Rupa Tal Overview
If you want to witness the only freshwater lake in Nepal, you have come to the right place, Rupa Tal. It is one of the glorious serene lake which will make you feel truly blessed.

: It lies towards the south-east of Pokhara valley. The freshwater lake in Nepal is Rupa Tal which is also the third largest lake in Pokhara valley.

: It provides boating opportunity for all the tourists which makes Rupa Tal an important tourist destination for many.

: Entry is free.

Difficulty Level
: Medium

In the 7 lakes in Lekhnath, this one is a place to visit in Pokhara that has the second biggest lake named Rupa Taal. The name of the lake is derived from the name of a nearby village called Rupakoy. The lake is surrounded by a Nepalese community that is very friendly.

It is nice and cool, and takes you away momentarily from the city life. You can stop at the tea shops to enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying the blue waters.

Location: South-east of Pokhara valley, Pokhara 33700 Nepal.

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