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Antarctica Cruise Tours

Antarctica Cruise Packages from Thrillophilia can be considered as a true adventurous activity that one can attempt in the frigid paradise. Taking part in these amazing cruise tours, you will be able to pass through some magical natural creations and at the same time taste the ultimate flavour of Antarctica. The cruising packages offered by Thrillophilia are very well curated as well as tailored to meet your expectations as well. You will be assisted by expert guides and navigators who will not only take you through some of the mystical environments but will also share loads of insights about the south pole.

Taking luxury Antarctica Cruise tours with Thrillophilia, you will be able to make some priced moments with your loved ones experiencing all sorts of upscale hospitality. You will be pampered to the core by the staff members. The cruises will take you though some of the iconic places of earth like Polar Circle known for its imposing glaciers, Antarctic Peninsula known for its colony of Penguins, and Ross Sea widely held for its historical huts.
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Antarctica Cruises FAQs

Which are the best cruising experiences in Antarctica?

1. Beyond the Polar Circle: Enjoy the cruising beyond the polar circle with vast moors of the Falkland Islands, dotted with moss and lichen, mark the beginning of this Antarctic adventure and continuing to the South Georgia, where imposing glaciers meet the sea and thousands of king penguins are gathered in the island's black sandy beaches. You would encounter Whales, seals, and other impressive marine creatures giving you the best once-in-a-lifetime experience. The main attraction of this place is it is possible to view the midnight sun during the December solstice and crossing this line would be a greater highlighting experience of your cruise.

Price: $22,181 per person

2. Explore the Antarctic Peninsula: It will take only 15days to complete this wondrous voyage unleashing the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula. The cruise is designed to take you further South in the attempt to cross the whole Arctic Circle. Along this venture ,you will get a chance to encounter whales as well as colonies of penguins, and stunning landscapes with majestic glaciers, icebergs in the strengthened icy landscape . Not many people have travelled this far South but cruising through the Antarctic Peninsula would give a breath-taking experience as the scenery on the white continent feels magic and unreal.

Price: USD$10,000 per person

3. Luxury Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica: Taking a cruise trip to the luxury Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica, you will be able to relish a unique experience of Antarctica.
In the course of the tour, you will be able to pass through some of the amazing wildlife of Falklands and capture the incredible icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula. During the cruise tour, you will also be able to relish some delicious recipes prepared freshly. The moments of the fine dining experience will be ever cherishable.

Price: $22,665 - $29,885

4. Heart of Antarctica: Heading over on a trip to the heart of Antarctica, you will be able to experience the marvelous icebergs and huge colony of penguins. This fascinating place promises the visitors with some unforgettable moments. This place is surrounded by icy land in the heart of a stunning decor in the shades of blue and white and unique wildlives like humpback whales and penguins.

Price: $12,621 per person

5. Ross Sea Discovery: In Scott & Shackleton's Footsteps: While voyaging across the middle of Antarctica in a 50-seater passenger cruise, you will get to explore some of the lone parts as well. From which, one of them is Ross sea which was a matter of sheath. You will explore the historical huts within 10 continuous days and some of the sub Antarctic Islands nearby in 6 days while researching about the routes over there. In the whole journey during your Antarctica Cruise Packages, you will successfully land on some of the major islands like Franklin Island, Cape Hallett, Ross Ice Shelf and Terra Nova Bay.

Price: $20000 per person

What are the different places to go from and come to Antarctica on a cruise?

1. South America: South America is only some 1000km distance while voyaging through the only widely stretched Drake Passage. Voyaging across the passage on your Antarctica Cruise Packages is a bit rough and would take a maximum of 1day to reach at the spot. Cruises often stop off at some of the fascinating islands along the way, which helps to break up the long voyage.

2. New Zealand: People travelling from New Zealand on Antarctica Cruise Packages sail across the distant Ross Sea sometimes halting to explore tiny Subantarctic islands which are some of the most remote smear lands on the planet.

3. Australia: Sailing on a cruise would take a probable duration of 7 days from Australia to Antarctica encountering several spectacular islands like Macquarie Island which has incredible wildlife creatures and the stunning highlighted icebergs come across your way.

What is the best time to go on a cruise in Antarctica?

The summer of the southern hemisphere lasts from October to March. The weather remains warm, the days are longer and the wildlife is seen in abundance. So, this duration and especially the month of January and December are your best options for Antarctica Cruise Packages.

What is the ideal duration for the cruise tour to Antarctica?

Antarctica Cruise Packages depend mostly upon the amount of time you can spare and the kind of budget you have planned for it. It is true that you cannot see all of Antarctica if you have opted for short cruise trips that last for 9-10 days but during that time you can make sure of choosing the best adventures. For example- Camping under the stars, skiing, staying close to the natural wildlife, kayaking, scuba diving, polar plunges etc. If you have more time in hand then a trip of 23 days might be the most befitting option.

Do we need a passport and visa to go on a cruise to Antarctica?

Yes, you do need a valid passport to cross the transit countries. For instance the US passport is quite viable. VISA is not required here. However, the paperwork might seem a lot while you are getting started on the trip.

How much does a Antarctica cruise trip cost from India?

The luxury Antarctica cruise tours might vary but it normally ranges between $8050 to around $49950 depending upon your number of days and adventures of choice.

Can infants and children go on a Antarctica cruise?

Infants and children are warmly welcomed to the luxury Antarctica cruise to Antarctica. It is better to keep them prepared with warm apparels and other necessary medications. On a lighter note, children who are at an age where they can understand and enjoy the trip might take the best advantage of such adventurous cruises.

Which city of Antarctica has cruise ports?

The luxury Antarctica cruise ports in Antarctica are located at Ushuaia, Punta Arenas, Puerto Williams, King George island, Stanley and Santiago.

Is there a mobile network and internet connection on Antarctica cruise?

The access to network and internet is available here through distant satellite services. The time duration might not be for a longer period of time but it is available for a few hours every day. Besides, due to the location being on a higher altitude, the bandwidth of the network seems mediocre. On the other hand, radio networking is available at all hours.

What is the cheapest month to take a cruise to Antarctica?

October to March is the preferred time frame for Antarctica cruise tours if you wish to avail budget friendly cruise packages. December and January witness quite a large flow of tourists.

Is there any cruise from India to Antarctica?

There are no direct Antarctica cruise tours services from India to Antarctica

What routes does the Antarctica cruise take from India?

You can travel to Antarctica from New Delhi to Tierra Del Fuego which is at the tip of south America or you can choose the short trips available to New Zealand.

Is a cruise tour to Antarctica safe?

Antarctica cruise itinerary is not a dangerous cruise tour. Tourists have travelled in the past to Antarctica and continue to do so. Only in a few case scenarios people have found it discomforting to sail over the Drake Passage.

What all should I pack for a cruise to Antarctica?

- Remember to pack many layers of light weight, breathable clothes, a second layer of insulating fleece along with a final layer of warm, waterproof and windproof jackets
- Keep your medicines of sea sickness and other medications handy
- If you love photography, do bring extra batteries, memory cards and dry bags for your Antarctica cruise itinerary.

What are tips to keep in mind before going on an Antarctica cruise?

- Always plan an itinerary that fits in your time frame and budget
- Prepare yourself for uncertainties since, sometimes the trip might not go as planned
- Carry all things that you might urgently require in your backpack
- Warm garments can be your best friends in Antarctica
- Don’t hold yourself back from any kind of adventure. Kayaking, swimming, camping and staying close to the wildlife are definitely worth every penny

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