Camping in Chail

Bask in the luxury of nature for your next vacation in Chail by thrilling camping experience with your loved ones. Camping in Chail has become one of the most popular activities for the tourists visiting this beautiful hill station for the summer retreats. Surrounded by verdant green forests and majestic valleys, Chail offers one of the most idyllic spots for camping in North India. The wonderful hill station boasts of picturesque landscapes and casts a spell on everyone who is wishing to escape from the worries of life. Chail is perched beautifully in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 2250 metres. Blessed with a fantastic weather and alluring beauty of nature, Chail has become one of the most exciting places to spend a night while camping. Camping in Chail is a great way to escape the pollution of cities and appreciate some time in nature. Amidst the mesmerising Himalayan landscape, Chail offers a respite from the usual activities and engage in some offbeat adventures. The campsites in Chail offer the tourists everything from luxury tents to all the modern amenities. These camps are surrounded by the most breathtaking landscape and the surreal ambience is just the perfect remedy if you seek relaxation. They also offer you private verandas to soak in the views while you sip your morning tea.

The cottages that you will avail with camping tour packages in Chail are nothing short of luxury suites. Along with offering the gorgeous views of the valleys, these cottages are filled with all the contemporary conveniences. Some popular amenities which you can enjoy in the midst of wilderness at Chail are 24-hour hot water, wooden ceiling, deluxe rooms etc.
Camping in Chail is a great treat for the thrill seekers. If you are wishing to check off camping from your bucket list, Chail offers a bucket of surprises for you. Tourists here can also indulge in a number of adventure activities in Chail to satiate their thirst for adventure. Some exciting activities which can be enjoyed along with camping in Chail are trekking, zip lining, rock climbing, rappelling, nature walk etc. Chail offers a serene retreat away from the concrete jungles to help you sync your energies with nature. The beautiful place is the ultimate retreat to relax and unwind in the meditative charm of nature. Many people do yoga, indulge in meditation and seek solace in the natural surroundings. It is also a great way to channel your energies and indulge in the sights of nature.

Camping can be best enjoyed with friends and family in Chail. The tourists here can choose from myriad options from budget hotels to luxury tents. These places cater to people of all incomes and ages and offer you a memorable experience to remember for a lifetime. They offer amenities like doctor on call, drive in the facility, laundry facility, car parking etc. Some of the famous camps in Chail are Cedar Heights Resort, Tarika’s Jungle Retreat, Chail Palace, Jungle Living Camps etc. who charm you with their services and facilities. Most of the camps are located along the Shimla-Kufri Road and easily accessible by the tourists from Shimla. Tourists here can also indulge in seeing various nearby places when they plan a trip for camping like Kufri, Shimla and Kali ka Tiba. The cost of camping tour packages in Chail is about INR 3000 per person for two days and one night trip. The most prominent attractions of these camps in Chail are bonfire facilities. This activity is a great way to enjoy some time in the night with your loved ones and appreciate the serene ambience. Bonfires are a great way to indulge in some games and let your heart out with dancing and singing. The musical evenings are often equipped with traditional folk dances that is just a delight to watch when you are camping in Chail.

Chail has been gaining reasonable fame over the past few years for its camping adventures. The activity that they offer is an unparalleled experience for the tourists. Lately, a great deal of tourists have been flocking to Chail to get a glimpse of this natural haven. Moreover, the excellent services offered by the tour operators have also made Chail one of the most sough-after destinations for camping among the adventure junkies. Camping in Chail is best enjoyed from the months of March to November. With the most salubrious climate, Chail has become a wonderful for camping experience and deserves all your attentions for a relaxing getaway. If you prefer solitude, Chail is an idyllic destination to book your tickets to when the summer blues hit your city. Camping in Chail has been hailed as an exceptional way to promote eco-tourism. Living in the lap of nature and enjoying a vacation away from the traffic and noise comes as a serene respite both for you and nature. The campsites in Chail are trying their best to keep the natural environment away from all the dangers of human habitation and maximise their beauty. These eco camps also constitute a source of livelihood for the locals and try to practise sustainable tourism.

