Scuba Diving in Mangalore

Mangalore Scuba Diving Packages

Duration Price
Murudeshwar Scuba Diving40 mins
INR 5,999

If you’re planning for a holiday trip to Mangalore with your friends, you’re blessed with hundreds of attractions and activities. Especially, scuba diving in Mangalore seems to top the list of best things to do; this activity allows tourists to unearth the beautiful world of the sea and get exposure to the unique flora and fauna. Moreover, it introduces them to the rare fishes in different shapes and colours and gives an unparallel marine experience.

Since there is no certification or experience required, anyone can indulge in this amazing water sport and explore the wonderful vistas of the sea. It will make one forget the busy lifestyle instantly and refill with tons of new memories. Hence, these pleasure-seeking dives are sure to create an unusual bond with the marine species and their habitat.

Unlike other places, Scuba Diving in Mangalore offers a diverse landscape that can enthrall you with an array of diving spots, surrounded by unimaginable views. Here, wearing the eye goggles, gloves, and fins will accentuate one's daring mood and excitement to the next level.

However, he or she cannot go beyond the depth limit that is subject to the prescribed safety standards and authorization. Instructors will give you the necessary instructions and practices and ensure that you’re comfortable with the equipment. Thus, Mangalore Scuba Diving is not only adventurous and exciting but also safe and secure.

The time spent in one diving spot is between 20 and 30 minutes, where you can dive deep into the ocean yet at a safe distance. There are chances to see the most-awaited coral reefs, planktons, and small beautiful fishes encircled. There you go! You can try to touch them and take a photo if possible.

Many scuba diving enthusiasts come here and seize those special moments in their camera and share it to the outside world.

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