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The Guadalpark Sevilla, one of Spain’s largest water parks, promises a day full of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. With over 15 attractions, it features adrenaline-pumping slides, tube rides, and rapid courses, as well as the children's area, a relaxing Jacuzzi, a wave pool, and the Blue Lagoon. Bid goodbye to summer blues and the city's hectic life at the Guadalpark, a great place for visitors of all ages.

With over 15 attractions suitable for all ages, Guadalpark Sevilla invites you to experience thrilling rides and unwind amidst beautiful surroundings. The park boasts attractions varying from mildly exciting to tremendously intense, enticing both thrill seekers and visitors looking for a serene place to relax and beat the heat. It also meets the demands of its young visitors with the Children's Mini Park, which is specifically created for the tiny ones.

Have fun with the family on Mammoth or Rapids or enjoy both speed and height while shooting down the Kamikaze. While the gutsy may try out the park's most exhilarating ride, the Turbolance, or the Black Hole, which is a dark tunnel tube ride. Those seeking extreme relaxation can unwind in the Blue Lagoon's calm waters or destress in the Wave Pool.

While your children are having fun with the Great Dragon, the Shark, the Mice, and the Hippopotamus in the Children’s Mini Park, you may enjoy sunbathing on a nearby sun lounger. Take advantage of the park’s Jacuzzi and unwind when the rides have left you feeling contentedly worn out. Get something to eat or drink for yourself from the on-site eating outlets and head back to your day of fun and excitement.

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• Visit Guadalpark Seville with your family or friends and have some memorable moments on various slides, tube rides, jacuzzis, and in the wave pool.
• Feel your adrenaline rush and heart race as you ride exhilarating slides like the Rapids, Mammoth, Turbulence, and Black Hole.
• Unwind and feel refreshed in the relaxing wave pool, Blue Lagoon, and Jacuzzi.
• Cool off the summer heat in the pool while taking in the surrounding lush landscape and spend quality moments with your family.
• Head to the Children’s Area with your kids and watch them enjoy their ME time on the slides and activities designed for young ones.
• Take advantage of the on-site food outlets to re-energize yourself with some quick snacks, drinks, or meals.
• Enjoy sunbathing by the pool as the park offers free sun loungers to relax or read a book.

How To Reach

By Bus: Travel to Avda. Las Ciencias on bus lines 22 or 27, then walk 5 minutes to the waterpark. Alternatively, take bus line A3 to Avda. Las Ciencias. The water park is a 6-minute walk from this bus stop.

By Train: Take line C4 to go to the closest rail stop, Palacio Congresos, which is a 7-minute walk from the waterpark.

By Car/Taxi: The waterpark is around 10 km from the Seville Airport. To get to the waterpark conveniently, choose between a private taxi or a car rental.

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Best Time To Visit

The summer months of June, July, and August are the greatest times to visit Guadalpark Seville since the weather is ideal for using the pool and water slides. However, given that this is the peak travel season, be ready to deal with the crowds. Plan your trip on any weekday to avoid the weekend rush. Also, try to reach the waterpark early in the morning to have more time to enjoy and escape the crowd.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit Guadalpark

  • Keep an eye on your children at all times while you are at the waterpark.
  • Height, age, and weight limits apply to all attractions, so be careful to check before entering.
  • Take small breaks between slides for having water and some food.
  • Use the free sunbeds in the park to unwind and enjoy the sunshine.
  • You can hire floats and lockers and purchase certain necessities at the on-site store.

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High Emotion Rides

High Emotion Rides

High Emotion rides are ideal for those who are looking for some extreme thrills. From Mammoth, Turbolance, Kamikaze, and Rapids to Black Hole, each ride is distinct on its own and provides an amazing pleasure. While Mammoth is an open family slide with bumps and gentle curves that lets you enjoy water splashes with your companion. With Turbulence, you can descend in a dizzying manner until you reach a ramp, climb it to the top, and then quickly descend the ramp with a teammate. You may experience the exhilaration of swooping down from a height at a speed of up to 40 km/h with Kamikaze. Similar to rafting, the Rapids ride is a ton of fun, but Black Hole transports you through a dark, closed tube with curves, variations in speed, and an unknown end, offering unlimited fun.

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Moderate rides are both exciting and relaxing. If you're looking for a peaceful retreat in the center of the park, check out the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy this place with your friends or family in a tropical setting complete with a waterfall and imposing palms. Allow the bubbles and water jets of the jacuzzi to soothe your aching muscles and give you the energy you need to continue enjoying the park's attractions. After a jacuzzi session, you'll feel revitalized and renewed. Head to Zig Zag, which consists of four slides that run along the slope and will take you through a maze of turns and descents before plummeting into the pool for a refreshing experience.

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Guadalpark has a specially designed area for its tiny guests with a Mini Children's Park and a Mini Park that cater to children of all sizes, even under 0.90 m. The Little Rats, the Great Dragon, the Shark, and the Hippopotamus are just a few of the attractions in the Mini Children's Park designed exclusively for kids under 0.90 m tall. Kids will enjoy themselves for hours on end with the animal-themed slides and the water play area. Mini Park, on the other hand, is restricted to kids who are under 1.4 m tall. The open and closed slides, two big buckets of water, a miniature black hole, water jets, and hiding places will all be popular with children. Kids under 90 cm tall must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Adults can sit somewhere nearby and watch children play.

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