Camping tour packages offer a wonderful way to experience a vacation whether you are going with your family or travelling solo as a backpacker. They cater to all your needs and also offer customised packages to the tourists. One can look forward to revive their senses here by various recreational activities like cricket, volleyball, badminton etc. Chail is a hidden paradise in the Himalayas that awaits your presence with its astounding landscapes and tranquilizing setting. It exudes opulence of nature at its zenith and brings out the mountain lover in all of us. If you are also seeking a serene jungle retreat, Chail turns out to be one of the best places. Escape into the great outdoors and gear up for an astonishing retreat in the company of beautiful wilderness underneath the galaxy of stars at Chail.

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Chail Camping FAQs

Which are the best places for Camping in Chail?

The quaint city of Chail is famous all over the world for its excellent camping facilities. Some of the top places for camping in Chail include:

1. Jungle Camp Site
Located at an approximate distance of around 9.86 kilometers from the city centre, Jungle Camp Site features a camp as well as cottages. The camps offered by this place offer stay in Swiss tents with well-appointed luxury.

The tents provide the guests all the basic facilities including an attached toilet and 24*7 cold and hot water. Surrounded by lush greenery, the tents also let their guests wake up to the unique valley view each morning. This camp even offers its guests exciting recreational activities like bonfire nights, nature walks, and trekking.

2. StayApart - Braveheart Adventure Camp
Offering well-maintained and spacious Swiss Tents, this camp in Chail is known for its incredible scenic view. Surrounded by the picturesque Shivalik mountains, the camp allows its guests to get enchanted by the gurgling sound of the Ashwani stream and the chirpings of colorful birds.

The camp even offers its guests the chance to indulge in Umpteen varieties of thrilling activities, such as rock climbing, bonfire, sloth walk, ring walk, and rope bridge.

3. Jungle Stays
Perched amidst green Deodar and Pine trees, this camp retreat is known to offer its guests mesmerizing valley and countryside views. During their stay in this camp, the guests can enjoy jungle walks and hike the village treks.

They can also witness unique fauna and flora and hear the chirpings of small birds and call of barking deer. The guests can also satisfy their adrenaline rush by engaging in adventure activities like Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, and Rappelling.

4. Clouds Camping
Lying in the cozy and quaint Koti village, this breathtaking campsite is popular for its green valley views with the Himalayas adorning the backdrop. This beautiful camp features comfortable pop tents and swiss tents along with a multi-cuisine restaurant.

In the course of camping at this place, the guests can enjoy fun activities like bonfire, mountain biking, and other indoor games.

What are Lowest & Highest Price Camps in Chail?

The lowest price camps in Chail start from around INR 800 per head onwards while the highest price camps can go up to INR 5100 per head.

Is solo camping safe?

Yes, solo camping in Chail is absolutely safe. Since Chail is famous all over the world for its camping opportunities, a plethora of people visit this place throughout the year. So, if you face any inconvenience, be sure you will have nice fellow travelers to help you out.

What are the essentials items to carry for camping in Chail?

You need the basic camping gears for staying in a camp in Chail. Some of the most necessary items to pack for camping here include:

- A tent
- A sleeping bag
- Headlamp
- Camping pillow
- Packaged water
- Pocket knife
- Thermals
- Personal medical kit
- Dry snacks
- Rainwear

When is the best time to visit Chail for camping?

The most ideal time for visiting Chail for camping is from April to June. During this time of the year, the weather of the place is tolerably sunny and pleasant with the least possibility of rainfall.

What is the average cost of a camping tour in Chail?

The average cost of camping in Chail starts from around INR 3,000 per head. However, the cost may vary on the basis of the camping site you choose and the activities you participate in during your stay.

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