The Mushrooms of Seville Overview

Originally known as Metropol Parasol, The Mushrooms of Seville is a mushroom-shaped wooden structure which is an architectural marvel. A famous German architect, Jürgen Mayer, designed its structure which got much recognition after its completion in April 2011. Standing at an elevation of 85 feet and dimensions of 490 by 230 feet, it is one of Seville's most iconic landmarks at La Encarnación square.

Visit The Mushrooms of Seville, a significant historical site and one of the city's major landmarks to discover Seville's unique architecture and modern design with a touch of history. Mushrooms of Seville was designed and engineered by a German architect, Jürgen Mayer.

He suggested a wooden building that stands at the height of 85 feet from the ground level, making it one of its kind buildings in Seville, Spain. The structure also features two concrete columns measuring 150 x 70 meters. The upper part of the building features a lookout point that covers most parts.

There is a massive space in the building's premises to conduct events and tapas restaurants. Below that, a shade and elevated square are constructed to organize all events. The Mushrooms of Seville are organized mainly in four levels.

On the ground level, there are catering and commercial spaces along with the Mercado de la Encarnación market to shop your heart out. The building's basement features an Antiquarium Museum, home to all archeological remains. The building is a famous Roman archaeological site that offers a deep insight into the ancient Roman empire.

Through the use of modern technologies such as Virtual reality headsets, you can experience the rich history and enjoy the content. Do not forget to get amazed by the city’s mesmerizing views including gauges, streets, and houses.

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• Visit the Mushrooms of Seville which was initially titled the Metropol Parasol or The Mushrooms.
• Walk through the historic land of Seville and mark your presence at the world-famous "The Mushrooms of Seville," which has become an eye-candy destination in recent years.
• Learn about this rich historical site which was designed and executed by a German architect, Jürgen Mayer.
• Explore the unique building's structure which is inspired by a mushroom featuring six parasols.
• The estimated cost of The Mushrooms of Seville was 50 million Euros only; however, it reached 100 million Euros due to delays and other reasons.
• Marvel at the iconic architecture which stands 85 feet tall and 490 by 230 feet wide from the ground level in the city's heart.

How To Reach

By Metro - Located 15 minutes from Puerta de Jerez, you can visit Mushrooms of Seville from metro line T1 (from the Plaza Nueva).

By Bus - Take the bus lines 3, 41, C4, 21, 40 or EA. It takes about 20 minutes to cover this distance. Once you have reached Puerta de Jerez, walk towards the Mushrooms of Seville; from the Amor de Dios, The Mushrooms of Seville is located only 500 m away. You can visit the destination within 5-6 minutes only.

By Car or Cab - The Mushrooms of Seville is located about 1 km away from the Seville city center. Take a car towards the Mushroom of Seville and reach the destination within 5 minutes.

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Best Time To Visit

Early morning when the monument opens up, is the best time to explore this destination as it remains less crowded during the morning hours. Additionally, weekdays are recommended over weekends if you want to enjoy the palace in peace with only a few people around.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit The Mushrooms of Seville

  • The palace is wheelchair and stroller accessible, so you may bring your young children and elderly relatives without worrying about accessibility.
  • Clicking photos inside the Mushrooms of Seville is permitted. Note these pictures can only be used for personal purposes.
  • Taking a guided tour is the ideal way to explore the place as you get to learn about its construction, origin, and an interesting take on the museum and archaeological displays.
  • Do not bring any food, beverages, or pets because they are not allowed. Inside the Mushrooms of Seville, a restaurant is built which serves delicious meals.
  • The artwork that is on exhibit should not be touched since this could harm it.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for The Mushrooms of Seville


The underground level, or level 0, is the basement of the place, which houses an Antiquarium. On your visit to the Antiquarium, you will find a vast display of Moorish and Roman remains discovered on the site. This Antiquarium was designed and executed by a famous Sevillian architect Felipe Palomino González. He also played a significant role in the overall construction and development of the Mushrooms of Seville.

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Living Space

Living Space

Featuring an open-air plaza, level 1 is a wide wooden area featuring wooden parasols. This place is majorly designed to conduct all public events or host programs of different characters. Level 2 is a stage of this magnificent building that offers a panoramic view of Seville, a historic city in Spain. The terrace also features a restaurant that serves mouth-watering food options. Be it national or international cuisine; you will find it all here!

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Mercado de la Encarnación market

Mercado de la Encarnación market

Located in the basement of the Mushrooms of Seville, Mercado de la Encarnación market is a popular Sevillan market that has undergone several renovations. Walking through the market, you will come across more than 40 stalls with different offerings like food, clothes, essentials, groceries, and so on. There are different stalls for vegetables, fish and seafood, meats, pickles, frozen bars, groceries and jewelry. If you're tired of shopping, the market also houses two cafes for a quick break.

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Viewpoint 360

Viewpoint 360

Experience the beauty of Seville from the top of the platform and take in 360-degree views. This viewing platform not only allows you to enjoy the cool breeze and warmth of the sunlight but also to appreciate the details of the cathedral, Alcazar, Anunciacion church, etc.

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