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Slovenia Packages

Duration Price
7 Days Tour Package Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia7 days & 6 nights
INR 91,200
Croatia and Slovenia Tour Package8 days & 7 nights
INR 1,02,000
Slovenia Croatia Montenegro Tour Package13 days & 12 nights
INR 3,29,996
Wonders Of East Europe | Group Tour Package10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,53,595.4

There are simply a myriad of things to experience in these well-curated Slovenia tour packages from Thrillophilia that gives you a chance to stay in luxury hand picked hotels and get assisted by the best tour guides for a wonderful exploration tour.  In your Slovenia packages from Thrillophilia, you will get a chance to discover the enthralling capital city and take a tour around the triple bridge. These well curated tour packages come with loads of customisation options in order to give you a once in a lifetime feeling. With amazing deals and discounts always running on Thrillophilia, you can plan a vacation without having to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Whether you're wondering about a honeymoon escape or even a holiday trip with family, a Slovenia itinerary with its beautiful cultural heritage, vibrant festival, turbulent history, old-fashioned traditions, and dramatic countryside, you are assured to have an adventurous and fun-filled vacation. Taking Slovenia tour packages from Thrillophilia, you will literally be heading out to explore the region to its core. You will take sightseeing tours to the notable tourist attractions like Maribor, Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Piramida, and Triglav National Park. These tour packages will also let you indulge in exploration tours of nearby cities, valleys, and caves.

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Slovenia Tour FAQs

What are the famous places to see during the Slovenia tour?

1. Maribor - Start your exclusive tour in Slovenia Tour Packages by staying a night at the beautiful city of Maribor. Maribor, located in close proximity to the Austrian border and overlooking the Drava River, has a myriad of attractions to keep you entertained on your vacation.
Visit the old vine house which is located in the Drava neighbourhood and has verdant and lush vines adorning the area, dating back to 440 years. Majority of Slovenia's wine demand is met from this famous vineyard. Next on, head on to the amusing Slovenian monument of the 16th century which continues to be a significant building representing Slovenia's defence against Turkish raids.

2. Ljubljana
- This exclusive Slovenian capital houses a plethora of cathedrals, resplendent museums and sights of interests that will intrigue the travel freak within you during your Slovenia Tour Packages. The major highlight of this vibrant city is the incandescent triple brigade which attracts Slovenia’s crowds annually.
Other sights of interest are the ancient Ljubljana castle, which is a spectacular fortress housing Renaissance style art and architecture. Tourists can also take a stroll through the scenic Tivoli park and admire the verdant landscape surrounding them. One of the most amusing highlights of this fun loving city is the Dragon square which features concrete dragon statues and structures representing the Austrian- Hungarian Empire of the 16th century.

3. Lake Bled
- Fancy visiting a dreamy castle in the middle of an ethereal lake? Slovenia Tour Packages brings you a panoramic site in its North-western stretch. This turquoise lake is surrounded by tall and lanky Julian Alps. The most distinctive part of this extravagant attraction is the miniscule island perched in the middle.
This island houses the 17th century Lake Bled castle formerly known to be the residence of royals. This glacial lake remains one of the least explored European landmarks and thus remains unspoiled by the public. Book for a whimsical candle lit dinner in the exquisite castle and spend a night admiring the peaceful lake.
Location: Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia

4. Piramida
- This pyramid-like hill elevation is one of the most scenic locations in Maribor for a pleasant hike up to the peak. During your Slovenia Tour Packages, get ready with your Nikes to climb onto 386 metres of elevation. The history of this extravagant attraction dates back to the 18th century when the elevation used to house the enthralling Maribor castle.
After the demolition of the fortress, this pyramid was then made and given public access. The entire slope is covered with lush vines and vineyards up to the peak. Tourists can render a fun hike session and click breath-taking pictures from the top.
Location: Piramida2000 Maribor, Slovenia

5. Triglav National Park
- Located in North-western stretch of Slovenia, Triglav national park is the one and only national park of Slovenia. With snow-capped mountains, verdant and lush valleys and Julian aps adorning these 880sq metres of area, one must definitely visit this enthralling location on their trip to Slovenia in Slovenia Tour Packages.
This exquisite protected area features a myriad of beautiful flora and fauna which are worth exploring. Standing in the middle of the ground is Triglav Mountain which renders picturesque views from the top. This national park is a beautiful addition to your trip and remains Slovenia’s unspoiled beauty. Take your significant other on a hiking expedition and make memories to last a lifetime.

