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What You Should Know More About Kathgodam

  • What is the best time to visit Kathgodam?

    Kathgodam enjoys pleasant weather all year-round like much of Uttarakhand. Even so, July to November is the ideal time to visit as the weather is cool. Winter can get cold with temperatures dipping to below 5 degrees Celsius. However, the town takes on a fresh, crisp look and the chilly weather is rejuvenating.

  • How to reach Kathgodam?

    Kathgodam is well-connected to tourist destinations in Uttarakhand. It’s about 24 kms from Nainital and can be reached by air, road and trail.

    Air: Kathgodam does not have its own airport. However, Pantnagar Airport is located just 32 kms away. Flights are available from Delhi.

    Road: Bus services are available from major cities of the country to Kathgodam. However, the easiest way to get here by road is to catch a bus from Delhi. It takes approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes via NH9.

    Rail: Kathgodam has its own railway station known as Kathgodam Railway Station. It’s connected to cities like Dehradun, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata and Kanpur.

  • Which are the best places to visit in Kathgodam?

    Kathgodam has a few tourist hotspots but the majority lie at a short distance from the town. If you’re in Kathgodam, these are the places to head to –
    - Jim Corbett National Park
    -Gola River
    -Gola Dam
    -Nainital Lake
    -Bhimtal Lake
    -Jama Masjid Kathgodam
    -Kalichaud Mandir
    -Sheetla Mandir

  • What things can I do in Kathgodam?

    For many visitors, Kathgodam is a stopover before heading to other towns in Nainital and neighboring regions like Pangot, Sattal and Ramgarh. However, it does have its own attractions and before heading to any of these places, take a time to explore this pretty town.

    You can go on a picnic to the dam over the Gola River, which is a popular spot for the same, and visit temples such as the Sheetla Devi and Kali Chaud mandirs as well as the lovely Jama Masjid Kathgodam. The town is best known for its scenic beauty and a walk through the streets is a great way to appreciate it.

  • Which are some best resorts to stay in Kathgodam?

    While luxury resorts are few in Kathgodam, there are several resorts that provide good service and facilities at reasonable prices. They include –
    -KMVN Tourist Bungalow Kathgodam
    -Relax Inn
    -Lemon Park Hotel & SPA
    -Lords Eco Inn
    -Dolmaar Resort
    -Leena Holiday Home

  • Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Kathgodam?

    Kathgodam has numerous eating joints including popular restaurant chains like Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. However, when in town, you can’t miss out on delicious local cuisine that you won’t find elsewhere. There are a few places you can sample it such as Woodpecker Restaurant, Royal Spice Restaurant and Vatika Restaurant.

  • What are the best public transport modes to commute around Kathgodam?

    A taxi is the best way to get around Kathgodam. You can take your time visiting places and don’t have to contend with the crowds. However, buses are cheaper and are a great option when cutting travel costs.

  • Which are the best places for shopping in Kathgodam?

    Kathgodam has a few malls where you can pick up fashion items and brand name products. Walkway Mall located in Haldwani is the main shopping center here. Aside from shops, it features a multiplex and a food court.

    Vishal Mega Mart is another shopping point. Like many of other stores in the chain, it sells a mix of items like clothing, accessories, household items and electronics.

  • Which are the famous treks in Kathgodam?

    Being the gateway to popular trekking destinations, visitors need to travel farther to access these places. Famous treks include the likes of –
    -Nanda Devi East Base Camp
    -Roopkund Trek
    -Brahmatal Trek
    -Panchachuli Base Camp Trek
    -Pindari Glacier Trek
    -Om Parvat Trek
    -Brahmatal Trek

  • Which are the famous camping destinations in Kathgodam?

    Uttarakhand’s natural beauty lends itself to some terrific camping spots, a few of which are located near Kathgodam. They include Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, villages along the banks of the Kali River and Dolmaar Riverside Camp.

Traveller Tales from Kathgodam


Nikhil Murali

04 July 2017

Our first trek was exciting. It was Roopkund. One of the best treks in India. Thanks thrillophilia for suggesting us. Trek was organised in a very professional way and thoroughly enjoyed out trek all ...

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Ashutosh Dubal

09 February 2017

"perfect trek to starters , helps gain confidence really enjoyed lot ,management was perfect nothing to suggest. . . Thanks Thrillophilia\n"

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Gopaal Gandhi

18 January 2014

Roopkund was something that I wanted to visit and see since the time I read about the rumours on it. However, as time went by, the rumours subsided and so was my eager. Recently, when my friends and I ...

  • 1461670355_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_229.jpg
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Piyush Gupta

03 July 2017

Roopkunda, one of the most mysterious and surprising trek-- each and everyday a different surprise waiting for you on next turn.. I have done this trek on may-2017. That trek contains everything from n...

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Parul Parul

24 December 2017

"this is bramhatal in 2016... I loved the place and its an exact tour a college group or an office professionals would prefer as it last for a week"

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Arun Pandey

06 April 2015

I would rate this Panchachuli Trek as one of the best in Uttarakhand. Forget Uttarakhand, this can be the best in India as well. With not so much of difficulty, I completed the trek on an exciting note...


Kaiya Gupta

07 April 2015

You can pick up this trek if you are in the mood of mediocre level of difficulties during the trek. Plenty of good things on the way will keep you filled with excitement. Do not miss the sunrise views ...


Manish Ostwal

15 April 2015

One thing that I just can’t forget about Nanda Devi Trek is that entire time we were so lost in the beauty that we kept on standing at places and the entire team used to wait for few of us. they did a ...


Baljinder Kaul

16 April 2015

‘Bliss giving goddess’ indeed! What a heavenly mountain! And we run off to the alps for triple the price you pay here. The trek is challenging and adventurous , but a lot of fun if you are with the rig...