Uttar Pradesh Pilgrimage Tour Packages

Uttar Pradesh Pilgrimage Packages

Duration Price
Varanasi Sunrise Boat Tour3 hours
INR 930
Varanasi Spiritual Walking Tour3 hours
INR 800

India is known worldwide for its culture of ‘unity in diversity’ for many years and has been a home to numerous religious and spiritual beliefs, all coexisting in harmony. With the birth of the Hindu mythology in this land and the depictions of the Literature in the Bhagwat Gita, India has become an important destination for its devotees to come for pilgrimages and pay their respects by performing the customary rituals. With the best pilgrimage tours in Uttar Pradesh, this Indian state witnesses highest number of pilgrimages and pilgrims throughout the year.
During the time of pilgrimage festivals, the respective destinations see an outpour of the followers flooding in with strong devotional calls. One witnesses Uttar Pradesh beautifully lit up with fire lamps and hear the continuous flow of the melodious hymns echoing with the rings of the temple bells. Uttar Pradesh is also one of the richest states in terms of the number of rivers and their tributaries that flow through it.


This rather makes it a scenic pilgrimage destination for the ones who make the long journey. With the rise of the sun on the horizon and the orange rays glowing up the calm rivers flowing by, the sight of pilgrims performing their rituals by the river banks engrossed in their spiritual trance is a blissful watch. Traveling to destinations of pilgrimage tours in Uttar Pradesh can get very tiring for people coming from afar. It can also be exhausting to plan out the accommodations with high demands for stay during this period. Thrillophilia offers a wide range of options to plan out the pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh inclusive of stay as per one’s requirements. The bookings made will be guaranteed and the services provided are of high quality as promised. Thrillophilia understands the mind should dedicate this time only towards devotion to fulfil their spiritual desires, hence they let you keep your mind off the exhaustion of planning the logistics.

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