Cycling is a wonderful activity which is known to all. Indoor and outdoor cycling are both very popular and both contribute to good health too. Road cycling is a common type of cycling which include cycling on paved roads as well as rugged terrain. Cyclists usually pursue the activity for recreation or see it as a professional sport. Many cyclists perform the activity on mountains by making use of specialized mountain bikes.

Cycling races are also very popular all around the world. In India, cycling is common means of transportation and in present times, is seen majorly as a recreational sport in cities. Cycling is one of the common activities pursued by the youth. Many corporates see it as a way of team building and take their employees on cycling tours.

Sholay Cycling Tour, near Bangalore, in India is a thrilling destination for cyclists. Many cycling tours take place here throughout the year. The tour is enjoyed the most when done in group.

Offbeat cycling tour is yet another tour that offers the cyclists thrill and adventure in the regions surrounding Bangalore city. Passionate cyclists ride through green fields and enjoy the sport to the maximum.

Ramanagaram near Bangalore is also a great place for cyclists. The region is covered with hills from all the sides and provides a great terrain to cycle enthusiasts. Tourists can also indulge in chimney climbing, rock climbing, and trekking here.

For people who are short of time can enjoy cycling at a beautiful spot known as Savandurga. A perfect destination for outdoor activities; the cycling tour here can be availed at a very less price.


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