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Antarctica honeymoon packages - Browse through a wide range of Antarctica honeymoon tour with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Antarctica honeymoon tour packages with exciting deals & offer

Booking an Antarctica Honeymoon Packages from Thrillophilia, you will be able to head out on a magical trip to the ice packed universe with your beloved partner. Loaded with some great experiences, these well curated packages will make sure that you spend maximum quality time with your loved partner, along with exploring this beautiful destination. Thrillophilia also makes sure you get to stay in the best possible accommodation loaded with top class amenities and features as well as enjoy the most adventurous activities that are not only fun filled but also packed with thrill.

Taking these superb Antarctica Honeymoon tour packages you will be able to head out on various cruising tours as well as sightseeing tours. You will be assisted by an expert and well experienced tour guide who will take you to various places and explain all the details that you need to know. The tour packages from Thrillophilia will also get you loads of discounts and goodies as well as special curated packages to make your honeymoon tour special and memorable. You will get to spend some time in solitude with your partner taking these packages and heading out for fine dining experiences as well as a romantic dinner date.

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Antarctica Honeymoon FAQs

Which are the best places to visit in Antarctica on honeymoon?

1. The Falkland Islands: The stunning coastal landscape coalescing with over hundreds of other islands forming an archipelago in the Atlantic coast gives you a more tranquil surrounding to spend your time with the beloved ones. The island is none other than a perfect romantic getaway where you can sublimate with natural habitat like the penguins and the wildlife. From cruising around with your loved ones to visiting some of the picturesque sites like Volunteer point, Cape Dolphin, Kinney Cove for watching Penguins and Sea Lion and trying out the fabulous seafood. Enjoy Fishing and strolling around the streets of the capital city of Stanley is all you can encounter with.

2. South Georgia: South Georgia can be considered as a place that is a perfect combination of natural beauty, amazing adventure activities, and glamorous spots. It is one of the most sought after romantic destinations if you're planning to surprise your beloved on an Antarctica honeymoon package. You will get to visit some amazing destinations like Abastumani, Kazbegi and Juta villages, medieval towers and castles of Khevsureti or Svaneti, national parks of Kintrishi and Mtirala in Ajara. You will also be visiting an offbeat destination nestled amidst the lap of the soaring Caucasus.

3. Antarctic Peninsula: If you're looking for a luxurious and unforgettable honeymoon destination then head out to the Antarctic Peninsula. From cruising out with your loved ones to pursuing some adventurous expedition into the ocean, the Antarctic Peninsula will serve you with some iconic destinations. Antarctica Peninsula lets you indulge in a snorkeling activity through the luminescent blue waters, spend time kayaking around the icebergs, spot ethereal whales, camp out on the ice, and communicate with the penguins.

4. South Shetland Islands: Forms to be the one of the subtle Islands among the other astounding islands of the Antarctic Peninsula and yet another romantic spot where the serenity arises. The south Shetland Islands are very much popular among the love bird during their Antarctica Honeymoon Package as it offers them an opportunity to watch penguins, seals, and some alluring natural scenic beauty.

5. Ross Sea: The ultimate chance to sail to the southern parts of the Antarctic Peninsula with your loved ones is by visiting Shackleton’s and Scott’s huts, McMurdo Station, the Dry Valleys and Campbell Island.Sailing along the floating mass of land-ice known as the Ross Ice Shelf within the largest colony of Adélie penguins in the world at Cape Adare would definitely make your holiday a love-seeking one.

6. Port Lockroy: The only British-built outpost in the outskirts of Antarctica serves as the best fancy free destination to the visiting couples. Unlike other spots, Port Lockroy happens to be a small station sustaining a lesser number of people but has a nice cove with abundant natural beauty along with large colonies of Penguins scattered all over the place that would definitely make you fantasize while travelling with your loved one. Port Lockroy being a lone bay has a lot to offer you. Not only the beauty attracts but also the astonishing destinations like Port Lockroy base, Bransfield house, Gentoo Penguin Landscape, etc would be some awesome picturesque spots where you'd find whales skeleton resting on an icy shore, many baby penguins and several other shops all way that would draw your attention.

7. Lemaire Channel: Ain't it romantic to sail in a steep-sided icy channel and witness the breathtaking views? Lemaire Channel can be considered as one of the spectacular spot that nestles in the between mountains of Booth Island and the Peninsula. It is one of the most sought after places by photographers because of its mesmerizing backdrop. Being one of the stunning highlights of Antarctica honeymoon package, the sceneries and calmness of the surrounding as well as mirror- like waters make it a romantic destination for all the travellers seeking a honeymoon vacation.

8. Drake Passage: Get a rewarding experience with your loved ones by sailing through the roughest ocean range of Antarctica's Drake passage. The Drake Passage’s location is of particular interest to those journeying to Antarctica. It extends from Cape Horn to Antarctica’s South Shetland Islands, and turns out to be the shortest route possible to the icy continent. However, sailing through it can be an exhilarating adventure with your partner if you're opting for the Drake passage during Antarctica honeymoon package.

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What are the best things to do in Antarctica on honeymoon?

1. Shore excursions: Expedition cruises lead you to the most extraordinary frozen landscape and an exquisite wildlife that is particularly known for its region. Such shore excursions give you a chance to stop and admire nature’s very best in their own natural habitat. No other excursion during your Antarctica honeymoon package would allow you to watch the wildlife from such a close proximity, especially the one with the penguins. While the cruises do not leave until all the tourists are aboard, that basically buys you some good time to try skiing which is considered to be one of the oldest activities in Antarctica.

