Things to Do in Pokhara

The best things to do in Pokhara are centred around multiple leisure and adventure activities. Lying in the lap of the Annapurna range, this city is an abode for trekkers and nature lovers. Trekkers can also enjoy the Annapurna trek and Everest base camp trek. The spectacular view of the Annapurna circuit and the Seti Gandaki river flowing through the city creating several canyons adds a serene touch to the region. The Phewa Tal is famous for the World Peace Pagoda which attracts many travellers.

Along with the mountain ranges, Pokhara valley is home to eight lakes which is why it holds the name ‘city of lakes’. Most famous among all is the Phewa lake for its boating activities. Other lakes to the east of the valley are equally enchanting like the Begnas lake, Rupa lake, Maidu lake and Dipang lake, etc. Due to the presence of so many water bodies, the underground of Pokhara is porous favouring the formation of several caves in and around the city.

One of the highlights of this region is the elegant architecture of a number of temples and gumbas. The Radha Krishna Temple is a treat to the eyes during the evenings lit with diyas and lights making it glow like a charm. The Tal Barahi temple is a must visit place due to its location on the island in the middle of the Phewa lake.

Pokhara offers its tourists culturally and regionally enriched museums like the International Mountain Museum, Pokhara Regional Museum, Ethnographic museum and the Annapurna Natural history Museum. The flora and fauna of Pokhara is undoubtedly exceptional and well-preserved with an extensive collection of butterflies.

 The local cuisine offers mostly Tibetan and Indian dishes with the main relish till date being the momos. Listing all the best things to do in Pokhara,  it is no wonder that it has earned one of the top tourist positions in Nepal.

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International Mountain Museum
If you want to dig deeper into the history of mountains and other mountaineering activities, the best thing would be to take a look at the International Mountain Museum.It has documented some of the important things realted to mountains. You can find some of the hidden mysteries pertaining to Mount Everest.

: You can check out the records of several mountaineers like Mr Herzog. It is however one of the must visit place when you are in Pokhara.

: 300 NPR.

Best time to visit
: October.

Difficulty Level
: Easy.
Barahi Temple
A visit to Nepal wouldn’t be complete without this Barahi temple which is quite beautifully nestled on the Phewa Lake. It is the place where deities are religiously worshipped by the people who visit this temple. You can take your own canon and reach the temple and it is one of the famous tourist places in Pokhara.

You can absorb in beautiful scenery which will make you feel that Nepal has a lot to offer. Just soak yourself in the extreme quietness of the place. You can hire your own boat and reach this temple too.

Best time to visit: February, October, November, and December.

: It is located in Pokhara 33700.

: Rs 510.

Difficulty Level
: Easy

Sarangkot is an amazing place to visit in Pokhara for paragliding. You will get to fly over the vast phewa lake and it is going to be a unique experience. The thrill Himalayans give is a feeling of ecstasy. For sunrise, this is the perfect Pokhara tourist visit place. You will get to enjoy a beautiful morning along with your loved ones. You can also hike up to the heights if that is something you are interested in. Travellers get a taste of the local people and local food.

Location: North East of Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal.

Phewa Lake

The Phewa lake is a perfect place to visit in Pokhara. You will fall in love with the ambience of this place and it offers a pleasurable experience that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Phewa Lake is a famous Pokhara tourist place.

You can hire a boat, paddle at your own speed while enjoying the warm water below and the gorgeous rays of the sun above your head. You can escape the city life in this serene place. It is best to visit the place during daytime.

Highlights: The water is so clear that you can also see the reflection of Mount Machhapuchhre and Annapurna range.

Prices: Entry Free. 

Best months to visit: October

Devi's Fall
A spectacular fall which you might have never seen before, the peculiar thing about this fall is that the starting point of this fall where Pardi Khola stream which eventually vanishes in the underground. The most amazing thing about this fall is that you can clearly hear the sound of the water which eventually strikes the fall and it is the most famous tourist places in Pokhara. The cascading waterfall secretly comes and meets the cave which makes this fall a must-watch in Nepal.

: Rs 30.

Difficulty Level
: High, reaching the fall is however tough.

