion of Arab, Indian, and European influences, all expertly curated for an unforgettable Tanzania trip. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create memories with Thrillophilia, where every Zanzibar adventure is a perfect mix of culture, nature, and thrilling exploration. Book now for an unparalleled journey into Zanzibar's captivating landscapes and cultural heritage.

Visa Requirement For Zanzibar Trip:

For Indian travelers planning a Zanzibar trip, understanding visa requirements and application is crucial. Indian nationals must obtain a Tanzania eVisa, which allows entry to Zanzibar, for tourism purposes. The eVisa is valid for a single entry with a maximum stay of 90 days. Indian applicants need a passport with at least six months' validity from the date of arrival, a digital copy of the passport biographical page, a passport-style photograph, proof of return/onward travel, and a credit/debit card for the eVisa fee payment. The fee for this eVisa is approximately INR 8500.

The processing time for the Tanzania eVisa is up to ten business days, so applying well before your trip is advisable. Upon approval, applicants receive a digital visa via email, which they must print and present upon arrival in Tanzania. For those unable to apply for an E-Visa beforehand, a visa on arrival is available to Indian passport holders. However, this option may involve longer waiting times and uncertainty upon arrival.

Best Time For Zanzibar Tour

Zanzibar is a year-round destination, each season offering its unique allure, making Zanzibar trip appealing whenever you choose to visit. Zanzibar's consistent tropical climate guarantees that every visit, regardless of the season, is an ideal opportunity to immerse in its stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

1. Peak Season (June to October): Zanzibar's peak season bathes the island in golden sunshine and cool ocean breezes, creating a postcard-perfect setting for travelers. With clear skies and tranquil waters, this period is tailor-made for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. Dive into vibrant coral reefs, indulge in cultural festivals, and relish the lively ambiance. While it's the busiest time, the energy and festivities make it an unforgettable experience for those yearning for a classic tropical getaway.

2. Low Season (March to May): Zanzibar's low season, from March to May, unveils a quieter charm. Embraced by occasional rains, this period transforms the landscapes into lush, green havens. For budget-conscious travelers, it's a hidden gem, offering reduced accommodation rates and an opportunity to explore the island's cultural treasures at a leisurely pace. Serenity reigns supreme, making it an ideal time for those seeking an intimate rendezvous with Zanzibar's natural beauty.

3. Shoulder Season (November to February): Zanzibar's shoulder seasons present a delightful blend of pleasant weather and a more tranquil atmosphere. With the crowds easing off, November to December and January to February offer the best of both worlds. Enjoy the inviting climate, explore cultural gems, and bask on uncrowded beaches. These periods strike an exquisite balance, allowing travelers to relish Zanzibar's allure without the hustle, making it an optimal time for a well-rounded island experience.

How to Reach Zanzibar

The most convenient means of travel to Zanzibar is by flying, with connecting flights available from major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The average flight duration spans 10-15 hours. Key arrival hubs in Zanzibar encompass Abeid Amani Karume International Airport. Airlines like Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, and Vistara operate services on this route.

Places To Visit on Zanzibar Trip

1. Zanzibar Butterfly Centre: The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is a mesmerising sanctuary for nature lovers. Here, you will witness a vibrant kaleidoscope of indigenous butterflies fluttering in a lush green surroundings. The center, included in many Zanzibar tour packages, offers a visual feast and plays a crucial role in butterfly conservation. This centre is a unique ecological haven, where visitors can learn about the pivotal role these insects play in our ecosystem and gain insights into ongoing butterfly conservation efforts.

2. Cheetah's Rock: Cheetah's Rock is a unique wildlife sanctuary in Zanzibar, renowned for its responsible and humane animal conservation practices. Visitors have the rare opportunity to interact closely with rescued cheetahs, lions and zebras, under careful supervision. This place offers a blend of thrilling encounters and interesting insights about animal conservation, making it a must-visit for animal lovers.

3. Nungwi Beach: Nungwi Beach, a highlight of several Zanzibar packages, is a slice of paradise with crystal-clear waters and soft white sands. It is the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water sports like snorkeling and diving. The beach's appeal is further enhanced by its rich marine life and stunning coral reefs. As the day fades, Nungwi transforms into a vibrant hub with lively beach parties and stunning sunset views, offering the quintessential beach experience in Zanzibar.

4. House of Wonders: The House of Wonders or Beit-al-Ajaib, in Stone Town, symbolises Zanzibar's rich history and cultural diversity. This iconic building, also the tallest in Zanzibar, with its grand architecture and intricate details, narrates the story of Zanzibar's past. A visit here is a journey through time, offering insights into the island's heritage and its significant contribution to the trade routes across the Indian Ocean.

5. Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park: Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, a popular attraction included in our Zanzibar tours, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The park is home to the rare Red Colobus Monkey, indigenous to Zanzibar, in addition to other primates, antelopes, and numerous species of birds. Walking through the park's lush forests and mangroves, visitors can spot various species of flora and fauna, making it an essential experience for nature lovers.

