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  • 01skydiving

    Image Credit : Greg Palmer - flickr
    One of the thrilling sports which guarantees absolute adrenaline rush for every player is skydiving. In Brisbane, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the game since there are many institutions which facilitate Tandem skydiving. The game assures a scenic vista with magnificent views of the Morten Bay, Bribie Islands and the city centre. There are experienced trainers and high end professionals who take the visitors in the beautiful journey of free falling from as high as 14000 feet.

    The best part is all the centres are highly equipped with proper gears and they maintain all the safety standards which enable all to push the fears and enjoy the memorable experience. Since Brisbane has quite a few sky diving centres, a huge competition is faced specially during tourist season. Deals and discounts are quite common to attract customers. So go ahead and look out for the best deal for the adventurous ride. 
    Skydiving in Brisbane

    Skydiving in Brisbane


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  • 02kayaking

    Image Credit : Vladimir Pustovit - flickr
    Kayaking is another adventure sport which is quite popular in Brisbane. There are shops where one can opt for a kayak hire for personalised kayaking tour in the city but for few hours the best option is the multiple kayaking sports companies which provide lucrative deals for few hours. Riverlife Kayak is one such place where one can purchase an instruction day with a kayak hire in lucrative price.

    Scarborough Pirate park, Redlands kayak tour, Redcliff area, Springfield lake are all prominent places where one can opt for a kayak hire and enjoy the beautiful adventurous ride. Wellington Island and Moreten Island is ideal for kayaking as well as fishing and spending a delightful time. For northern Brisbane one can enjoy kayaking tours in Boondall Wetlands. And above all Brisbane River and exclusively built Wivenhoe dam on it is best for it. 
    Kayaking and Sightseeing in Byron Bay

    Kayaking and Sightseeing in Byron Bay


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  • 03hiking

    Image Credit : Moyan Brenn - flickr
    The extraordinary beautiful landscape and the exclusive forest parks of Brisbane city and its surroundings are ideal to experience great fun through hiking and walking tours. Among several hiking options in Brisbane the Curtis Falls circuit in Mt Tambourine s surely worth a visit. The 2.1 km hike through dense rainforest is truly worth exploring. Springwood Conservation Park in the midst of Suburban areas of Brisbane also provides great hiking tour.

    The stringy bark lookout and George discover circuit are truly amazing. Kondalilla Falls National Park , Lamington National Park, Spring book National Park all have excellent tracks for Hiking. However for any kind of hiking plans, proper safety measures, protective footwear and sufficient food is a must. One should also take raincoats and plan trip in daylight as night hiking is not advisable. 
    Biking and Hiking in Byron Bay

    Biking and Hiking in Byron Bay


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  • 04Dolphin Watching

    Image Credit : Selbe Lynn - flickr
    Getting wild with the dolphins can be quite entertaining and the experience can be well cherished in Brisbane with the fabulous cruise tours on Dolphin Watching. The best place to enjoy dolphin watching is Moreton Bay where it is believed to have more than 600 bottle nose dolphins. Enjoy a cruise ride to these places and get excited with the beautiful sight of dolphins playing along. The journey is quite safe and dealing with sea animals is also done quite securely.

    There are dedicated Dolphin care unit where members look after the behaviour of the dolphins and monitor their performance and growth. Apart from Morten Bay, cruises to Tangalooma Island, Redcliff, Sunshine coast, cruises from Gold coast all arranges dolphin watching tours and thus accessing these tours is quite easy. So go enjoy watching the giant sea animals play. 
    Dolphin Watching Cruise in Brisbane

    Dolphin Watching Cruise in Brisbane


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  • 05Whale Watching

    Image Credit : Shafi - flickr
    Adventure and thrill gets a whole new meaning with the activity of Brisbane whale watching. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most thrilling activities where one can experience real time whales up close in an encounter with the sea animals. There are several cruises available which deals with these activities with proper protection and maintaining all rules. The best whale watching can be done on the Moretan Bay cruises.

