Adventure Sports in Luang Prabang

Backpackers and travelers from around the world of late have been swooping down to the South and South-East Asian countries to experience the rich practices of Buddhism. With commute and tourism becoming easier over time, the numbers have increased in heaps and bounds. Out of the many countries, Laos has been rendezvousing with a lot of attractions for the tourists. The capital city ‘Luang Prabang’ which means the ‘Royal Buddha Image’ has hosted the maximum number of visitors in the recent times. With the best adventure tours in Luang Prabang, it presents a long list of things to do during the stay. Luang Prabang takes conservation of their flora and fauna seriously and hence some of the most scenic landscapes skip your heartbeats. The bright crystal shades of the river waters and waterfalls enhance the experience of kayaking on the Nam Khan River flowing in between the century-old mountains rich with greenery.


Motorbiking down to the simple villages of Luang Prabang reverbs the modesty among the people living here. Their heartfelt warm welcome and open doors resonate the cultures and traditions believed, making one feel they found a home away from home. Known for the golden mountains and deep valleys Luang Prabang also makes one of the great places on the globe to venture out for treks and explore the wildlife in the forests. Thrillophilia famed for arranging adventure tours in Luang Prabang and around the globe have an array of tours put in place especially for you. The tours are mostly flexible and are also customized to suit the traveler’s requirements. Most of the tours include a couple of things to do ensuring best value for money and erases any streak of monotony. Traveling post monsoons is the ideal time to avoid any kind of extreme weather conditions.

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