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If you are searching for an answer to the question that why you should opt for Luang Prabang tour packages, then pause here. You will get all your answers in this piece of writing. Firstly, the fact that the destination is a UNESCO World Heritage metropolis speaks all.This small conurbation is filled with full of life and is situated in the North Central region of Laos, Thailand. It comprises of 58 adjacent rural communities, out of which 33 are amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Site.The place is a perfect blend of rural simplicity and urbanization. More than a few centuries, the French pioneer impacts have come and managed over this place. Consequently, you will even discover many structures that mirror the French culture at Luang Prabang.

Situated on a peninsula, the metropolis has several rivers, Nam Khan and the Mekong river being the chief ones. Also, there are various Buddhist sanctuaries and religious communities that one will find at this place. Another imperative point of interest of the place is Mount Phousi. Truly, there are extensive steep slopes. These give the path to the Wat Chom Si Shrine and an overlook of the metropolis and rivers from this point is something which will mesmerize you for sure.As a tourist, you have plenty of things to do in this part of the world. A brief of the beauty of the place is already mentioned above. Also, when it comes to accommodation and eateries, you will not face any trouble whatsoever. A shopping lover can never return with disappointment from here. Apart from this, you can also enjoy some adventure and thrilling activities like trekking, caving, biking tours and lots more.Above all, the tidiness and cleanliness of the place is something which will definitely allure you to the maximum. And, that’s what make Luang Prabang tour packages as one of the most demanded ones.

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Luang prabang Tour faqs

Which are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Luang Prabang?

Sightseeing plays a key role in any of the vacation. This small city of Thailand has a lot to offer to its visitors when it comes to exploring the beauty of nature. Following are some of the locations which are often visited by the people here:

  •       Kuang Si Falls
  •       Old Quarter
  •       The living land company
  •       Golden City Temple or Wat Xieng Thong
  •       Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park
  •       Mount Phousi
  •       Tad Sae Waterfall
  •       Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden

These were just to name a few of them. There are several such attractions which one can explore

Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Luang Prabang?

Trekking in Luang Prabang is altogether a different experience. Here you will pass through beautiful forests, ethnic villages, scenic waterfalls and more giving you a true insight on staying life of rural peoples. Some of the most adventurous trek tour available here are:

  •       Pha Theung Jungle Explorer
  •       Trekking in Ban Chomphet
  •       Kuang Xi waterfall adventure
  •       Elephant Riding and trekking
  •       Pak Ou District Explorer

There are other tours also available which gives the same fun. The adventure of being in the midst of jungle is something which is very interesting for an adventure lover.

Where are the best caving experiences in Luang Prabang?

The experience of exploring caves of this part of the globe is obviously overwhelming. Finding enormous underground chambers enriched with stalactites, stalagmites and the sensitive helictites (speleothem found in limestone caverns). Laos offers different give in cave exploring adventure and also the most broad limestone cave system in Asia. Some of the best places to visit in this regard are:

  •       Kong Lor Cave
  •       Tham Chom Ong Cave
  •       Pack Ou Caves
  •       Xe Bang Fai River Cave
  •       Buddha Cave

This cave tour will surely take you to an altogether different world giving you a great experience of the lifetime

Which are some famous walking tours in Luang Prabang?

Being a compact town and also having a lot of natural beauty makes this destination a perfect one to have a walking tour to explore its scenic landscape. Yes, definitely it is not at all a bad idea to go ahead on foot to enjoy your vacation in this part of the world. A popular walking route which will give you a different sort of experience in the city is as follows:

  •       Wat Phousi
  •       Wat Pa Huak
  •       Royal Palace Museum
  •       Wats at Sisavangvong and Saccharine
  •       Wat Xieng Thong
  •       Wat Visoun and Wat Aham
  •       Dara Market

Which are the best cycling routes to take in Luang Prabang?

Cycling is another activity to do which has its own charm if you do it amidst the true beauty of nature. Luang Prabang offers you the same opportunity when it comes to cycling. There are several cycling routes where you will enjoy some amazing scenic beauty which is really alluring. Some of the popular routes for the same are:

  •       Xieng Maen Cycling tour
  •       Hanoi To Luang Prabang
  •       Luang Prabang to Vientiane
  •       Luang Prabang to Kasi tour

These are just a few of routes and of longer routes. You will also have the option to enjoy cycling for shorter routes even.

