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Best Adventure Tours in Uttar Pradesh

According to a report published by the Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM), the number of foreign footfalls in UP can go up to 28 lakh by 2017 from which 20.5 lakh can be the ones who have already visited the state in 2013. Uttar Pradesh is a charming state rich in culture and heritage sites. World famous for its ancient history and renowned for its colossal feel, it also offers some of the best and most exciting adventure tours in Uttar Pradesh. This richness blends perfectly with the modern lifestyle, making it a popular destination in the country. So, what are you waiting for, come let’s take a tour to Uttar Pradesh and explore the amazing culture and traditions? But, wait, there is a lot more to visit and do in Uttar Pradesh, like various adventure activities, which one can enjoy solo, or in groups or with family.


As Agra is very famous for the Taj Mahal, you can take a day tour and be on your bikes to explore the vistas surrounding the Taj Mahal. There can be a cycling tour as well that can take you to the historical monuments and the local markets. You will get a tour guide to direct you on your trip. There is also an opportunity to take a camel ride at Chambal River. There is a tour that takes you to Chambal River where you just relax near the river and enjoy the cool breeze. Also, take a boat ride and don't be scared to sit on the camel's back. Wow, this is exciting, as this camel ride will take you to the havelis and another centre of attraction. With some of the best adventure tours in Uttar Pradesh on offer, this place is sure to keep you wanting for more.

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    Half Day Bike Tour, Agra
    h5 Hours

    Agra, the city of eternal love has a lot to offer its visitors. In addition to the Taj; the historical monuments, local markets and marble workshops around this city are of extreme delight. Conducted twice in a day; 6:00 am and 12:30 pm, this cycling tour of around 4-5 hours will make you familiar with Agra’s glorious history. Once you arrive at the meeting place, get tips and know more about the best ways of cycling in Agra. Post this, get your bike, helmet and other safety equipment and start following the tour guide. Ride thorough the colourful lanes and discover its magnificence with every turn of the tour. While riding down the lanes, visit the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and other heritage monuments within the city. Cycle through the local market that is around 400 years old, return to the meeting point where the tour comes to an end. However, in case, you wish to spend some more time during this cycling tour, it can be easily arranged by the tour guides. Duration: This 10km bicycle tour would be completed within 4-5 hours

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    About the Activity:Fixed departure: 21st January, 2016How many times have you crooned seeing those pictures of friends who have taken a sabbatical and traveling all over with their pictures splashed all over? How many times have you been caught by the budget  bug and put your travel plans on hold? How many times have you done the Jaipur, Agra, Manali only to find it buzzing with crowd you wanted to leave behind?Starting Dec'16 to Mar’17, all the above can be put to rest with just a weekend with the "Weekend Travel Project with Crazyfeet Kavya". The "Weekend Travel Project" as it's fondly called by Kavya is a box of surprises around weekend travel in North India. Start this 2 day trip in a weekend in January 2017 from Delhi, cross the impressive sites of Etawah to the small village of Chambal lulled by Chambal River, the tributary of River Yamuna.A flamboyant sightseeing will be possible while you are on this tour along with an elaborate boating on the calm waters of Chambal River.Get an extensive camel ride across the historically prominent streets and havelis; visit Bateshwar temples as well which were once the centre of attraction.This package includes food, accommodation and transportation from Delhi to the site and return.

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    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Imagine hundreds of acres of sugarcane fields all around with dashes of bright yellow mustard patches surrounding a private home built in the 1940s .Stay in a very private and luxurious accommodation with a caring team to attend with stunning views of the forest around.The property boasts, natural wooden or stone flooring, a very large and well-appointed bathroom with a bathtub, shower, twin sinks.The living area looks onto the greens outside. This three-day stay enables you to visit the Tiger Reserve famous for the one-horned rhino, in addition to a huge variety of wildlife and birds.The package includes meal, activities, accommodation and transportation in an Innova.

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