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What You Should Know More About Kathgodam

  • Drinking laws

    The minimum age for consuming liquor in Uttarakhand is 21 years. Don’t risk yourself by buying or consuming alcohol if you are an underage as you can get in to legal issues. If you are 21 and above; drink responsibly. 2nd October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti and is a dry day all over India. Avoid drinking on that day.   

  • Our recommendations- things you can’t afford to miss?

    Gaula River

    This is a beautiful river in Kathgodam originating from Sattar Lake. The surroundings are covered with lush greens and the entire location is picturesque. But due to deforestation, the place is threatened by soil erosion and landslides. You can definitely visit the river and appreciate natural beauty.

    Gaula Dam

    This is a dam constructed on the Gaula River. It provides water for irrigation to the local villages and hence, holds a prime position in Kathgodam.

    Nainital Zoo

    Known as Nainital zoo in short, the original name of this zoo is Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo and is the only zoo in Uttarakhand. The zoo was established in the year 1984 but wasn’t open for visitors. It was finally opened for the tourists in 1995. The zoo is the home to a lot of birds and animals which you can’t afford to miss at all.

    Kalichaund Temple

    This is a beautiful temple and an important pilgrimage centre for the people of Kathgodam. During the festivals, the location is beautifully decorated with lights.

    Sheetla Devi Temple

    This is another beautiful temple in Kathgodam to see an excellent work of architecture. Devotees visit the temple from surrounding places.

    Haidakhan Ashram

    This big and beautiful ashram was established by Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba. You will get to see the works of Baba there and the entire location is calm and serene. You must visit the ashram if you love lush greenery and a place with religious touch.

    The three lakes

    You will be mesmerized by seeing the three beautiful lakes in Kathgodam, namely Naukuchiatal, Sattal and Bhimtal. They are at an elevation of about 3000 to 4500 ft. You can spend a good time on the banks. If you wish to stay near these lakes, you will get many hotels there.

  • What you will like there?

    Natural beauty

    The entire town of Kathgodam is enchanted and beautified by nature. Kathgodam is the gateway to the divine Kumaon Region which is known for its hills, forests and other miracles of nature. You must visit Kathgodam before travelling to Kumaon.


    The locals of Kathgodam and entire Uttarakhand and very simple and down to earth. They live a laid back lifestyle with not much rush. Kathgodam is a great place for relaxing in the lap of nature and amidst good people.


    The Uttarakhand cuisine is not much known but it’s delicious. You won’t find food from Uttarakhand in the restaurants all over the country and hence you should try the local cuisine when you are visiting the place. Most of the delicacies are prepared with milk and milk products. Some famous dishes of Uttarakhand are Thechwani, Jholi, Chainsoo, Kafui, etc. The natives of Uttarakhand are mainly vegetarians but you will also get non-veg there.


    The places in Kathgodam are calm and serene with not much crowds and traffics. You will get a peaceful atmosphere all over and round the year. If you are from a big city with too much rush, Kathgodam will surely soothe you.


    Kathgodam and its neighbouring places like Rishikesh, Nainital, Almora, etc., is a hub of adventure. From water-sports like river rafting, kayaking to the mountain sports like rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, mountain biking- you will get to experience so much adventure in these heavenly destinations.

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Traveller Tales from Kathgodam


Nikhil Murali

04 July 2017

Our first trek was exciting. It was Roopkund. One of the best treks in India. Thanks thrillophilia for suggesting us. Trek was organised in a very professional way and thoroughly enjoyed out trek all 6 days. Now this is becoming addictive. Planning for rupin pass soon with Thrillophilia again.

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Himadri Bhat

15 March 2016

The trekking experience was great. I had a really really fun filled trek. The beautiful surrounding, the bird’s eye view of the place, and everything else added more beauty to the travel experience. the roopkund was mostly frozen, and when we went close you could actually see the skeltons on the bed of the lake. oThis trip is something that I can never ever forget the final climb to roopkund was very difficult and tedious but it was worth it. I totally loved this trek. I wish I could take more such treks in the future.

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Ashutosh Dubal

09 February 2017

"perfect trek to starters , helps gain confidence really enjoyed lot ,management was perfect nothing to suggest. . . Thanks Thrillophilia\n"

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Harita Achari

28 November 2015

Wow! So finally a big thing off my travel bucket list. A trek to Mystery Lake of Uttarakhand. Also known as the Roopkund Lake, this place is a must-trek spot for any avid traveller and trekker. Well, to start with this trek is not for everyone. To complete this trek you must battle many adversities. I was successfully able to do it, and hence I finished this trek. If you sense pride when I say this, yes I am proud. I worked out for 3 years to achieve this and I trekked other less risky and less intense mountains ever fortnight to improve my willpower and stamina. This trek is a must for serious trekkers.

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Gopaal Gandhi

18 January 2014

Roopkund was something that I wanted to visit and see since the time I read about the rumours on it. However, as time went by, the rumours subsided and so was my eager. Recently, when my friends and I were thinking of out of the box places to visit, one girl suggested this, and we ended up visiting here. It is a nice vacation spot to take with your gang.

