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Listings in Bucharest

What You Should Know More About Bucharest

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the touts at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Make sure you have acquired sufficient knowledge about the place you are traveling to.

    ·         Learn the necessary words and their pronunciations whenever you are traveling to any new location.

    ·         Do not get involved in any types of brawls or fights with the locals.

    ·         Be warm and gentle towards the locals.

    ·         Always carry with you at least one proof of your identity.

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

    ·         Always make sure you sit in prepaid taxis or cabs. If you are unable to find prepaid taxis, it is a good idea to negotiate the fare before traveling.

    ·         Do not override the local cultures and traditions.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    ·         Do not drink more than you can handle.

    ·          In case a particular area forbids you from clicking a picture adhere to it.

    ·         Do not film or shoot without taking necessary permissions.

    ·         If you are eating street food, it is good to check the quality before eating.

    ·         Drink only bottled mineral water.

    ·         Check for the seal before buying a bottle.

    ·         Do not buy a bottle from a brad that isn’t known to you.

    ·         Book a hotel in a renowned location only.  

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Bucharest is 18 years. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Romanian Palace of Parliament

    Out of all the famous tourist places in Bucharest, the Romanian Parliament building is a vibrant landmark that cannot be missed. It stands tall in the heart of Bucharest managed in a special complex. You will be amazed on your visit to this gargantuan palace, which was one of the marvelous creations of Nicolae Ceausescu’s modern dream for the capital city. The construction of the building started in 1984 but Nicolae unfortunately never its completion.  The People’s Palace is ranked as the largest building in Europe. This supremely attractive structure is 270 by 240 meters with a height of 86 meters. Tourists boggle after knowing that the building has a total of 1,100 rooms, which at present serves as the seat of the National Parliament of Romania. Moreover, the National Museum of Contemporary Art is also housed in this huge building. To make space for the Romanian Parliament a major section of the ancient city of Bucharest had to be destroyed. Several baroque palaces, monasteries and medieval churches had to be sacrificed. You should take out sufficient time in order to examine the different corners of this lavish structure.

    Historical Center

    There were several portions of old Bucharest which were not part of the demolition plan. One such region is situated close to Piata Universitate. This area of the town has been dedicated to several artistic and grand structures. You will get to tour Stavropoleos Monastery along with the charming Hanul Sfantul church which is regarded as a precious possession by the locals. Some other famous places to see in the Historical Center include the Romanian National History Museum which is located close to the Russian church. Most tourists prefer visiting the Old Town due to its classic night-life and dining outlets. You can stroll around this region for finding the trendiest restaurants and bars mainly lined up across Lipscani and Gabroveni streets.

    Revolution Square

    Revolution Square has a history that is connected to the existence of Romania. It is tagged as an important symbolic destination in Bucharest which is popular among tourists for its striking architecture. This complex was previously known as the “Palace Square”, but was renamed to regard the Romanian Revolution which took place in 1989. Tourists can visit the former Royal Palace, the Athénée Palace Hotel and the Athenaeum. You will also get to see the Memorial of the Rebirth as well as the Library of the University of Bucharest which rests in this region.

    Romanian National Art Museum

    You must plan a good stay in Bucharest, as the city has so much to see and absorb. The Revolution Square houses the Royal Palace, which is now transformed into the Romanian National Museum. This museum will surely stun your senses as it preserves an alluring collection of Romanian art belonging to the medieval times. Apart from this, there is also a lovely international collection of precious items that once belonged to the royal family. You can hire a guide for learning in-depth about the different exhibits present in the museum.

    Herastrau Park

    Herastrau Park is a charming natural space located in the north of Bucharest. You will be surprised to know that this area also has a lake which makes the scenery truly magical. There is also a quaint Village Museum located in the vicinity that can be visited if you have sufficient time to spare. For the comfort of the tourists, bike renting service is active at the park’s entrance. Moreover, you can even access little boats so as to explore the lake in a peaceful environment. Around the park you will get to see some other significant landmarks such as the House of the Free Press, the Arcade Triomphe and the Romanian TV Headquarters. This place is indeed a perfect sightseeing spot for travelers who wish to gain precise information about Bucharest.

    Bucharest Jewish Museum

    The Bucharest Jewish Museum was the prime dwelling for around 100,000 Jews in 1937. At present, the count of Jews in the whole of Romania is less than 10,000. You can easily visit this museum, that is managed in a synagogue established somewhere near 1850. It highlights the lives of Romanian Jews along with their struggles before World War II. There is a unique exhibition which is managed separately for the Holocaust, which is ruled by a sculpture that honors the 350,000 Romanian Jews who were sent to concentration camps during 1942 and 1945. This landmark is one of the well-known tourist places in the whole of Bucharest. 

  • Q. What you will like there?


    Romanian food is not that much popular on an international level. But once you savor it, the flavors would get stuck to your taste buds.  You can access food tours in the city of Bucharest for exploring the best traditional dishes which are prepared using classic techniques. The use of organic ingredients is surely one of the prime aspects for these wonderful recipes. Sarmale is the unofficial national dish which comprises of cabbage rolls filled with spiced minced pork and beef. There are numerous versions to this dish which can be tasted at the various restaurants in the city. The main course dishes are often served with m?m?lig?, that is, cornmeal porridge (think polenta) dressed with grated sheep's cheese. You simply cannot miss visiting Caru' cu Bere which offers excellent cabbage rolls. This traditional beerhouse is perfect for accessing numerous homemade delicacies. There is another famous eating outlet called as Lacrimi si Sfinti, where you can check out traditional mains such as pork and veal. These food items are transformed in a modern way with the inclusion of citrus and coriander. Street food in Bucharest is quite popular among tourists.  You can taste covrigi that is available in numerous streets at a nominal price.

    Artistic Sections

    Over the past few years, Romania has blossomed in the field of 21st-century contemporary art. Due to the efforts by a group of young visual artists and painters from the northern city of Cluj-Napoca, artistic scenes have initiated in the country. You will get to examine exciting new galleries as well as design centers which have shifted to the capital city. Visitors would be amazed to know that, Romanian contemporary art shares active elements of dark humor, bits of surrealism and somber mood that is portrayed in an exclusive manner. You can pay a visit to some of the attractive new galleries such as the Zorzini GalleryAnaid and the H'art Gallery. The Galateca gallery specializes in sharp & graceful designs and also serves as the venue for numerous art events. Tourists cannot resist the majestic architecture that surrounds the city. For art lovers, Bucharest is the most amazing place for spending their holidays

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