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On a 90-minute bus ride north of Mangalore lies the small town of Udupi. The town dates back in recorded history to the 13th century with the establishing of Sri Krishna Matha by Sri Madhavacharya, the Vaishanavaite Saint. Since then the town has been popular for its plethora of temples lead by the famous Sri Krishna Temple. It has quite a handful of the famous temples other than Sri Krishna such as the ancient Sri Udupi Anantheshwara Temple that was built in the 8th century A.D. during the rule of the Alupa kingdom.  A biannual festival named Paryaya is held in the Krishna math.


Through most part of the history, Udupi remained a satellite state for the bigger neighbouring kingdoms of Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas and even the Vijayanagara kingdom. It later formed a part of the medieval sultanate of Tipu Sultan. The best tour packages in Udupi offer an interesting sightseeing experience through the heritage villages. It later slipped into the hands of British and on the independence of India, became a part of the Carnatic. It is widely considered as a vegetarian cousin of Mangalore which is famous for its sea food delicacies.


The land of Tulu natives has widely remained hidden on the adventure radar. It has a truly diverse range of offerings for everyone to come and experience. From its delicious Udupi cuisine to the serene beaches of Malabar coast clubbed with the beautiful coastal countryside of Karnataka, the Tulu culture and traditional art forms like the Yakshagana puppet show. Some of the unique forms of dance that evolved out of this region are the Karangolu, Bhuta Kola, Aati kalenja and a special form of snake worship called Nagaradhane. Going by that, Udupi certainly has plenty to offer in a small space. From surfing, trekking and water-sports to the temple visits and art performances, Udupi Tour packages have many surprises for the thrill seekers. The place can be visited in a variety of manners with a different combination of activities.

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