6. Postojna
- At about a distance of 35 kilometres from the centre, Postojna is an enthralling location with a plethora of sights of interest that are a beautiful addition to your itinerary in Slovenia Tour Packages. Start off with a visit to the Postojna caves. An enthralling train journey will take you inside these caves which feature archaic and age old natural rock formations, galleries and halls adored with limestone and stalactite formation and of course marvellous engineering.
Next on your travel itinerary, you would want to discover the hideous and spine chilling Crose cave. Enjoy a fun boat ride through the middle of ancient caves where lies the bones of animals and other creatures.

7. Piran
- Perched on the coast of Adriatic sea in South-western Slovenia, this scenic and small town is a must visit and is an enthralling addition to your activity planner of Slovenia Tour Packages. The top attractions of Piran are the extravagant Tartini square which houses vibrant and old buildings, opulent restaurants, high end boutiques for shopping and a very chill ambiance.
Head onto the church of St. George located beside the Piran coast. If you fancy a 360 degree view of the enthralling town of Piran, climb onto the sinking bell tower and entertain yourself. Apart from this, the medieval walls and roads, narrow cobbled streets and a relaxing chill vibe is what makes this small town so distinctive.

8. Ptuj
- The town of Ptuj, located in south-western Slovenia, is another colourful stop on your Slovenia Tour Packages itinerary. Ptuj is one of Slovenia's oldest settlements, having been founded by the Roman troops in the late Stone Age. The historic Ptuj castle, which has renaissance style architecture, weaponry, chambers, and more, will pique your interest in this strange town.
Next, visit the Dominican monastery, which is situated by the Drava River and has Baroque and Gothic architecture. The Orpheus monument, which was built in the second century and has been carefully maintained, is also located in Ptuj. Don't miss out on the exquisite Slovenian food served in this heavenly spot.

9. Celje
- Celje is a beautiful town worth exploring in Slovenia Tour Packages. This enthralling location houses the humongous Celje monument of the 14th century, which depicts Slovenia’s rich history and ancient architecture. Next on your travel itinerary, you would want to explore Prince’s mansion dating back to 1456.
This royal chamber has Celje regional museum with intriguing artefacts on display. The barracks of this mansion are a popular tourist hub because this is where the Empress Theresa lived in the late 1700. Amongst other interesting locations, tourists can also visit Celje cathedral, explore the city walls, and have a thrill expedition at Celje Adventure Park.

10. Koper
- Located on the coast of Slovenia, this enthralling beach town has plenty of sights of interest to keep you entertained for a while and are definite additions to Slovenia Tour Packages. Start with an evening stroll through the Muda City gate which is an important tourist attraction to spend time around.
Next, head onto the amusing Tito Square which has Venetian influenced ambiance and features amazing sightseeing attractions like the bell tower, loggia and armoury palace. Take a break from your hectic travel itinerary and hop on the beach and sip on sumptuous cocktails whilst relaxing on the lounge chairs. Koper has a lot more to offer than this, and this beautiful town is the best way to end your vacation.

What are the best things to do during a Slovenia Tour?

1. Explore the Ptuj Town - Ptuj town is located in the Northern part of Slovenia and is known to be one of the oldest towns of this country. Dating back to the Stone Age, this location’s enthralling history will amuse any travel freak on a trip in Slovenia packages. The most exquisite activity to do here is exploring the amazing wine cellars of Ptuj castle. Slovenia’s beautiful castle has gothic and renaissance art and architecture which are worth exploring.
Apart from this, tourists can also take a stroll through the relevant Dominican monastery, the mysterious Orpheus monument with a concrete headstone and other such historically pivotal locations.

2. Take a Hike in Triglav National Park - The tales of these enthralling and verdant well protected natural zones are heard by all. This beautiful national park is set in South-western Slovenia in Bled city. From exquisite flora to district fauna, one can find a myriad of fascinating stuff. Triglav national park features rare species of white throated kingfisher, common brown bears, alpine marmots, exotic flower species and extremely valuable medicinal plants as well. A hiking expedition in these scenic mountains is what one needs as a break from a frenzy vacation in Slovenia packages.