     Few vessels are allowed here so one must book for the same early. With splendid scenic locations on the pristine waters of the bay, this is an adventurous trip that proves to be hugely entertaining. The cruises are well facilitated with all kinds of recreational amenities, restaurant and bar making the ride more enjoyable. Usually the cruise starts from 9:30am and takes about 5 hours to complete the journey. 
  • 06Visit Moreton Island

    Image Credit : U.S. Pacific Fleet - flickr
    One of the most popular and preferred Sand Island, based at about 25kms off Brisbane banks is the ever beautiful Moretan Island. It is the largest sand island in the world with loads of activities and unlimited scenic panorama to entertain the visitors. Pristine beaches, fascinating sand dunes, abundant growth of wild flowers and exotic scenic beauty forms the natural surroundings of the location.

     The best part is one can do a lot of entertaining activities here like feeding the dolphins with nearly 600 bottlenose dolphins housed here, diving or snorkelling in the beautiful yet mysterious wrecks , experience whale watching and also go fishing to have some unique experiences. Other activities popular here includes sand tobogganing and quad biking. It’s a magnificent location to enjoy with friends and family and be entertained in the best way possible. 
    Dolphin Watching Cruise in Moreton Island

    Dolphin Watching Cruise in Moreton Island


    h7 HourslMoreton Island

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  • 07camping

    Image Credit : Wayne - flickr
    When it comes to spending a good time at Brisbane, one of the best options is to go camping at some of the exotic places in various parts of Brisbane. The city is filled with a number beaches, lakes and national parks which provides excellent locations to pitch a tent. Even for spending family time and providing kid’s entertainment this is an excellent option.

     Some of the popular locations to explore best facilitated camping with superb scenic vistas include Bribie Island, Mount Barney National Park, North Stradbroke Island, Lamington National Park, Lake Wivenhoe, Murphy’s Creek Escape, Moreton Island and D’Aguilar National Park. One can enjoy loads of recreational activities like hiking, boating, bush walking, canoeing, sailing, swimming and a lot more in all these places. However it is important to have knowledge of the area and to take permissions for camping before setting up the plan. 
  • 08hot air ballooning

    Image Credit : Moyan Brenn - flickr
    For the vacationers there is nothing more apt than spending a gorgeous morning by experiencing the excitement of hot air balloon ride through the scenic rim of Brisbane. One can enjoy the fabulous ride enjoying the breathtaking views of the verdant landscapes the charming city and the meandering Brisbane River from the above. There are several centres where one can experience the balloon ride at reasonable cost.

    The services usually include pick up from the residence or hotel and then drive to the spot where the balloon ride begins. The scenic rim is approximately 55 minutes drive from city centre towards south of Brisbane. The ride is usually for 1 hour but one can double the time with some extra charges. Often in the trip, a visit to the local vineyard is included along with delicious breakfast. This is usually a morning trip so one can be back at their destination well before afternoon time. The charges for the trip, however, are different for each centre. 
  • 09white water rafting

    Image Credit : Chris Bartle - flickr
    Brisbane has opportunity of various water sports activity and among this white water rafting is a prominent one. This is an excellent example to explore and be amazed with the beauties of Brisbane and have fun filled time with friends and family. Specific rafting centres are available in various parts of the city where one can get mini training as well as all other facilities to get going in a trip. There are various places where white water rafting can be done in Brisbane and the places include Gold Coast Australia, Hervey Bay Australia, Toowoomba Australia, Sunshine Coast Australia, and Rockhampton Australia.

    For the new riders water rafting can be quite strenuous so it’s advisable to remain hydrated as much as possible and use quality sun proof lotion as protection. Always take a guide in the activity since going alone is not advisable. It’s a thrilling experience which surely guarantees good memories to cherish forever.  
  • 10flying fox

    Image Credit : Andrew Mercer - flickr
    When it comes to adventurous activities, one activity that truly makes the adrenalin rush is the jungle surfing tours where one can explore the rain forest areas seating comfortably on flying fox zip lines and flying through the trees stopping only at the eco friendly platforms, fetching fabulous birds view of the scenic location.