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Piyush Gupta

03 July 2017

Roopkunda, one of the most mysterious and surprising trek-- each and everyday a different surprise waiting for you on next turn.. I have done this trek on may-2017. That trek contains everything from nature - forest, meadows, snow , rain and hailstorm too.. :-) Trek begins from the day you land on Kathgodam.. its a 10 hrs long and beautiful journey passing via beautiful hill stations of Uttrakhand.. once you cover that part you reach WAN\Lohanjung, a small peaceful village where you will forget all your tiredness of 10 hrs long journey. You will meet your guide here and from next day the real adventure begins.. Day 1: WAN - Ran bugad - Didina -> 4-5 hrs trekking - easy trek with gradual uphill and downhill through dense mountain forest.. campsite at Didina is amazing.. we reach there by mid 2 PM and then enjoyed rest of the day here.. Day 2: Didina - Ali bugyal - Bedini Begyal -> 4-6 hrs -> moderate day, very steep ascent in some part, most of the part is via dense forest, you need lots of stamina and water in first half , in later part you will trek on asia's largest green meadow with amazing view of snow capped mountains.. when we reach Bedini it starts raining very hard for 2-3 hrs.. it was thrilling as temperature is freezing during rain.. 10C.. Day 3: Bedini - patharnachuni --> easiest day.. trekking on almost a flat track and downhill.. I enjoyed a lot on that day, singing , photography , everything we did during this part.... no difficulties at all apart from height gain. so you need to be relax.. it took 4 hrs to complete.. Day 4: Patharnachuni - Kalu vinayak -Bhaguwabasa --> One of the tough day..trekking on Mud and snow at a very low temperature.. here we got really tested with our stamina and fear of height.. till Kalu vinayak its a difficult part as it was on mud and snow mixed slippery narrow and rough trek( steep climb).. On kalu vinayak we felt relax and enjoyed Ganesha's arti.. after kalu vinayak , till campsite trekking was on fresh snow, comparatively easy (descent only) but trek was narrow so you need to be very careful while stepping.. When we reach baguwabasa it starts raining or I can say hailstorm which lasts for 3 hours.. out campsite got completely covered in snow.. I haven't seen that much snow in my life.. once hailstorm stops, we came out from tents and started playing on snow.. you will fall in love with this campsite.. however you will feel headache here.. fortunately we didn't face this for a long time.. Only precaution drink as much water as you can and cover your self with woolen. temp is 0C and below here.. Day 5: Bhaguwabasa - Roopkunda- Bhaguwabasa - Patharnachuni - Bedini Summit day, for which we were awaiting for a long time.. a very long day almost 10 hrs of trekking..started very early at 4 AM..on that day our guide provided us crampon to wear on shoes as it was slippery and soft snow on trek.. crampon helped us a lot , without that it was almost impossible to trek.. from bhaguwabasa to ropkunda it took 3 hrs.. most difficult part of trek as it was on narrowest edge of mountain covered with snow.. very sharm turn where you have to be very very careful.. without guide it is pretty difficult.. on some turns i thought to moving back but our guide motivate us and finally we were able to complete.. I was speechless when I saw roopkunda.. lost in its beauty and peace for 10 mins and was senseless.. i wasn't that much excited and emotional when india won world cup.. finally all the efforts were paid a beautiful result.. we enjoyed there for 30 mins and then started back to reach Bedini .. we covered maximum distance and reach Bedini in late afternoon.. at Bedini we were welcome with a massive hailstorm which turn the entire green meadow in white starts raining from patharnachuni.. raincoat is must here.. Day 6:: Final day:: Bedini -Neel ganga - Wan ->steep descent via forest and then 2 km gradual ascent - easy day.. lots of walking, enjoyed a lot during forest pass , you can hear birds singing.. once you finish downhill part you will reach Neel ganga river.. we had a break and rest in neel ganga river water.. freezing cold but relaxing.. after that gradual climb for 2 km and then 1 km downhill to reach WAN.. Best part of entire trek:: Quick weather changes and maggie at every point.. Must carry :: raincoat, woolen and drink lots of water About me:: I am 31 year old guy with normal physique, not a regular gym guy with normal stamina.. but I must say that you should practice lots of walking and running before hitting this trek... it was my first trek and I enjoyed this a lot..

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Arun Pandey

06 April 2015

I would rate this Panchachuli Trek as one of the best in Uttarakhand. Forget Uttarakhand, this can be the best in India as well. With not so much of difficulty, I completed the trek on an exciting note. It was a bit chilling though, but you can expect this kind of temperature in the Himalayas. Hats off the dedicated team of Thrillophilia for not letting out entire group down when we were too exhausted or down during the trek. Would love to join another trek with Thrillophilia team.


Kaiya Gupta

07 April 2015

You can pick up this trek if you are in the mood of mediocre level of difficulties during the trek. Plenty of good things on the way will keep you filled with excitement. Do not miss the sunrise views in any of the day. They will simply add more fun and excitement to your Om Parvat Trek. Also, make sure that you pack your backpack well and avoid carrying too much load. All the best folks!


Manish Ostwal

15 April 2015

One thing that I just can’t forget about Nanda Devi Trek is that entire time we were so lost in the beauty that we kept on standing at places and the entire team used to wait for few of us. they did a fabulous job for the enteire group. also when you get to cam with the view of nanda devi peak you will just die to the core and just be amazed. amazing vibes.

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