3. Take a Boat Tour on Lake Bled - Adjoining the town of Bled, this miraculous lake is a scenic tourist hotspot. In the middle of this turquoise lake is the Lake Bled castle which has renaissance style artefacts inside of it. There are a vibrant range of fishes inside of this lake like carp, spearfish and more.
Tourists can find a number of paddle and row boats that charge reasonable amounts to help reach you to the middle of this glacial lake. Once you have reached you can ring the bells at the enthralling cathedral and make a wish. Discover the best of Slovenia with your significant other in this magical castle in Slovenia packages.
Location:  Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Price: 13 euros for adults

4. Explore Vintgar Gorge - Fancy a thrilling expedition climbing tough rocks and hanging bridges? This 1.6 kilometres stretch of scenic Gorge is an enthralling must do activity in Slovenia packages. Located northwest of Bled, this amazing gorge features splendid waterfalls on the way adorned by lush and verdant flora and thermal springs as well. On their way, tourists will come across Sum waterfall, which is the largest river waterfall of Slovenia. 
Location: Turisti?no društvo Gorje, Podhom 80, 4247 Zgornje Gorje, Slovenia
Timings: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Price: 10 Euros

5. Discover Ljubljana - Slovenia Vacation packages are not completed without exploring the unspoiled nature of this ethereal capital city. Start off with a tour of the Preseren Square which has a triangular structure and features a Baroque style cathedral, churches and vibrant buildings.
Tourists would want to visit the ethereal triple bridge which dates back to 1842 and learn about its intriguing history from the locals. Discover the sumptuous Slovenian cuisine and treat yourself to traditional European delicacies from street vendors. Ljubljana castle with an enthralling courtyard features remains of the previous Ottoman Empire which ruled here.

6. Explore Soca River Valley - The magnificent Soca valley houses a myriad of ethereal rivers, hanging bridges, lush Julian Alpines, mountains and picturesque valleys promising a relaxing Slovenia Vacation package amidst a natural backdrop. Inside this ethereal Soca valley one can find the amusing Zelenci national park with abundant canopies and exquisite flora and fauna.
Moving on, tourists can find the ethereal Lake Jasana with a miraculous bronze Capricorn statue perched on its entrance. On the Soca trail, tourists will also come across thrilling gorges worth crossing and taking splendid pictures around. For adventure seekers, this magnificent attraction also offers a number of activities like kayaking, paddle boating, zip lines across lush Julian Alps.

7. Discover Postojna Caves - These splendid caves are a definite addition to your travel itinerary of Slovenia travel packages. Postojna caves are a bustling tourist hotspot and feature long underground galleries and valleys featuring distinct stalactite and natural limestone formations. These formations are around 140 years old and render splendid sightseeing attractions.
On every Christmas, special performances put on by artists from around the world are a must watch show. These caves were also believed to be the dragon’s house and the human fishes that roam around in the streams and springs are believed to be its offspring. Discover more such amusing tales by paying a visit to these enchanting caves.

8. Indulge in Winter Sports at Kranjska Gora - Relax in long emerald stretches surrounded by lanking and tall Julian alps, and indulge in a plethora of winter sports activities which render a thrilling experience in Slovenia Vacation packages. This beautiful location is a hub for popular activities like skiing and snowboarding during harsh winters and biking and rock climbing during pleasant summers.
For adventure lovers, camping amidst the lush canopies at night is a bloodcurdling activity to participate in. Apart from this, Kranjska Gora also features an opulent and luxurious resort with European delicacies to feast upon and high end boutiques to purchase for antiques and exotic souvenirs as well.:

9. Spend some time in Lipica - Fancy a horse ride through verdant and lush valleys? Lipica offers a myriad of very intriguing recreational activities that will keep you entertained for a while. These extravagant and miraculous stallions and mares are imported from Southern Spain and the best way to explore this incandescent village.
The stud farm breeds and provides shelter to these otherworldly creatures. Tourists can enjoy an enthralling horse carriage ride and explore this little village on their own. The stud farm is approved for guided tours and horse riding lessons to keep you entertained for a long day.

10. Row a Boat on Lake Bohinj - Spread over a vast area of 318 hectares, this extravagant lake is a must visit when in Slovenia travel packages. This ethereal lake has reflecting water which casts pictures of the surrounding Julian alps and lanking forts and castles. The measuring water sports one can try here are kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating.
Tourists can find a myriad of restro bars selling authentic Slovenian cuisine. Up and around, the sights of interest here are the Mostnica gorge with splendid springs and valley rendering a thrilling hiking expedition. End your day with a cable car ride through the verdant mountains encapsulating heart-warming sights of the entire view.