Which are the best places for a biking tour in Luang Prabang?

Biking is another aspect in this part of the world which takes gives you some memorable and thrilling experience. There is no reason why one should not try biking in this region of the globe. With lush green beauty and beautiful landscape, there is every reason for a traveler to enjoy this fun. Some of the popular biking tours here are:

  •       Easy biking tour nearby rural area of the city
  •       Laos Classic Cycling tour
  •       Luang Prabang Eastern Cycling Circuit
  •       Luang Prabang Cycling Loop
  •       Bike tours through Nam Xuang & Nam Khan rivers

Which are the places for a wildlife experience in Luang Prabang?

With the breathtaking scenic beauty if you also get the bonus of enjoying some amazing wildlife experience, then it is truly a charming experience of any vacationer. In this metropolis, you will get to watch some amazing wildlife creatures and their living. Some of the best places where you will come across wildlife creatures in Luang Prabang are:

  •       Elephant Village Sanctuary and Resort
  •       MandaLa Elephant Conservation
  •       Tad Sae Waterfall

Mostly, you will find the elephant in different locations. A ride on the elephant is also worth fun. You will be guided by professionals with all respects making your journey a comfortable one.

Where can one enjoy Elephant Safari Tour in Luang Prabang?

The Elephant is widely found on Luang Prabang of different types. Thus, an elephant Safari tour is a must here. It is truly one of the best experiences in the conurbation. There are numbers of places where you can go ahead with this tour. Some of the popular ones are:

  •       Elephant Village Tour
  •       MandaLa Elephant Conservation
  •       White Elephant adventures
  •       Half day elephant safari       

Above are some of the tours which will surely give you a memorable experience. Spend some time with them and take away some unforgettable moments of the lifetime. This is the Mantra in these places.

Which are the best heritage tours available in Luang Parang?

Being a UNESCO Heritage site, heritage tour in Luang Prabang is a must for any visitor. Else they are missing something really nice part of their vacation in the region. Some of the popular places to visit here are:

  •       Former Royal Palace
  •       Vat Xieng Thong
  •       Vat Visoun
  •       Kuang Xi Waterfall
  •       Hmong Village

Again, as the sites are being accredited by UNESCO and keeping in account the popularity of the city, there shall be no point of hesitation to visit the destination. You will explore something different and memorable only amidst such heritage beauties.

Where can I go for a boat trip in Luang Parang?

With so many things to do, the boat trip is another thing which you should look for. This is another exciting experience to have in this wonderful location of Laos. These boat trips surely give a lot to the visitors. Some of the popular boat trips of the town are:

  •       Trip at Mekong and Khan Rivers
  •       Boat tour from Vientiane to Luang Prabang
  •       Banana Boat tours

There are also other customized tours where two popular sites are merged and this all together gives a unique experience. An example of the same is Pak Ou Caves River Trip.

Which are the best waterfalls to visit in Luang Parang?

The waterfall is another attraction which one enjoys to explore. Being in the midst of rock and greenery is something which gives a unique experience to anyone. This wonderful metropolis offers some splendid waterfalls where one loves to be. Some of them are:

  •       Kuang Si Waterfall
  •       Tad Sae Waterfalls

These locations give a wonderful journey altogether and the greenery along with animal creatures adds a lot to your visit. Overall, this is something which if you can't miss to be with. So waste no time and book flights to Luang Parang and explore all the beauties of the destination.

Which are the famous localities for a shopping experience in Luang Parang?

No holiday is complete without shopping and this place has a lot to offer to a shopaholic. Cushion covers; pillow sets, duvet covers, souvenirs and more are some of the items which you can opt to buy from here. Some of the places for the best shopping experience in the city are:

  •       Night Market at Sisavangvong Road
  •       Ma Te Sai at Ban Aphai
  •       Ock Pop Tok at Ban Vat Nong
  •       TAEC Boutique at Ban Wat Sene

Traditional items, handicrafts and more some of the categories of products which people purchase from here for their near and dear ones.

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