Slovenia Honeymoon Packages

Thrillophilia has abundant Slovenia Honeymoon Packages perfect for couples who are looking forward to spending their honeymoon in a fairytale backdrop. Explore the country of Slovenia and it's beautiful landscapes with discounted deals and great offers for couples with us. 

Our Slovenia Honeymoon Tour Packages can be customised according to your personal choices, as you both enjoy the countryside of this gorgeous place. Take rides through the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia and explore many outdoor activities with our specially curated packages that will give you the most memorable moments. Our tour packages to Slovenia are curated keeping in mind the couples and their expectations from a romantic trip, on budget.

While most of our tour packages can be customised according to your needs, you are already provided with a wide range of pre planned tour packages that will meet your expectations. Enjoy your vacation at the romantic hotels and stays in Slovenia with our perfectly tailored tour packages for couples on their honeymoon, which also include various activities that you and your partner will enjoy together. 

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Slovenia Honeymoon FAQs

What are the famous romantic places to visit in Slovenia?

1. Bled: One of the most romantic spots in Slovenia Honeymoon Packages, Bled is breathtakingly beautiful. The glacial lake is engulfed by snow-covered mountains and forests of the Alps. The lake has a small island in its center, where tourists admire the beauty of a Gothic Church built in the 1400s and couples can even get married in this church.
The small town is popular for its scenic landscapes and abundance of outdoor activities offered in Slovenia Honeymoon Packages. You can enjoy hiking, rafting, skiing, horseback riding and so much more while staying in this resort town. 
Location: Bled, Slovenia 

2. Triglav National Park: Named after the country's highest mountain peak, Triglav National Park is a popular tourist destination in Slovenia honeymoon tour packages. The park is spread across 320 square miles on the borders of both Italy and Austria. Its abundant mountain peaks and the glacial lake bohinj add to the rustic charm that is loved by the visitors. Couples enjoy hiking throughout the year and also can indulge in rafting and hydrosphere speeding on the Soca river. 
Location: Triglav, So?a, Slovenia

3. Otocec Castle: Otocec Castle is the only Slovenian Castle that is entirely surrounded by water on an island in the Krka river. Links to the banks by two bridges the castle has a wonderful history and is now converted into a luxury hotel where couples can stay and enjoy its services during their Slovenia Honeymoon Packages. The surroundings of the castle are beautiful courtyards, parks and emerald-colored waters that boasts a good number of species of fish and birds. 
Location: Grajska Cesta, Otocec, Slovenia 

4. Postojna Cave: The Postojna Caves were carved by the Pivka River over the centuries. The passages, galleries and chambers in the caves are mesmerizing as they are filled with stunning calcite formations. Couples can journey to these gorgeous caves and take a train ride through them in their Slovenia Honeymoon Packages. The guided tour will take them through the magnificent caves where they will see the beauty of different shapes and forms, and some rare cave animals. 
Location: Jamska cesta, Postojna, Slovenia
Timings: 10 am - 5 pm 

5. Piran: Referred to as the jewel of the Adriatic Sea, Piran is a popular honeymoon destination in Slovenia Honeymoon Packages. Romantic walks on the beach, delicious food and friendly locals, the experience that this place offers is serene. Watch a mesmerizing sunset with your partner from the Piran Lighthouse and relax with a gorgeous backdrop. 
Location: Secovlje Salina Nature Park Parecag, Sicciole, Slovenia

6. Logar Valley: One of the best kept secrets, the Lohar Valley is a beautiful destination in your Slovenia Honeymoon Tour Packages. a gorgeous alpine glacier, the place is hidden in the backdrop of the Kamnik Alps and offers a great view of the surroundings. The panorama view from the place of the waterfalls and lush meadows is breathtaking. Newly Wed couples can indulge in outdoor activities like hiking, horse riding and even cycling through the green fields and wonderful landscape. 
Location: Logarska Dolina 9, 3335 Sol?ava, Slovenia
Timings: 8 AM - 8:45 PM