What are the famous caves in Slovenia?

1. Skocjan Caves - This massive cave system is a renowned world heritage site and is perched at the dead end of the river Reka. These caves feature limestone and unusual stalagmite rock formations. Tourists can also find a plethora of gorgeous suspension bridges on their way up. To reach these scenic spots, tourists can take a train ride from Divaca.

2. Postojna Caves
- Built about 140 years back, this beautiful caves feature enthralling stalagmites and stalactites rock formation. Tourists can find a myriad of valleys, gorges, halls, a humongous 16 feet long rock formation and small springs. The major highlight of this cave is the human fishes in the gorges which are believed to be the offsprings of the dragons who lived here.

3. Vilenica Cave
- Known as the oldest cave in Europe with public access from the 1600s, these beautiful caves and their winding corridors, turns and caverns featuring unusual rock formations are a picturesque location to render. Explore the hall of fairies and the district galleries full of limestone formations each telling a different story.

4. Pekel Cave
- Also known as Hell cave, this beautiful cave system has karst formation representing humans and animals. Tourists can also find Slovenia's highest underground waterfall here.

Which are the best Historic Towns to explore in Slovenia?

1. Ljubljana - The country’s scenic capital with its vibrant buildings and ethereal locations has many historic tales which will intrigue every travel freak. The town has the amusing triple bridges and the old town square with dragon statues adorning the walls which are a pleasant sight to render. Explore Slovenian cuisine by munching on sumptuous delicacies from local vendors.

2. Bled
- The amusing Bled town located beside the scenic Lake Bled is a top notch tourist destination. The lake bled renders a number of water activities like rowboats and canoeing. Row a boat to the cathedral perched in the middle of the Lake and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding Julian Alps.

3. Piran
- Enjoy a relaxing beach town vibe and sip on sumptuous cocktails whilst relaxing on lounge chairs by the Adriatic Sea. This ethereal town has an archaic styled town square with high end boutiques and a pleasant tartini theatre worth visiting. Tourists can also find Slovenian art and culture on every street and enjoy an evening stroll through the narrow lanes.

4. Bovec
- History geeks, discover the best of Slovenia's ancient past at this archaic and age-old town which played an incredible role during World War 1. From history museums to art galleries, one can find a lot of historically pivotal structures. Apart from this, tourists can find Slovenia's biggest Ski resort and indulge in amazing winter sports.

Which places are famous for nightlife in Slovenia?

1. Pub Bled - You are even too old to dance your night away to enchanting DJ beats and have a night of fun. From age-old wines to sumptuous drinks, party freaks can find a lot of intriguing activities which will keep them entertained for a while. This is one of the most exotic and crowded pubs of Slovenia.
2. Zmavc - Located in Rimska Cesta, this top-notch club has a much laid back ambiance and a bustling crowd of locals and hippies. The bar is adorned with graffiti art and features a small bar, lounge and spacious seating area and dance zones as well.
3. Dvorni Bar - This bar is located in the centre of the capital and has a yearlong rush. The major highlight of this bar is the sumptuous wine which attracts a lot of customers. The crowd here is basically of locals, youngest and hippies.
4. Sunset Boat Tour - The best way to enjoy Slovenia’s enthralling sunset is by taking a boat ride on the panoramic and picturesque lakes surrounded by Julian Alps and amusing forts on the banks.

What is the best time to visit Slovenia?

The best time to visit Slovenia is during the summers. During summers the average temperature is around 15 degree Celsius which is the perfect temperature to enjoy enthralling attractions and top notch locations. During winters the temperature falls down to 2 degrees.

How to reach Slovenia?

Tourists can reach Slovenia by taking a flight from India’s International Airports.

How long does it take to get a Slovenia visa?

A C-type visa is required to visit Austria which is valid for up to 90 days and can be accessed in a month.

What language does Slovenia speak?

Slovenian language is the national language of Slovenia.

What is Slovenia famous for?

Slovenia is extremely popular for caves with stalagmite formations, lush and verdant valleys, cathedrals and churches and beautiful castles with intriguing history worth exploring. Tourists can enjoy a much laid back ambiance and relax by the beaches of the Adriatic sea.

What is the currency in Slovenia?

 The currency of Slovenia in the Euro. 1 euro equals 85.19 Indian Rupees.

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