    Apart from the treks one can also engage themselves with institution which provides challenging terrains with flying fox of different lengths and the activity done in different heights increasing the thrill of the sport with every step. The activity can be done by people of all ages and who are reasonably fit. There are several centres organising the activity, so one needs to be carefully while choosing the perfect deal. 
  • 11paintball

    Image Credit : Mario Sánchez Bueno - flickr
    A popular activity which is quite preferred by both natives and the visitors of Brisbane is Paintball. There are several reputed centres in the city centre where one can experience the game with friends and family. Among the most sought after centres there are Top Gun Paintball, Delta Force Paintball, Skirmish Samford Paintball, Spec Ops Paintball and many others. Having a large customer base almost all the centres are located close to Brisbane CBD.

    The best part is that these are reputed centres so one can be assured about the best gaming experience with top rated guns and fabulous game fields. Providing the best sense of adventure this is a must do in the city. And what more there are various game zones which gives new thrill and new experience every time for the players. 
  • 12cycling

    Image Credit : Tejvan Pettinger - flickr
    The city of Brisbane is covered with bikeways and segregated pathways covering a stretch of more than 1300 kilometres. Cycling in Brisbane is a means of active transport along with being fun and enjoyable ride since the bikeways connect all major destinations and popular hubs of the city. With a convenient and easy bike hire scheme, and with larger availability, having a bike is easy even for the visitors.

    One can explore the city best on a bike and enjoy the scenic delights at the river front, the green belts, the exotic parks and gardens, the bays, islands and a lot more. In fact it is the best way to move around the city with less traffic and absolute enjoyment. For the new explorers there are bikeway maps available which can be used to get to know the lanes better.  
  • 13canoeing

    Image Credit : Envios - flickr
    With avid availability of canoe for hire in Brisbane, one can spend entertaining time canoeing in the capital city of Queensland. Huge collection of canoe in different styles and designs are available on hire in the city, for recreational tours with families, having comfortable seats, backrest and easy paddle. So for all those who love to paddle and explore the scenic extravaganza of Brisbane city and Brisbane River can opt for the adventurous sport that promises to provide sufficient excitement and thrill. Canoeing can be done on Brisbane River and on the creeks that are connected to it.

    There is no age limit for the sport and that is why t can be done by all. There are various centres which help in getting small trainings over the sport and can share the essential safety tips. Several events organised on the game can also be enjoyed in the city. 
  • 14rock climbing

    Image Credit : G B - flickr
    Though Brisbane is not a city based in midst of mountains, there are still a plenty of locations to enjoy rock climbing. The best part of rock climbing in Brisbane is that it can be enjoyed by people of all experience levels with various tour operators designing exclusive tours as per requirement. The best rock climbing destination is the Kangaroo Point Cliffs where one can experience guided rock climbing under expert instructors.

    The 20 metre cliff provides excellent views of the city and the river flowing along. Rock climbing is allowed only for people above 8 years of age and needs accompany of an adult till 13 years of age. Other prominent places for rock climbing include Brisbane Glasshouse Mountains, Brooking Park in Ripley for kids fun and Frew Park at Milton. There are indoor rock climbing clubs in Brisbane too like Bay Play, Crank Indoor Rock Climbing etc
  • 15scuba diving

    Image Credit : Lee & Ayu - flickr
    Scuba Diving is another adventure sport which has gained a lot of popularity in Brisbane. There are a lot of good dive sites in Brisbane which can be explored to have some good views and also experience the adrenaline rush for the sport. On the western part of Moreton Island, there are Tangalooma Wrecks spread across 450 meters. Curtin Artificial is also an excellent spot with variety of wrecks based here. Here one can visualize a lot of marine life but this is only for advanced level divers.

