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The Vietnamese wonder of Hoi An is a multi-faceted tourism hub. From adventure trails to the best biking tour in Hoi An, it offers the best of Everything. The land of lagoons and green valleys is the best place to be this fall. Go swimming in the famous Elephant Waterfall, or go to the Danang Beach. Take your bikes up to the Hai Van Pass, for the most breathtaking biking expedition ever. The ancient Marble Mountain has centuries of history carved on its walls, and the Linh Ung Pagoda, too, is a place of spiritual wonder.The beautiful Prao Tribe village is the perfect getaway from everything stressful. Go biking along the Ho Chi Minh trail, or through the village landscape. You can even bike your way to the local sanctuaries and a rustic pottery village. The Prao Tribe village is also a remarkable way to spend your time in Vietnam. 

 The rural trail is a special favourite with bikers, and you can even swim along the coastline of the Hue City. The village also has some famous ancient tombs, and museums, and not to mention a stunning landscape making it an attractive inclusion in Vietnam travel packages. You must go on the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam. It starts from Hoi An, and takes you through the villages of To Oi and Co Tu, and the Truong Son mountain range, which is every trekker’s dream. You can even take the bike trail through the Khe Sanh. The historic place has an incredible coastline, and one of the best tourist trails in Asia. You can trek, bike, hike, stroll or swim. Or opt for the sightseeing-cum-biking tour through the Vinh Moc Tunnels. An adventurous expedition through the caves near Vinc Moc, and the the best biking tour in Hoi An of 4 days and 3 nights can cost you something between Rs 27,965.

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