Trekking in Uttar Pradesh

Surrounded and cocooned by the Himalayan range, with the Ganga River flowing right through it, Uttar Pradesh is a sight for sore eyes. With plenty of trekking opportunities within the state, across borders to the nearby state of Uttarakhand and cross country to Nepal, there are tons of trekking opportunities and activities for you to take part in. The best trekking tours in Uttar Pradesh are in the Garhwal and Kumaon region and you can either choose an easy to moderate trek or if you’re more adventurous then choose a more edgy trek route. You can stay at some close by and ideal resort like the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve which is close to both the Nepal and Uttarakhand borders and is close to the base camp for most of your treks. Start your journey of a lifetime experience, with incomparable view of the mountains looming overhead and the ridges of the same playing peek-a-boo with you on your journey enroute.


Trek through their mighty jungles with the Deodar trees lining up your path with streams of water gurgling alongside, making for a picturesque and serene path way. Experience the hilly terrains and cross through rivers and enjoy the camping opportunities with the nightfall of quiet and peace and the sky filled overhead with stars and constellations to keep you great company. Enjoy the wildlife on the way, spotting their mountain animals and birds cozying up to the surroundings. With all the equipment in place and with sheer focus and curiosity of mind, there are amazing places to explore and there will be no dearth for the same. So gear up and enjoy a great trekking tour in Uttar Pradesh, a Northern Haven of India.

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