    The Flinders Reef which is based about 5 kms north of Cape Moreton is the best coral reef destination in Brisbane. For the in experienced divers there are tour operators which provide exclusive trainings to fetch license within two three days and explore day dive trip and even night dive trip with efficient instructors. 
  • 16fishing

    Image Credit : Christopher Irwin - flickr
    There are huge collections of family-friendly outdoor activities in Brisbane. One of the prominent and sought after activity is fishing. In Brisbane one can find almost all kinds of fishing which includes reef-game, freshwater, barra, fly-fishing, swimming and crabbing. Especially with the kids this is an excellent activity that can keep all entertained. The popular places where fishing can be done include Boondall Wetlands, Moreton Islands Lake Wivenhoe, Nudah Creek and many others.

    Brisbane River fishing is also quite popular where one can enjoy catching Bream, Threadfin Salmon, Flathead, and the indomitable catfish. The best part of fishing in Brisbane is that it does not need any permit and can be done almost in all waterways. However there are certain rules on fish size and bag limits which can be better known from the Department of Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry. 
  • 17Standup Paddle Boarding

    Image Credit : Michael Dawes - flickr
    Standup Paddle Boarding is one of the favourite pastimes that can be enjoyed in Brisbane. With each passing day, the sport is gaining huge popularity among the visitors of the city. While the advanced level of the sport provides an adventurous experience and lots of the thrill, the basic level is best as a laid back outdoor activity. In Brisbane there are several options to hire paddle boards and what more all these centres provide sessions on stand up paddle boarding so that learning the game becomes easy.

    The lessens usually take not more 30 minutes and after that one can easily enjoy the sport. However the instructors stick on till one is confident enough of the game. The minimum age for getting enrolled for the sport is 8 years. One can enjoy the sport in the lovely waterways of Brisbane River or in the fascinating Moreton Bay, Redcliff, Kangaroo Point, Mooloolaba and others. 
  • 18Visit Museum of Brisbane

    Image Credit : denisbin - flickr
    Located in King George Square, at the top of Brisbane city Hall, lies the beautiful Museum of Brisbane, overlooking the fascinating views of City Hall with its popular clock tower and its copper dome. The museum artistically presents different aspects of the city with prominence on its historical identity and cultural values through a mix of visual arts and various exhibitions. The museum has a collection of over 5000 pieces of work of art, many made of historical ceramics. As per the data there are works of artists from the period of 1859 till the present date and how the outlook of the society has evolved. Workshops and events are quite popular in the museum and millions of tourist visits the place almost every year. Astounding facts of the pre historic times, historical details and fascinating architecture attracts the visitors to this place.

    Location: Level 3, City Hall | King George Square, Brisbane, Queensland

    Timings: 10am to 5pm 
  • 19Visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

    Image Credit : U.S. Pacific Fleet - flickr
    As stated in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the first of its kind and also the largest koala sanctuary in the world. The place is famous for being the home for 130 koalas and it has an experience of 85 years. The place is located in the southern part at distance of 12km from the city centre. Apart from koalas one can see kangaroos, wombats, possums, birds and other Aussie critters. One can enjoy the beautiful animals here and also click some quick snaps hugging the koalas by shedding some extra bucks. There are exclusive buses as well as Mirimar cruises which can be availed to reach the sanctuary based beside Brisbane River. There are several shows organised n the sanctuary which can be enjoyed.

    Location: 708 Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane

    Timings; 9am to 5pm 
  • 20Visit Cultural Centre

    Image Credit : Mike Warot - flickr
    Based across the river, close to the South Bank, lies the extensive Culture Centre Complex which s described as the epitome of cultural significance in Brisbane. The complex includes the sprawling structures of Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (or QAGOMA), Queensland Museum, the State Library, Queensland Theatre Company and not to forget Queensland Performing Art Centre. The concert halls and the galleries remains well filled with regular footfalls, especially with events organised in these centres. Exhibitions, debates, talks, musical performances, film screenings, theatre, drama all are scheduled in this location making t one of the sought after destination for the natives as well as the visitors. There are so many things to explore in this location that spending some good hours in this location is always entertaining.

