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Haridwar is an ancient holy town and the getaway to most pilgrimage journeys in the Uttarakhand region. It serves as a starting block to temples and shrines like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Joshimath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, and Uttarkashi. With the best adventure tours in Haridwar, one has to go trekking for Kilometers to reach these temples. The mighty rapid and revered Ganges first hits Haridwar and then flows to the plains. The holy city is situated in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand and is near to Rishikesh which is the adventure capital of India and offers the best adventure special tours like white water rafting and bungee jumping. Haridwar is redefining its notion of being just a spiritual oasis. The Har ki Paudi in Haridwar is a sacred place where visitors often take the holy dip into the fast flowing river Ganges and is the first recipient of the river that originates from the Gangotri Glacier. It is nestled amid the lower Himalayas, the Shivalik ranges and is blessed with the magical river Ganges and the quiet mountainous landscape.


Haridwar comes alive during the Ganga Aarti in the sunset hours, the entire ghat sees a flock of worshippers from around the world, gathered at Har Ki Paudi to witness the grand arti procession. The whole town resonates with the sound of the chants and bells and the banks are lit up with floating clay pot candles. It features beautiful and tranquil temples like Shanti Kunj and Gayatri Parivar, vivid festival celebrations, idyllic landscapes, the famous Kumbh Mela which is hosted every 12 years. It is a very popular and celebrated getaway among the religious Indians and even the adventure seekers. Click some awesome pictures of the sunrise and the river and decorate your Instagram gallery with all the best adventure tours in Haridwar.

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Wildlife Safari in Haridwar Flat 21% off



Location: Rajaji National ParkActivity timing: 3 hoursStart Point | End Point: Jeep Safari Starting Point, Rajaji National Park  Rajaji National Park is distinct for its pristine scenic beauty and rich biodiversity, spread over an area of 820.42 sq km. A paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, the wildlife of the park is enriched with elephants, tigers, leopards, deers and ghorals. Bird-watching enthusiasts can also treat themselves to the sights. Jeep Safari in Rajaji National Park can be experienced in the morning & the afternoon which is permitted on the designated tourist's path that is decided by the forest officials. All the booking processes are fair and are solely decided by the forest officials 1 night before the booking date. However, all the safari zones have a healthy and varied population of wildlife species. The park is styled in such a way that it will really feel like journeying across the homes of magnificent creatures. The jeep safari can accommodate 5 adults in a jeep with 34 km long tracks in 3 Hours. There are many cafes and restaurants available in the park outside the zones. How to reach?Nearest airport is Jollygrant which is 21 km away from Rajaji National Park and is situated in Dehradun. Taxi services are available from the airport to the national park. The park is well connected to many cities in the region by buses. Private and public buses offer services from Rajaji National Park to Haridwar (43 km), Rishikesh (14 km), Dehradun (21 km) and also to Delhi (223 km).Best time to visit:Summer (April & June): During this time, the climate remains dry and windy, one can find animals around the water bodies.Winter (October to February): Chances of spotting rhinos are more in winter as the grass burns off and the background becomes clearer.Available Booking Option:Morning Slot- 06:00AM - 09:00AMEvening Slot- 03:00PM - 06:00PM