Location: Punta Arenas
Price: USD$2500 per person

2. Kayaking: Kayaking hits differently when it is not just the water you are paddling your way through. Amidst Icebergs, huge chunks of ice, snow capped mountains, thick glassy surface and fresh clear water, everything gives you an experience of a lifetime. To add a cherry on top, this sport is where you watch the sea creatures swim all around you. This is an adventure that is sometimes allowed twice a day if you are not scheduled for other activities. Normally they allow six passengers to paddle through and the cost seems to vary from ship to ship. In some cruises, kayaking services are available free of additional charges.

Location: Antarctic Circle, Antarctic Peninsula, Greenland, Svalbard
Price: $695 - $1,050 per person

3. Polar Plunge: If you are searching for a solid adrenaline rush then polar plunges can surely be your kind of adventure. The water in Antarctica remains icy cold and the temperatures might go down to -2 degree Celsius but once you make up your mind and take the jump, the refreshing energy might feel like the ultimate rush you have ever experienced in a long time. The crew normally takes all the necessary precautions like having a harness, ladder, number of life jackets before you are set to take the plunge. On the sunnier side, since the air is a lot colder, the water doesn’t feel piercing to the skin. It is rather more rejuvenating. Make sure you have a hot cup of cocoa or vodka ready after you are done with polar plunge.

Location: Antarctica

4. Scuba Diving: Scuba Diving is an activity that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of knowledge and perception. The idea is to help you understand the underbellies of the icebergs, its exotic marine life, soft corals etc. Therefore, it is advised to be a little trained in cold water diving and dry suit diving techniques. Tanks, compressors, weights and trainers are available on the ground but you must carry your own gear. Dive depth varies from one place to another but it is safe to dive around 20 meters/65 feet under water

Location: Antarctica
Price: USD$500 - $1000 per person

5. Whale Watching Cruise: Who wouldn’t love a voyage that includes watching one of the largest creatures known to mankind? Antarctica thus seems to be the right stop to spot whales in large numbers. The best time to have an exhilarating Antarctica honeymoon package experience is from late October to March. The abundant levels of krill here make the whales appear in numbers of hundreds or more.

Location: Antarctica
Price: $7,250

6. Camping: The Antarctic treaty and IAATO does not allow you to take any food, stove, fuel, etc with an exception of emergency rations, water, survival gear and medical supplies. Tour operators normally take the responsibility of providing you with a sleeping bag and a breathable bivouac bag. Camping is usually done a little far from the wild habitat. The duration of camping might vary but it is normally after dinner and then the tourists can leave for their cruises after breakfast hours. You must wear thermal outfits, warm hats, gloves, thick socks, good sun block cream once you are here to camp during Antarctica honeymoon package

Location: Antarctica
Price: $150 and $300 per person

7. Post a Letter: This tells a lot about how unique this place is. The old school culture in you will surely love the idea of being able to send letters or postcards in a whole different hemisphere to your desired place. This place is located in the Vernadsky research which is one of the world’s best known research centers. Sending a letter might cost you around USD 6 while a postcard will cost you around USD 2.

Location: Wilhelm Archipelago; Argentine Islands
Price: USD 2 - 6

8. Visit the Blood Falls: The deep red falls of Antarctica adds some kind of mystery to your voyage thereby making it all the more exciting. Scientifically, this waterfall has oxidized a significant amount of iron on its way down from the Taylor glacier. Looking at this gorgeous five storey tall, crimson red waterfall might somehow feel like a scenery that is straight out of a thriller movie. Helicopters and cruise ships in the Ross Sea are the most viable ways to get the perfect view.
Location: West Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Victoria Land, East Antarctica.

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What is the best time to visit Antarctica?

The best time to plan a trip to Antarctica is from late spring to early fall which in the southern hemisphere begins in the month of October till the month of March. This gives you a benefit of 24 hours of daylight.

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How to reach Antarctica?

Options and pathways to travel to Antarctica might vary from country to country. The most viable options are by the airways and the cruises.

By Flights: For tourists who do not prefer sailing across the drake passage, a flight from southern Chile to King George Island sets you down where you can start experiencing the place

By Ships: You can travel all summer from Ushuaia to Antarctica. It roughly takes 48 hours to reach Antarctica.

How much does an Antarctica honeymoon trip cost?

The average costs can be around USD 10000 per person for an Antarctica honeymoon tour package. The most economic ones come down to a cost of USD 5000 per person for a voyage lasting from 6-10 days. A nine day trip might not cover all of Antarctica but it will surely be a lot cheaper than a 23 day long haul trip. So if you want the cheapest trips you might as well opt for the shortest cruises.

Is a passport required for Antarctica?

Yes, a valid passport is required to reach Antarctica via transit countries for Antarctica honeymoon tour package. No VISA is required here since there is no ownership of Antarctica.

What is the ideal duration to visit and explore Antarctica?

The summer months are ideal by all means for an Antarctica honeymoon tour package of 8 - 10 days. The day is brighter, longer and the wildlife seems astonishingly abundant during this time. December and January seem to be the most popular months of all since the weather remains warm and the chances to find whales becomes more.

What is the most common way of travelling to Antarctica?

By Ships: Ships travel all summer from Ushuaia and roughly take 48 hours to reach Antarctica.

By Flights: You can take a flight from Punta Arenas to King George Island where you can board any ship to reach your destination during your Antarctica honeymoon tour package.

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