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The Courtyard of the Maidens is also known as Patio de las Doncellas. There are magnificent gardens and courtyards in addition to interior furnishings, artwork, and antiques. Inscriptions that describe Peter of Castile as a Sultan can be found on the lower level of the Patio. For nearly 500 years, the fountain in the Patio de las Doncellas has been surrounded by a marble floor. The House of Alba is the owner of this Palacio de las Doncellas from the fifteenth century.

A magnificent patio may be seen in the Alcazar Palace called Patio de las Doncellas. Its history is rather extensive, and it has changed a little bit throughout time. The lore claims that as a type of annual tribute, the Christian nations surrounding the Moorish realm of Seville were required to provide one hundred maidens or virgins to the Moors.

It turned out that the courtyard's whole floor was covered in marble, and the center of the space included a fountain. A garden and a pool, however, that were buried approximately a meter below the paved surface, were discovered as a result of archaeological excavations carried out between 2002 and 2004.

There are inscriptions on the Patio's lowest level that refer to Peter of Castile as a Sultan. It is decorated with plasterwork, symmetrical arches, and historical designs. You may have seen the Patio in many popular cultural depictions, including the movie, Kingdom of Heaven and the hit television show, Game of Thrones.

Numerous pieces of furniture, artwork, and personal items belonging to the adored Duchess of Alba are present in Patio de las Doncellas. There are magnificent serene gardens and courtyards in addition to the interior furnishings, artworks, and relics.

Later, during Charles V's reign, the courtyard's upper level was constructed. The addition features some Mudejar elements but was mostly constructed in the Renaissance style. The entire building still has a wonderful overall appearance even though the upper level was constructed later.

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• Explore the stunning courtyards and gardens.
• An authorized guide will be with you during the trip to provide the dramatic background of the attraction.
• Visit the Patio de las Doncellas, whose ponds reflect the elaborate mudéjar plasterwork that makes the palace unique.
• The Maiden's Courtyard, the centerpiece of Pedro's stunning Mudejar palace, is accessible by walking right through the ostentatious entryway.
• Discover the site's rich past and the many different roles it has served throughout the years.

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