Best time to visit
: Monsoon is the best time to visit.
Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
Caves have always been mysterious but the curious thing about this Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is that it comes with a religious bent too. One of the huge stalagmite is usually worshipped as Shiva Lingam. The peaceful atmosphere of the cave will definitely soothe your senses and will let you introspect a little bit.

Amidst the regular hustle and bustle of the city, it is a good place to spend some peaceful time. If you planning to visit this place it will be advisable for you to carry a torch along as it is usually dark.

: The Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave is a combination of Devi’s fall in the upstream and the cave in the downstream, one has to climb down the metal stairs to have a real look. Although it is a bit scary but its definitely worth a watch.

: Rs.50 to Rs.100.

: Chhorepatan. Pokhara.
Gurkha Memorial Museum
The amazing Gurkha Memorial Museum talks about the contribution of the Gurkha soldiers which had later joined the Indian army. The museums will definitely leave you jaw dropped as you will witness the Gurkha uniforms which is displayed in the museum. One can also view the bravery medal which they have won in the past.

: You can also view the service Khukri which is the traditional Gurkha knife used during the war times and the museum is only open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

: Rs 100-200 and an extra of Rs20 for the camera.

Best time to visit
: October is the best month to visit the place.

: Pokhara Nepal.
Mahendra Cave
If you are a strong Hindu believer, you wouldn’t miss the chance to visit Mahendra cave. The cave was named after Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev and has several stalactites and stalagmites along with a statue of Lord Shiva which attracts almost thousands of visitors every year.

: You cn also visit the Bat Cave which lies on a ten minutes walking distance from this cave and is also an important tourist attraction.

: Kaski district close to river Seti in Pokhara.

Best time to visit: Avoid visiting this cave during monsoons, however it will be best if it could be done during October.

: Free of cost
Begnas Lake
A quiet fresh water lake in kaski district of nepal that changes colour depending on the season. it is the second largest of the eight lakes in Pokhara valley with a maximum depth of 10 meters and it is one of the famous tourist places in Pokhara

Location: It takes about 40 minutes by bus from Pokhara to reach the lake. Not far from the maddening crowd but extremely clean and quiet. Since it is visited comparatively less, the original beauty is undisturbed.

The lake supports irrigation and fisheries. Water level in the lake is regulated by a dam constructed in 1988 as it fluctuates with season and because of use for irrigation. Pressure of increasing human population is forcing conversion of swampy area into land for cultivation.

Highlights: Boating, fishing and swimming are some of the activities you can indulge in, the bonus being surrounding green mountains.

: There are whole lot of hotels around to suit different budgets but the entry to this lake is free.

Difficulty Level
: Medium, you can easily try your hands on boating.

Best time to visit
: October
Chamere Gufa

Chamero Gufa, whose English translation is the Bat Cave is a famous Pokhara tourist visit place. It is known because it is a natural habitat of the horseshoe bats residing in the cave. The bats are all over the walls and the ceiling.

Seti Gandaki (Seti River)

If you are really deciding to visit Nepal, the Seti River is a place to visit in Pokhara that you must visit at all costs. The river water flows directly from the Himalayas, so it is extremely clear and calm. The river is approximately 60 to 80 meters deep. Seti River Gorge is also called a wild Himalayan river. The milky river roaring through it will drag a piece of charm in your deep heart. It has got tourist-friendly surroundings. The flora and fauna across the river are also enchanting.

Shanti Stupa

The amazing place of Pokhara Shanti Stupa is situated at the hilly edges of the Himalayas. The place is so silent that you will be able to hear your own breath. Once you reach the stupa, the view is marvellous. You have to climb 500 steps after you reach the stupa, so be prepared to sweat the effort in order to gain the entire satisfaction. When you come to the lake, you can take a boat and have your way through the waters.

Annapurna Butterfly Museum

The grounds of the Annapurna Butterfly Museum is located in the premises of a local University named Prithivi Narayan Campus. Once you reach the museum, you will be able to see hundreds and thousands of species of butterflies that you have probably never seen before and it is one of the famous Pokhara tourist places. Not only butterflies, you also get to see butterflies, insects, arthropods. The collection is displayed in different drawers so it is easy for visitors to locate and recognize and learn about them.

