Things to Do in Slovenia

Postojna Caves

The Postojna Cave takes pride in being one of the most sought after caves and tourist attractions in Europe. This is a series of cave systems stretching as much as 24 kilometres and is more than 2 million years old.

Lake Bled, Ljubljana

Discover the enchanting beauty of Lake Bled in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Nestled amidst the Julian Alps, this picturesque lake boasts a fairy-tale-like island with a charming church and a medieval castle perched atop a cliff. Enjoy leisurely walks along the lake's shores, take a traditional Pletna boat to the island, or hike up to Bled Castle for breathtaking views. A must-visit destination for nature lovers and travelers seeking tranquility and romance in the heart of Slovenia's captivating landscapes.

Ljubljana Cathedral

Ljubljana Cathedral, also known as St. Nicholas's Cathedral, is a majestic and historic religious site located in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The cathedral's impressive Baroque architecture, adorned with ornate frescoes and statues, captivates visitors. Its history dates back to the 13th century, making it a significant cultural and spiritual landmark in the city.

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle is situated amidst the breathtaking view of the hill in Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana. This place holds great historical significance, making it a popular attraction to cover. The construction of the castle started in the early 11th century. 

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