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Best Honeymoon Tours in Jammu and Kashmir

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    About the Destination: The landscape of Ladakh is marked by high-mountain passes and incredible blue lakes set amidst jagged mountains. Frozen glaciers, gurgling mountain streams and clean long stretches of arid cold land make this magical land one that is full of diversity. The allure of Ladakh lies in its Gompas, whitewashed Stupas, and prayer inscribed flags fluttering in the cold and crisp mountain breeze that carries around the sound from the spinning prayer wheels. Smiling faces, lined with age and wisdom give a welcoming greet you at its heavenly doors. About the Departure: The beauty of Ladakh has to be seen to be believed. Breathe in the clear cold air, and witness the lofty mountain peaks perennially covered in snow. Walk alongside gem like lakes and glacier-fed rivers that happily flow through green farmland. Pass by the highest motorable road in the world at Khardung La and sit and marvel at the shores of Pangong Lake, shimmering at a height of 14,500ft. Take a scenic drive to Nubra Valley is exciting and see the neighbouring settlements on a camel safari. Snow-clad mountains set against clear azure sky and verdant pastures alternating with snow covered valleys and sand dunes make Ladakh a collage of stunning beauty that simply overwhelms the heart.The prices according to the type of room and number of minimum people are as follow:NUMBER OF PAX   Standard          Deluxe          Super Deluxe        Luxury            PremiumMin 02 pax               Rs. 32232         Rs. 33456          Rs. 35892           Rs. 43716         Rs. 50784Min 03 Pax               Rs. 25584        Rs. 26892          Rs. 29124            Rs. 36816         Rs. 43152Min 04 pax               Rs. 23052        Rs. 24276          Rs. 26712             Rs. 34536        Rs. 29604Min 05 Pax               Rs.20904         Rs. 22176          Rs. 24480            Rs. 32232        Rs. 38856Min 06 Pax               Rs. 19992        Rs. 21216          Rs. 23652            Rs. 31476        Rs. 38544Min 07 Pax               Rs. 21576        Rs. 22824          Rs. 25176           Rs. 32940         Rs. 39696Min 08 Pax               Rs. 20808        Rs. 22020          Rs. 24456           Rs. 32280         Rs. 39348Min 09 Pax               Rs. 19860        Rs. 21108          Rs. 23472           Rs. 31260         Rs. 38076Min 10 Pax               Rs. 19428        Rs. 20640          Rs. 23076           Rs. 30900         Rs. 37968Min 11 Pax               Rs. 18780        Rs. 20016          Rs. 22392           Rs. 30180         Rs. 37044Min 12 Pax               Rs. 18504        Rs. 19716          Rs. 22152           Rs. 29976         Rs. 36960Extra Bed Child        Rs. 9720          Rs. 11160           Rs. 12600            Rs. 20280       Rs. 24336

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Traveller Tales from Jammu and Kashmir


Gautama Achari

27 November 2015

The beauty of the landscapes of this destination is something that blew my mind the second I landed. Coupled with the chill climate this was the perfect trip! The people I met were amazing and the guides were so helpful and informative always keeping us engaged in fun activities. And the best part came when we reached Nubra valley via Khardung La pass and enjoyed a joyful camel ride. And I was awestruck by the beauty of the Pangong Lake as it slowly changed its colours. Amazing trip!! :)

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Dhana Guha

26 September 2015

Great trip! The rooms were good and so was our food. We covered all the places as mentioned in the package. We also visited some of the monasteries which revived us all at once. The sight of Nubra valleys was the best which we drove via Khardungla Pass. My buddies and I enjoyed the camel ride in Nubra valley. Although it was a bit cold but the surroundings around us made us forget everything. I will remember this trip as it was a trip with lots of memories. Thanks!

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Dhanpati Bhat

11 February 2016

Undoubtedly one of the best trips ever. We booked this tour from Thrillophilia, it was an easy process. We were informed about the pickup and also the arrangements that were made for our stay. Trust me guys it was the best adventure for all of us. We visited quite a lot of places which included cultural as well as heritage tour. The landscape was amazing, everything was covered in white snow which made it one of a kind. We also had an amazing guide with us who was providing us with all the information of the places. Thumbs up!!

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Chidaatma Asan

07 January 2016

Ladhak and leh undoubtedly are the prettiest places in India. Travelling through the longest motorable road in the world was something which i can't explain in words. We had the best of the best services, our accommodation room were very clean and well maintained. It was a very comfortable stay. We also had a very wonderful tour leader who was taking care of all the services. While on our tour we were given detailed descriptions about each of the places. As we pass through the roads we had the most amazing views of our surroundings. It was indeed a great trip.

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Chandrani Prajapat

06 May 2016

It was on my bucket list to do a Leh-Ladakh tour for a very long time, we had the most amazing trip ever.It was very well organised. The pick up was on time and so was our accommodation. Im so glad Thrillophilia provided me with this opportunity with a great offer, every part of this tour was beyond amazing. We also enjoyed some delicious meals during our trip. And the best part was you have the choice of Veg and Non-Veg. We also had an amazing guide throughout our sightseeing tour. During our 8 days trip, we covered some of the monasteries, forts and the amazing magnetic hills as well. It was a wonderful trip for all of us.

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Nanda Mehra

18 June 2015

I book this trip for our anniversary and we had an amazing time! This Leh Ladakh trip couldn't be more perfect. Right from our flight from Mumbai and departure from Leh, there wasn't one boring moment or where anything went wrong. The organisers did a brilliant job. Everything was so well arranged that we were bound to praise them every time. Whether it was our stay or our food. Everything was so perfect for us. We felt as if we were staying at our own home on our tour. It was one of the best trips for us.

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Arjun Kapoor

28 June 2015

Leh-Ladakh is the best trip to take. We were 6 friends who went on this trip. It was the best times of our lives. What more could you expect when you have the mountains around you. And the best part was everything was so well arranged for us. From our stay to our food, everything was taken care of. We were joined by another group during this tour and it became much more interesting. Would definitely love to visit again along with my family as well. Thumbs up.

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Inder Pothuvaal

11 January 2016

Leh-Ladakh should be something everyone experiences, I am glad I did! This tour was beyond amazing. It was an exciting trip and Thrillophilia has very well arranged everything for us. They have also warned us about the place being a bit cold and so to carry some extra clothing. And the best part was our food, it was delicious. I still remember that amazing view of the view the Pangong lake from a high altitude, the view was majestic. It was the perfect holiday for us.

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Swami Patil

19 March 2016

Our trip to Ladakh was one of the most memorable trips for us.We had an amazing time exploring the various places. And trust me guys you will find these places exactly like the movies. We had an amazing guide who was looking, after all, our needs throughout the tour. We were joined by another group for our trip. Wonderful trip. Would love to go for it again.

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