Jangchub Choeling Monastery

This monastery creates for you the perfect ambience for meditation. It is a nice small place to visit if you are in a hurry. When you hear the monks chanting in the area, you feel you have been purified spiritually. You will also be greeted and treated well by the monks of the area. It also has a lot of paintings which have their own significance. There were also several Buddhist statues. Just enjoy yourself and have a nice time at Jangchub Choeling Monastery.

Rupa Tal
If you want to witness the only freshwater lake in Nepal, you have come to the right place, Rupa Tal. It is one of the glorious serene lake which will make you feel truly blessed.

: It lies towards the south-east of Pokhara valley. The freshwater lake in Nepal is Rupa Tal which is also the third largest lake in Pokhara valley.

: It provides boating opportunity for all the tourists which makes Rupa Tal an important tourist destination for many.

: Entry is free.

Difficulty Level
: Medium
Old Bazar
The bazaar lets you witness some mysterious alleys and courtyard which might not have witnessed before. The brightly clad locals of Kathmandu lets you see many Gurkhas and Sherpas.

: Shop for some fruits vegetables, fruits, spices and stunning wares made of brass, copper and bronze. You can also view some temples and shrines which is likely to make Old Bazaar worth a visit.

Best months to visit
: October to March.

: Entry Free
Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery

Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery is a serene and friendly place. You will feel sacred once you are able to hear and experience the prayers. It keeps resonating in your ears and heart. It shall feel an honour to be feeling such a feeling; it will make you feel like you are one step closer to enlightenment. You can also shop in the markets and money spent at the markets is used to take care of the people who reside at the monastery, that is, 140 children and 60 monks.

Big Splash Waterpark

The Big Splash Waterpark is fairly new, so all goods are working in perfect conditions. During Monsoon time, this place is a great option. The water slides are amazing for kids as well as adults. The pool is also refreshing to swim and you will enjoy yourself in the shade of sun.

Matepani Gumba

The trek in the place to visit in Pokhara is worth every drop of sweat that you sacrifice. You can walk all the way from the lakeside to enjoy the mystic Pokhara tourist visit. There is a peaceful atmosphere and the hike towards it is tiring, fun and the serene quality that you get surrounding it is satisfying to a whole different level. It is very quiet that you can only see and hear the sounds of nature. The temple is located on the hill so you also get a very nice view of the whole city.

Location: Matepani, Kundahar area of Pokhara, Kaski district in Nepal.

Enjoy panoramic, spectacular views of the valley with the Landruk Trek. The trek usually starts from Ghandruk Village or the River Camp, depending on the option of the tour that’s chosen. This particular trek offers some incredible nature views that will leave an indelible imprint on the heart.

Highlights:When the fog is lifted in the region, you will experience a nature rendezvous that you wouldn’t have imagined before. The small clearing, nestled with the forests and incredible mountains is a must have. The Landruk village itself has farming terraces that will instantly capture your heart.

: Ghandruk Village.

Things to keep in mind
:This is a moderate trek that can be undertaken by beginners and trek lovers alike. Just ensure that you don’t carry items that cannot be disposed easily or could harm the environment. Don’t forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen along with water bottles.

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Pokhara Things To Do FAQs

Why is Pokhara famous?

Pokhara is the most famous tourist destination in Nepal, especially for trekking. People also visit this place to enjoy the view of the Himalayan Range and beautiful lakes. Pokhara is also famous for extreme sports, boating, and rafting.

Where can I do ultra flight in Pokhara? What are its charges?

Ultralight flying is a breathtaking way of watching over the Annapurna mountains and provides a jaw-dropping view of the scenery underneath 

The ultralight aircraft can fly over the Pokhara valley at a speed of 50-90 km per hour. It is offered by the Avia Club Nepal, Pokhara Ultralight and the Fishtail ultralight 

Charges depend on nationality and type of flight. There are 4 categories of flights:

  • Fly For Fun, which uses an Open Aircraft.(Duration: 15 min, ChargesRs. 7,500-8,500)
  • Glory of Mt. Fishtail, uses an Open and Closed Aircraft.(Duration: Half an hour, Charges: Rs. 13,500-15,000)           
  • Mountain Sky Trek, uses an Open and Closed Aircraft. (Duration: An hour long, Charges: Rs. 23,500-25,000)
  • In The Heart of The Himalayas, which uses a Closed Aircraft. (Duration: 90 min, Charges: Rs. 31,500-33,000)

Which are the places to go for bungee jumping in Pokhara?