    Location: Stanley Place, South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland 
  • 21Visit Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

    Image Credit : Greenstone Girl - flickr
    Mount Coot- Tha Botanic gardens is based at a height of 287metres from the sea level, at a distance of mere 15 minutes drive from the city centre. The location is based close to in the popular tourist destinations Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. One can also view the exotic Moreton Bay Islands from here. To reach the destination one can fetch a bus from Adelaide St which bang opposite King George and the bus drops off before Botanical garden. The place is a beautiful 52 hectare garden offering a picturesque venue to enjoy and photo shoot. Entry in the garden is free and there are free guided tours every day except Sunday from 11am to 1pm. There are licensed cafe and restaurant present in the premises which can be visited for refreshments. The capacity of the restaurant is nearly 150 people so one can enjoy dining with lovely Australian cuisine amidst natural surroundings

    Location: Mt Coot Tha Rd, Brisbane 
  • 22Visit South Bank

    Image Credit : BRJ INC. - flickr
    One of the most popular attractions of Brisbane is the South Bank. It is the cultural destination of the city based close to the meandering Brisbane River. Stretch of green landscapes and sweet music of the water gushing is the essence of this location. Based in the southern part of the city this is the heart of Brisbane cultural destination.

    The place is filled with world famous, reputed and famed group of restaurants serving all kinds of gourmets, shopping zones, markets, fun activities and street Beach. As per statistics about 11 million people visit South Bank every year. There are three massive undercover car parking zones in this area to cater the footfalls here. Lazy strolls from Kangaroo Point leads to South Bank which is often availed by visitors here. In a whole visiting South Bank is a must for all visitors to catch the real entertainment of the city. 
  • 23Visit Customs House

    Image Credit : Wally Gobetz - flickr
    Based n the Central Business District, the Custom House is almost a heritage icon of Brisbane. Operated by the famous University of Queensland, this beautiful symbol of magnificent architecture is used for educational and cultural facility. There are various artefacts that symbolises the bygone era and the historical essence of the city. The place is a tourist destination and it is open for public on all days. One can explore the historical building and also catch a glimpse Stuartholme-Behan collection of Australian Art which is secured based here. One can catch the beautiful glimpse of the river from here and enjoy spending some time in this historical location. Private functions are now organised here since the hall rooms have a capacity of accommodating almost 350 persons. The place is easily accessible with bus stops and trains stations based closeby.

    Location: 399 Queen Street, Brisbane City 
  • 24Visit Queen Street Mall

    Image Credit : FOTOaRAY - flickr
    Queen Street Mall is the shopping paradise in Brisbane city. It is the most popular pedestrian mall in the whole country and it is known to host about 26 million visitors every year. The mall has huge number of stores which showcases local, international as well as flagship brands. It is believed that there more than 700 retailers based here which caters to almost all kinds of goods available here. It is not only the shopping that attracts people here but it is also considered as the most happening place in the whole Brisbane.

    Thousands of events gets organised here and one can feel the thud of music feeling the air on every weekends. Restaurants, pubs, cinema halls, beauty salons, boutiques, bars and a throbbing nightlife can be experienced here with some of the best entertainment options being available here. It is truly the premier entertainment destination of Queensland. 
  • 25Visit Story Bridge

    Image Credit : Rodney Topor - flickr
    One of the most innovative and unique way of exploring Brisbane is through the adventurous sport Story Bridge. It is soft adventure so all enthusiasts can enjoy the game though child below 10 years of age is not allowed to participate. It is one of the breathtaking experiences but shows off the city in the most pictorial that touches the heart and makes it a memorable stunt. It’s a two hour experience where one reaches the superstructure of the bridge at a height of 80m and experiences a 360 degree fascinating view of the city and the ever beautiful Brisbane River.

    Though all people can experience this adventure but it is advisable for people with heart problems and height phobia to avoid the stunt. The climb is guided by exclusive commentary by an experienced climber so that the journey becomes smooth and more entertaining.