7. Bohinj Valley: Located in the midst of the Triglav National Park, the valley is a stunning place with lake view and a must visit in your Slovenia Honeymoon Tour Packages. Bohinj Lake is the largest lake in Slovenia and often a great spot for summer dips for tourists as well as locals. Engulfed by the Julian Alps, Bohinj Valley is amazing for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and skiing. Couples can also enjoy learning cheese making while visiting the valley. 
Location: Triglav, So?a, Slovenia

8. Lipica: The estate of Lipica, Lipizzaner Horse Farm is the central attraction for couples in their Slovenia Honeymoon Tour Packages. The natural landscapes and meadows are a great view with a romantic atmosphere and carriage rides for dates. The local cuisine and wines add to the fairytale honeymoon and couples can spend days laying down under the tree in the estate enjoying each other's company. 
Location: Lipica, Sezena, Slovenia 

9. Butcher's Bridge: Built over the Ljubljana River, the Butcher's Bridge is famous for it's sweet custom of Love Locks. Couples etch their names together on padlocks and then lock them on the iron rails of the bridge. The key is then thrown away in the river, making a promise of togetherness forever. This might not be a one of a kind place, but it sure is a place where love speaks volumes and couples include it in their Slovenia Honeymoon Packages. 
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

What are the romantic things to do in Slovenia on your honeymoon?

1. Wander around Ljubljana: The capital city of Ljubljana is one of the most romantic destinations in the Slovenia Honeymoon Packages. This charming city has a beautiful castle, stunning view of the Alps, and the cutest painted houses in the old town. The art galleries, museums and cultural spots are something couples can explore together. The river banks on which the city is situated are perfect for strolls while sipping on a relaxing cup of coffee. 
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

2. Boating in the Lake Bled: Lake Bled is breathtakingly beautiful and one of the most picturesque destinations included in Slovenia Honeymoon Packages. The Lake has a castle on the banks overlooking a cliff. Couples can enjoy boating in the lake and then visit the beautiful Church located in the middle of the waters. The Church is still operational and a favourite amongst couples looking for a destination wedding.
Location: Lake Bled, Slovenia

3. Skiing in Kranjska Gora: Slovenia is one of the best places to ski, even for beginners. A wonderful place in Slovenia Honeymoon Tour Packages is the Kranjska Gora, a destination that is almost like a fairytale and can be enjoyed for skiing even by beginners. The beautiful landscapes and curvy valleys are amazing for skiing with a view. 
Location: Kranjska Gora 

4. Watch Sunrise over Lake Bled: Sunsets are beautiful, but watching a sunrise over the lake Bled is something mesmerizing. The sunlight spreading over the lake and surrounding peaks is like magic. You both can get to the Mala Osojnica viewpoint or at the eastern bank to get the best view. 
Location: Lake Bled, Slovenia

5. Hike in the Logar Valley: There are a number of hike trails in the valley where you both will find good times in your Slovenia Honeymoon Tour Packages. There are also multi day hikes in the middle of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The view at the top of the summit is amazing with the Logar Valley in the north, and Brana & Planja in the east and west. You can grab some mountain food and a beer while enjoying your view. 
Location: Logar Valley, Ljubljana 
Entry Price: €7 for entry 

6. Rafting through the Soca: Soca Valley is the popular destination for Slovenia Honeymoon Packages, with its river rafter in turquoise waters, adventure sports scenes, and so many hidden gems. A 3.5 hour rafting journey of you both braving through the waves of freezing cold water and enjoying breathtaking views, spending time along the Soca is something you both will remember for life. 
Location: Soca Valley, Slovenia

Which are the best romantic places to stay in Slovenia?

