Isla Mágica Overview

Take a trip back to the 16th century at Isla Mágica, a theme Park in Seville, and discover a magical world full of adventure. With seven interesting zones set in the century of discoveries, it is a great place to immerse in nature and architecture. A trip to the Isla Mágica will surprise you with wonderful attractions and audiovisual productions.

Isla Magica, a theme park that debuted in 1997, has a variety of exciting attractions based on discoveries made in the 16th and 17th centuries suitable for all ages. Built on the former grounds of the 1992 World’s Fair around a large lake, it was the world's first urban theme park, soon becoming the city's one of most popular tourist attraction.

Featuring six Spanish colonial-themed zones, it houses several slides and roller coasters, as well as a water park, Aqua Magica. El Dorado recreates lost heritage beautifully and offers attractions like Rapidos del Orinoco. The thrilling rides at Puerta de América include EL Galeon and the Anaconda.

In contrast, Amazonia offers rides with a Jaguar and Iguaz Falls theme. Puerto de Indias features rides like Los Bucaneros and Carabelas and captures the city's essence in the sixteenth century. Zum Zum and Crisalida are available at La Fuente de la Juventud, a zone created especially for young children.

La Guarida de Los Piratas zone recreates the era when pirates roamed freely in the Caribbean Sea through Dimension 4, like rides. All of these zones along with Aqua Mágica in Isla Magica provide a variety of fun things to engage in and spend a day full of new experiences.

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• Visit Isla Magica, a themed amusement park in Seville, to have a day out filled with fun, excitement, enjoyment, and relaxation.
• Discover six zones of the park, El Dorado, Puerta de América, Amazonía, Puerto de Indias, La Fuente de la Juventud, and La Guarida de los Piratas, and have fun at various rides and slides.
• Cool off at Aqua Magic, which has a wave pool, a play structure, and a variety of thrilling water slides.
• Feel the rush of adrenaline while enjoying a free and dizzying fall at the Challenge or board Jaguar, which is a roller coaster that travels at a speed of 85 km per hour.
• Visit Dimension 4 for some virtual reality experiences or go rafting at the Orinoco Rapids with your friends.
• Take your kids to La Fuente de la Juventud and watch them have fun at a Ferris wheel, water roller coaster, merry-go-round, and many other such attractions.

How To Reach

By Train: The nearest train station is Santa Justa station, close to the city center. Seville is connected to the main Spanish cities by a high-speed railway (AVE).

By Bus: Bus lines from Plaza de Armas or Prado de San Sebastián terminate at the Barqueta Bridge, which is located across the river from Isla Mágica. You can stroll to the park in a few minutes. You can take bus C2 to Isla Mágica.

By Car: Take the SE-30 ring road for easy access to Isla Mágica.

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Best Time To Visit

Weekdays morning, right around the park's opening, is the ideal time to visit Isla Magica. Since the park is quite large, to get the most out of your visit, get there as early as possible so that you can start your fun-filled day as soon as the park opens. It is preferable to visit during the week as weekends are usually crowded. Additionally, Aqua Magica and other attractions are most enjoyable during the summer months of June through August. However, it is also the busiest.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit Isla Mágica

  • Always be around your children and keep a close check on them to ensure their safety.
  • You must keep your valuables in a locked room, which you can rent.
  • Bags, cameras, or other sharp or valuable items are not allowed on the rides, so store them in the locker.
  • Carry towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other essentials with you.
  • To protect your phone and other valuables while entering the pool, keep a waterproof pouch.
  • Check the age, height, and weight requirements before entering each ride or slide.
  • Purchase Accesso Pass to enjoy the maximum number of attractions, shows, etc. without waiting in queues.

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Point of Interest for Isla Mágica
Sevilla, Puerto de Indias

Sevilla, Puerto de Indias

Sevilla, Puerto de Indias in Isla Magica is a zone themed around the 16th century and comprises various fun-filled rides for family fun. At 68 meters tall, El Desafio's tower gives a beautiful view of the park and Seville, followed by a thrilling free fall. Los Bucaneros, a water fight, takes place in the Port of the Indies harbor. La Traviesa is a peaceful boat trip across Isla Mágica's lake, whilst Carabelas is a 16th-century caravel that offers a magnificent boat ride for some family time.

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 Puerta de América

Puerta de América

The Puerta de América zone in Isla Magica offers both thrills and relaxation with its rides and attractions. Ride the El Tren del Potosí to discover the well-known silver mines or experience some thrills on board the Barbarroja or enjoy an adrenaline rush on the Anaconda, one of Isla Magica's most exhilarating roller coasters. Take a break from thrilling activities by riding the 16th-century merry-go-round Carrusel Mágico, or head to El Galeón to see an amazing ship.

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La Guarida de los Piratas

La Guarida de los Piratas

The Guarida de los Piratas, one of the most dangerous zones in Isla Magica, features five fascinating rides: A los cajones!, The Castaways, Capitán Balas, Los Toneles, and Dimension 4. The young crew of the Castaways will discover the mysteries of Skull Island, whereas Capitán Balas will lead you through the gloomiest and most enigmatic pirate hideouts. You will love spinning repeatedly at great speed while seated in a barrel in Los Toneles, and Dimension 4 will let you enjoy an exhilarating 4D experience.

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La Fuente de la Juventud

La Fuente de la Juventud

The younger ones will enjoy this area, which is traversed by creeks and ponds with enormous water lilies, rabbits, bees, and other creatures. Here, they will have a relaxing monorail trip on the Zum-Zum: Las Abejitas through the Fountain of Youth's flora or enjoy repeated bounce with the frog, La Rana Saltarina. Crisálida is a ride on a caterpillar, while Rueda Primavera is enjoying heights and Caimán Bailón is a little water roller coaster for some amazing fun.

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El Dorado

El Dorado

While in El Dorado, you may experience the exhilarating El Vuelo del Halcón and Rápidos del Orinoco rides, learn about the famous buried city, and stroll along trails surrounded by ancient monuments hidden in the jungle. When flying like a hawk into the sky of Isla Magica, riding El Vuelo del Halcón at great speeds, you will have a fantastic experience. Rápidos del Orinoco allows you to enjoy rafting safely with loved ones. Join your partners for an exhilarating 500-meter inflatable raft ride through the magnificent surroundings of an old Maya temple.

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This rainforest zone is ideal for all those who are looking for some extreme thrills. With Jaguar, Isla Mágica's largest roller-coaster, you get the chance to enjoy a thrilling fall from a height of 32 m, a top speed of 85 km/h, and five magnificent loops. While Topaz offers bumper piranha-shaped car rides and Las Llamas is a relaxing llama ride in an Andean setting, Iguaz is the best ride to experience the adrenaline rush of rafting at over 60 km/h down a gorgeous waterfall!

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Aqua Magica

Aqua Magica

The Aqua Magica is a large waterpark in Isla Magica that offers loads of water-based excitement and thrills, making it the ideal destination to escape the summer heat in Seville. Playa Quetzal offers excellent swimming and sunbathing opportunities with a real sand beach, while the Ro Lento offers leisurely boat rides down a tranquil river. Tirolina Relax Piscina Chapoteo Anillas includes both a pool and large water slides for kids, while El Arrecife offers both fun and thrills with a zip line and pool. There are two kiosks where you can get quick food and drinks, as well as a shop where you can rent towels and other necessities.

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