It is the highest water touch bungy in the world and jumping is done from a tower at a height of 80 meters, from which you dive into a pond which is 18 mt. deep.  

The most popular venue for the activity is Bhote Koshi. Sarangkot is also known to provide the same.

Where can I enjoy zip flying in Pokhara? How much will it cost?

Zip flying, is an adrenaline-inducing activity and Pokhara is famous for the highest zip flyer in the world. The base is located at Sarangkot. The zipflyer here boasts a drop of a massive 600 m!

Where can I do mountain biking in Pokhara? Which are some popular routes?

The Pokhara Lumbini Chitwan Mountain Biking tour, is a well known biking package which takes you on a sensational ride across the rugged terrains of the Himalayas.


Some of the most popular routes are the Annapurna Circuit biking tour and the Upper Mustang biking tour. The region has a lot of mountain biking companies that rent bikes, helmets and other essentials for the ride. The most common route is from Pokhara to Lo-Manthang. Costs about Rs. 1000-1500 per person.

Which are some famous campsites near Pokhara?

The Annapurna foothills, Sarangkot, Poon hill and the Upper Seti river camp are some of the most common camping places in Pokhara. It is one of the best weekend getaways that fit the budget within Rs 1500 to 2000. These campsites include all kinds of adventure activities including kayaking, canoeing, water abseiling, rock climbing and canyoning.

Can I do canyoning in Pokhara? Is it safe to do it there?

Yes, you can do canyoning in Pokhara. The season for canyoning is between September to June. The canyoning zone is located in Ghalel Village of Kaski District.


It is considered safe due to high care and trainer supervision and sport administration at the sites.

Hence, a lot of care is gone into maintaining its tourist reputation of being most visited and preferred adventure place in Nepal.

What are the best things to do in Pokhara?

Below mentioned are the best things to do in Pokhara:

  •  Mountain Climbing

The high mountain ranges here, offer the best hill-top views. The most prominent of these, is Macchapucchre. It is a fish-tailed peak, dazzling like a snow-covered needle in the sun. Climb these mountains for a most adrenalizing experience 

  • Peace Stupa

The Peace Stupa is a pagoda that houses four statues of Buddha, symbolic of the Four Great Sights. It is open to people of all races, regardless of religion, race or sexuality 

  • Adventure Travel

Pokhra is replete with splendid options for adventure tourists, including trekking, hiking, paragliding, river rafting, canyoning, water abseiling and the special Ultralight motor gliding.

  • Davi’s Falls

Known for their scenic beauty, these resounding cascades make for an excellent venue for water abseiling.

  • National Memorial Museum

Pay a visit to the National Memorial Museum and get acquainted with the rich history of the Gorkha race.

  • Kashikot Village

Get tutored on Organic farming in the ancient Kaskikot village, known for its rustic and tribal way of life.

Pokhara Things To Do Reviews

Budhil Sethi
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Unbelievable experience!!! Oh goodness, I was so frightened but I made this. Once in a lifetime experience. I gave a full mark on this.
Akshita Khatri
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Very skillful pilot and very special experience. I won't be getting tired doing this adventure again and again. I wish I can have more days in this beautiful landscape.
Brajesh Mehrotra
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Safe and pretty fun activity. I had a unique and awesome experience with my family. I would love to try this experience many times.
Govinda Chopra
Reviewed: 21 Jan 2020
Absolutely amazing experience with my friends, Paragliding at Pokhara was truly a thrilling adventure. we had a fun time during the flight. Not good for the heart fainted person. The service was great and the pickup and dropped were in real-time.
Deeptimay Jain
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
The guide was very good and knowledgable, The tools look very safe and the activity was one of the best experience. I highly recommended this
Chidananda Kakkar
Reviewed: 21 Jan 2020
Our family were very happy with this tour, they had fun to the fullest even the kids as well, What I want to tell about the staff and the activity was that... it was super duper cool... I would try this again

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