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47 Ratings

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06 September 2018
All the arrangements, food, logistics, and support was superb. Both our trek guides especially Mr. Narendra supported and took very good care, continuously motivating and helping throughout the journey. This trek requires good fitness and endurance, it would have been good if we were given a heads up about the steep trails and low oxygen. Other than that I loved and enjoyed the experience. Happy with Thrillophillia team. Devashish was also very patient and helpful.
"My experience with the trek is just above the sky... I enjoyed a lot... Especially it's an beginners trek. We need to have basic fitness level to go for the trek. What's most best thing about the trek is our guides Mr. Surrender Rana, Mr.Ramesh who call themselves as Pahad ka Bacha and the team who filled us with delicious food and lots of care. They are so helpful through out the trek. Now coming to the trek everyday you will get to see different landscapes. The mightiness of the Majestic Himalayas is something which filled my heart with unbelievable experience. For people who would love to experience the nature with a decent amount of trek this is perfect. This trek could be a ignition start for the next treks we would like to go. Do go with the complete trek essentials what will be mentioned the list. For a good trekker the most important things are perfect shoes and proper clothing, this will make the trek easy. Experience the Majestic Himalayas, The secrets, wilderness, calm and blissfulness mountains give you!!.."
20 September 2018
Thrillophilia Team(The Booking Platform) : *****(5 Stars) The Valley Of Flowers(The Destination) : *****(5 Stars) Trip date: 8th Sep 2018 So I decided to heed "The Mountain Calling" I have had from last year by gifting myself a trek on my birthday. The main obstacle at that moment was where and how do I start zeroing in on a location and planning. With little effort as a word of mouth I came to know about Thrillophilia platform and half of the job was done in no time. It was very easy and convenient to browse through the trekking locations sorted based on different parameters, packages with detailed information, itinerary and user reviews to make up my mind and choose from. Whatever doubts I had Devashish from the Thrillophilia team was very patient and thorough in helping me through my booking. So Thank you Thrillophilia team for providing people seeking adventure a one-stop solution to book. Happy and proud to say: The Valley of Flowers - Been There Done That! Next, my experience was riding on the logistics and the operator took me by surprise as they swiftly eased me through my apprehensions(i had many being my first solo trip in many many years) right from the time they were assigned as the tour operator for my trek. I found them prompt and precise in sending welcome mail and briefing about the trek and the decorum we needed to maintain in mountains, quick and responsive in every query I had regarding the trek and preparation. I liked their approach of keeping shorter groups and making one to one connection with the whole group to be able to cater to everybody's need to the max of their capacity. A personalised call from trek leader is what I don't expect in this digital age having all the information in the mail or some form but since it was about ensuring that we followed every instruction and didn't miss on anything it felt like a special treatment. We were accompanied by Mr. Narendra Baharwan(Trek Leader) and Samiksha Khanduri (Trek Guide) from the team. I found them very professional yet friendly. After a point, it looked like it wasn't their job but their passion and that's what helped to take their services to next level. I was impressed with their regional associations and tie-ups which helped us to get an essence of the Pahadi culture throughout our trip. I found Mr. Narender as cool, calm and composed leader exactly the kind of person who can get us through challenging and panic situations in mountains. And I could almost call our guide Samiksha "The Trekkipedia" and at times I thought she knew too much (maybe I was jealous ;D). The hotel stays were comfy exactly what you need to rest and recharge yourself for another day challenge. Being a fitness freak I'm very particular about food that I eat. And I was surprised with the food we were served and especially the quality. It was very close to what I eat at home. Also, I would like to use the opportunity to thank the team for a kind and surprise gesture on my birthday improvising on the cake and a flaunting gift. One of the highlights of the trip was responsible and eco-tourism. It felt good to do our bit in maintaining the ecology of mountains. It was equally inspiring to see our host's and Pahadi people's conscious effort to preserve and conserve the nature. And not to forget mentioning meeting some very like-minded and dynamic people in the group was a life fulfilling experience and icing on the cake. And by the end of the tour, everybody appeared almost like long lost friends and it became a party for us. Trek Leader: Mr Narendra Baharwan Trek Guide: Samiksha Khanduri Pilot for the Rides: Mr. Mukesh Auli Lodge Manager: Mr. Bhuvan Ghangaria Home(accommodation) and Food minister: Mr. Shamsher Thank you operator team for your exceptional services!! :) The