6. Jambiani Beach: Jambiani Beach is a tranquil retreat on the southeastern coast of Zanzibar. Known for its pristine beaches and clear, turquoise waters, it is ideal for those seeking peace and relaxation. The beach is located in the traditional fishing village of Jambiani and offers a peek into the local culture. It also offers opportunities to interact with the friendly village community and observe their traditional seaweed farming.

7. Forodhani Gardens: Forodhani Gardens is a vibrant seafront park in Stone Town, included in Thrillophilia’s Zanzibar tour packages. As evening approaches, the gardens transform into a lively street food market. Here, you can sample a variety of Zanzibari delicacies like Zanzibar pizza, grilled seafood, and sugarcane juice. The atmosphere is electric, with locals and tourists mingling, all against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and the historic Stone Town architecture.

8. Nungwi Natural Aquarium: The Nungwi Natural Aquarium is a hidden gem in Zanzibar, focusing on the conservation of sea turtles. Here, you can observe these majestic creatures in a natural tidal pool and learn about local conservation efforts. The aquarium offers a close encounter with the unique marine life of this region, providing an engaging and educational experience. It is also a great place for all those who are interested in exploring the aquatic world and in environment conservation.

Things to Do on Zanzibar Tour

1.Wander around Stone Town: Upon availing of the Zanzibar tour packages, make sure to take some time out and wander around Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic area is a labyrinth of narrow streets, bustling bazaars, and ancient buildings. You will encounter a rich tapestry of Swahili culture infused with Arabic, Indian, and European influences. Each turn reveals historic sites, aromatic spice shops, and local artisans at work, offering a sensory and cultural immersion into the heart of Zanzibar.

2. Go on a Sunset Dhow Cruise: A sunset dhow cruise is an enchanting experience in Zanzibar. As the sun dips below the horizon, you will sail on a traditional dhow, feeling the gentle ocean breeze and witnessing the sky's transformation into a palette of firy colours. It is an ideal way to experience the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean, often accompanied by the rhythmic beat of Taarab music, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exposure.

3. Explore the Jozani Forest: In your Zanzibar tour packages, exploring the Jozani Forest is a must-do activity. This lush, green sanctuary is home to the endangered Red Colobus Monkey and various other wildlife species. While walking through the forest's nature trails and mangrove boardwalks, you will encounter diverse flora and fauna. This includes rare bird species and a variety of indigenous plants and trees, which are characteristic of Zanzibar's unique ecosystem. It is a peaceful escape that connects you with the natural beauty of Zanzibar.

4. See the Former Slave Market: Visiting the former Slave Market in Stone Town is a profound and moving experience. It is a place of historical significance where you can learn about Zanzibar's involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, a tragic period marked by human suffering and injustice.. The site includes attractions like the Slave Chambers and the Anglican Cathedral, which symbolise hope and freedom. This visit offers valuable insights into the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

5. Relax at Nungwi Beach: Indulging in the tranquillity of Nungwi Beach is a popular activity to enjoy with our Zanzibar packages. This picturesque beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water sports in the crystal-clear waters. As one of Zanzibar's most beautiful beaches, it offers a serene escape with stunning sunsets and vibrant nightlife, making it a favourite among travellers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

6. A romantic escapade at Prison Island: For couples, a romantic escapade to Prison Island is a memorable part of your trip to Zanzibar. The island, also known as Changuu, is known for its giant tortoises and beautiful beaches. It is a serene spot for snorkelling, sunbathing, and exploring the island's rich history. The tranquil surroundings and picturesque scenery make it an ideal destination for a romantic outing.

7. Explore the old fort (Ngome Kongwe): Exploring the Old Fort, included in Zanzibar travel packages, is like stepping back in time. Ngome Kongwe, the oldest building in Stone Town, offers a glimpse into the island's history. Inside, you will find a cultural centre with art exhibits and performances showcasing the local culture. The fort's robust architecture and historical significance make it a fascinating destination for history buffs and culture enthusiasts alike.

8. Shop at Darajani Market: When in Zanzibar, spend some time shopping at Darajani Market, which also offers an immersive experience into the local life. In this bustling marketplace, you can shop for everything, from fresh produce and spices to clothing and handicrafts. The vibrant atmosphere, filled with the aromas of spices and the sounds of bargaining, offers a glimpse into the everyday life of Zanzibar. 

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Zanzibar Tour faqs

Are 3 days enough for a Zanzibar tour?

Yes, 3 days are sufficient for a tour of Zanzibar. Within this time frame, you can delve into the rich history of Stone Town, with its winding alleys and vibrant markets, and unwind on the idyllic beaches of Nungwi or Paje. You can also explore the Jozani Forest, home to the rare Red Colobus Monkey, and perhaps visit the spice farms to experience the island's famous spice trade. This brief yet comprehensive itinerary offers a delightful mix of cultural exploration and scenic relaxation, creating a memorable and well-rounded vacation experience.