1. Hotel Grad Otocec: Situated on a remote island in the middle of the River Krka, The Hotel Grad Otocec enjoys a scenic view and backdrop. A renovated castle, the hotel has 16 boutique rooms to offer to guests and is surrounded by gorgeous lush green fields. It is the perfect honeymoon destination with a delectable gourmet restaurant and fine wine. 

2. Chateau Ramsak:
If you have ever wished to stay in a Treehouse with your partner, then this is your chance. Overlooking gorgeous vineyards, the tent shaped tree house has a scenic terrace and hot tub where you can enjoy wine from the vineyard on the farm. You both will love the breathtaking sunrise that spreads a golden glow on the surrounding vineyards.

3. Kempinski Palace Portoroz:
If your perfect honeymoon was always envisioned by the sea with your feet in the sand, this is your place. The glamourous hotel has everything honeymooners need and love, with 164 rooms and 17 suites. The place offers both vintage and modern rooms with a view of the sea. 

4. Grand Hotel Toplice:
Lake Bled is one of the most romantic destinations in Slovenia and staying around the Lake itself will be wonderful. The Grand Hotel Toplice is a scenic location by lakeside with a view of the beach and access to natural hot springs. The hotel restaurant offers delectable food and you can enjoy evenings with live Piano music.

Which are the best places to enjoy shopping in Slovenia? What is a must thing to buy?

1. Zoofa: The hotspot for local brands and designers, Zoofa offers a variety of accessories and crafts. The shop has an amazing women's collection and accessories from around 12 local designers. The best spot to get your wardrobe a touch of Slovenia, the style ranges from modest and sporty to vibrant and sophisticated.

2. Trgovina Ika:
The shop is a tourist attraction because of its representation of local artisans, where people can shop jewelry, fashion, and also for gifts. Shop for handmade paintings and ceramic with a touch of modern art. 

3. Lotos:
Lotos is a wonderful place for quality baked goods. From strudels, muffins, biscuits to cupcakes and lip smacking jams; you can get yourself amazing treats with no artificials. The shop is a local family owned business, offering around more than 25 homemade jams. 

4. Treasures of Slovenia:
Entering into this beautiful shop is like getting inside the Aladdin Cave. The shelves have a variety of foods, drinks and crafts. From delicious chocolates to craft beers, you can fill your bags with some amazing items.

What is the best time to visit Slovenia for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit Slovenia is in the months of summer from June to August. However, most people book their Slovenia Honeymoon Packages in these months which makes it a little crowded. So, if you wish to enjoy some quiet peaceful time with your partner you can look into Slovenia Honeymoon Tour Packages for the month of September or October.

How many days are enough for a Slovenia honeymoon tour?

To enjoy this beautiful honeymoon destination, you should have at least 4 days of time to explore it's popular spots. However, you can extend the trip into a more leisurely pace and relax in the gorgeous backdrop of Slovenia.

What is the cost of a tourist visa in Slovenia?

The Slovenia Tourist visa can cost somewhere around 7000 INR. You can easily apply for the visa online without any hassle.

Do Indian passports need a visa for Slovenia?

A Slovenia Tourist Visa is required for Indian Passports, when looking to plan a honeymoon.

How much does it cost to tour Slovenia for a couple?

A tour to Slovenia for two people for an entire week will cost somewhere around 80,000 INR. This cost will include meals, accommodations as well as transportation.

Is Slovenia worth visiting for a honeymoon?

The beautiful location of Slovenia is perfect for a honeymoon. It's natural landscapes, rich cultural history, delectable food, and amazing views make it a great destination for a honeymoon.

What are the best ways to commute in and around Slovenia?

Most people prefer cars to travel around in Slovenia if possible. The roads are well constructed and people can reach everywhere via road. Public transport is also very efficient and you can take trains, buses to reach big cities or even remote destinations.

Is Slovenia expensive for tourists?

Slovenia is not an expensive tourist destination in comparison to its European neighbours. The country is an exciting destination and you do not need a huge budget to enjoy it's gorgeous backdrop.

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