Valley of Flowers Trek: Being a nature lover I always feel attracted towards nature's wonders. And while browsing on Thrillophilia it didn't take me too long to select the destination as it mentions a blanket of flowers covering a valley in a few km stretches. What a sight would that be was my question to which I had to find an answer. Although there's a peak season catch to be able to see full blossom. Since I visited the valley almost end of the season I saw fewer flowers but I wouldn't say I was disappointed as the mountains standing tall and the waterfalls were mesmerising enough and we could enjoy them totally to ourself as the valley was less crowded at this time. So that's a tradeoff which a person has to decide from but it worked well for me. Sitting beside a waterfall in the lap of nature and drinking mineral right from the source was like unfolding nature's secret. So I do list the location as must visit for whoever seeking nature's blessing and adventure and it's both challenging and soul soothing.
13 February 2020
This was my 1st solo trek which I was planning for years to gift myself when I get a job. The wait ended and also I realised that I had my Birthday coming on FEB which was a great time for me to spend my birthday in mountains. So I booked my trek and eagerly waited for the day to come. But, a few days before the trek was about to begin, I was a little worried about how will be the hospitality over there and will I be able to manage all alone. But, believe me this was the best decision of my entire life. The time I spent, the hospitality I received, the people I met there, and the happiness it all generated cannot be expressed in words. It was the best B-Day I have ever had in my life. This trek is highly recommended. Here are some pictures of me and the place for you to see. Cheers.
"I made sured that my first solo should be to the land of gods.\n\nOnce I reach Sankri village, where we had a night stay to acclamatize to the altitude.I felt the blankets where more colder than outside even we could see the Swargarohini peaks from the windows.\n\nIt was a 9km trek one side, thought easier but nowhere it was a flat terrain.\nThe whole trek was atleast 45% steep climb.\n\nBy 7am early morning we bought all our equipments for the journey on rent and started our trek with immeasurable level of hope to reach the summit.I was very happy that a mallu family was also there with me to do this, along with their 11 year old child.We found tea points even in the forest area to refresh us only to know it wasnt just us.There I met a 61 year old man with so much aispiration to reach the summit.\nPoint where I understood ,coming from south india just for the trek is nothing compared to the diligence they had.\n\nI felt so previlaged to be with such of crew with same level of desire to be at the top of a peak.\nA worthful emotion.\n\nAfter trekking for hours we reached Juda ka talab for our first stay in tents.It was my first experience to stay calm inside the sleeping bags.There we started sharing our own stories and became more closer friends but eventually slept.\n\nNext morning , we understood everybody heard what we were discussing whole night!!!\nFelt like I shouldnt have shared my love failure????.\n\nBut knowing each other was part of the journey and we started the trek to base camp with our trek leader keep saying Chalo Chalo guys....Hearing it evertime helped to push ourself further.\n\nReaching basecamp can be done by anyone with a diligent mindset but once seeing the mighty peak that you are going to climb next day it was scarier and you doubt yourself yet we were unwilling to giveup.\n\nUntil it was dark, we were sitting here and there just to gaze at the polychromatic mountains next to us.You start seeing mountains in all colours once the sun set about to happen.Words can never express the joy you get out of it.Letting our body and mind to calm down is so difficult but the nature can help us handle it better.\n\nWe started our trek to summit which is 4km one side at 3 am morining.I should say that part was a living in dream.We felt like we are moving through the Dark forest in Harrypotter series with blue shade showing everywhere and seeing animals footprints in the snow.It was so much to see and feel.\n"
03 November 2020
The arrangement and beautiful places is something one need ro relax. Good job thrillophilia
We recently booked the Gaumukh to Tapovan trek with Thrillophilia and I must say, it was one of the best decisions that we made. All the arrangements were flawlessly made and the trek guide was super friendly. We had ultimate fun with this adventure trip. Kudos to the team for their excellent involvement in ensuring all the arrangements are done with precision.
Going for this off-beat experience is way too good as there was a small group size and we had the full attention of the guides with us.
There are various activities that you can do there. It is the best place where you can do all the activities altogether. I really loved bungee jumping and it was a wonderful experience. I am really thankful for the Thrillophilia team for providing the best experience.
This place is so amazing that we just want to spend some more time but unfortunately we have further plans so we cant, but we loved all the things, the food, the cottages, the staff behavior was top priority, all good.

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