How much does the Zanzibar trip cost?

A Zanzibar trip can cost between INR 55,000 and INR 1,10,000, per person, for a duration of 4 to 7 days. This budget covers hotel accommodation, transportation within Zanzibar, several activities, and guided sightseeing. This range ensures a comfortable and comprehensive experience of Zanzibar's diverse attractions, balancing cost with the richness of the experience.

Do I need a visa for Zanzibar?

Yes, tourists are required to obtain a visa to enter Zanzibar, which is a part of Tanzania. The process can be conveniently managed through an online eVisa application. This visa ensures legal entry and a smooth travel experience to this beautiful island.

How much will it cost me for a tourist visa to Zanzibar?

For Indian tourists, a tourist visa to Zanzibar costs approximately INR 8,000. This fee is for the Tanzania eVisa, which is valid for a single entry and allows a stay of up to 90 days. The eVisa is a convenient way for Indian travellers to visit Zanzibar without any issues.

Should you exchange money before going to Zanzibar?

Yes, it is advisable to exchange some money before going to Zanzibar. Having local currency, Tanzanian Shillings, upon arrival is convenient for immediate expenses like transportation, local purchases, or meals. Additionally, not all places accept credit cards, and access to ATMs might be limited, especially in more remote areas of the island.

What documents one must carry while visiting Zanzibar?

While visiting Zanzibar, ensure that you carry your passport, a valid visa, and travel insurance documents. You must also bring hotel booking confirmations, return flight tickets, and any necessary health documentation, such as vaccination certificates. Having a copy of your passport and other essential documents is also wise for added security.

Why is Zanzibar so famous?

Zanzibar is famous for its stunning white sandy beaches, rich cultural heritage, and exotic spice farms. Known as the Spice Island, it offers a unique blend of Arab, African, and European influences, which is evident in its architecture, cuisine, and history as well. The island's vibrant coral reefs also make it a paradise for snorkelers and divers.

What are the best beaches to visit in Zanzibar?

Nungwi Beach: A highlight of Zanzibar tour packages, Nungwi Beach, is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and vibrant nightlife. Located at the island's northern tip, this beach boasts crystal-clear waters and powdery white sands, making it perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Nungwi also offers a glimpse into local culture with its traditional dhow-building activities, ensuring a beach experience that's both relaxing and culturally enriching.

Pongwe Beach: Pongwe Beach is a secluded paradise known for its tranquillity and stunning natural beauty. Enclosed by a coral reef, the beach forms a natural lagoon with calm and turquoise waters, ideal for swimming. As the tides shift, they unveil a dynamic landscape that transforms from a broad expanse of sandy beach to a more secluded coastal setting. Pongwe's serene environment makes it perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the crowds.

Matemwe Beach: Many Zanzibar tour packages include Matemwe Beach as a tourist haven for relaxation and exploration. This long, unspoiled stretch of sand faces the Mnemba Atoll, offering some of Zanzibar's best snorkelling and diving sites. The beach is lined with palm trees and traditional fishing boats, and the nearby village of Matemwe adds a touch of local life and culture to your beach experience.

Jambiani Beach: Jambiani Beach, stretching along Zanzibar's southeast coast, is a picturesque blend of white sands and azure waters. This beach is famous for the culturally immersive experience it offers, where visitors can witness the traditional seaweed farming and interact with the friendly local community. Jambiani's laid-back vibe along with the opportunities for kite-surfing and local cuisine sampling, make it a diverse and enjoyable beach destination for all.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Zanzibar?

Scuba Diving: Included in many Zanzibar tour packages, scuba diving offers an unforgettable underwater adventure. The island's clear, warm waters are home to vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Popular diving spots like Mnemba Atoll and Leven Bank provide opportunities to encounter turtles, dolphins, and a variety of tropical fish. Suitable for both beginners and experienced divers, scuba diving here is a must-do for underwater enthusiasts.

Snorkelling: Snorkelling in Zanzibar is an accessible and enjoyable way to explore the island's rich marine biodiversity. The coral gardens around Mnemba Atoll are perfect for snorkelling, offering a chance to swim alongside colourful fish, octopuses, and occasionally, dolphins. The clear, shallow waters make this activity suitable for all ages and skill levels, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone.

Kayaking: Kayaking is a peaceful, yet an adventurous activity included in Zanzibar packages. Paddle along the calm, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, exploring the beautiful coastline at your own pace. Locations like Paje and Nungwi provide ideal conditions for kayaking, allowing you to discover hidden coves and enjoy stunning views of the island from a unique perspective. This activity is perfect for those seeking a tranquil connection with nature.

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